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Richie Greenberg, San Francisco politician, political commentator and former candidate for mayor of San Francisco. Send comments to the studio line: .

Richie Greenberg, San Francisco politician, political commentator and former candidate for mayor of San Francisco. Send comments to the studio line: .


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Richie Greenberg, San Francisco politician, political commentator and former candidate for mayor of San Francisco. Send comments to the studio line: .






Richie Greenberg Talks The Dilemma Of Homeless Outreach Support

Richie Greenberg relates in a behind-the-scenes interview, regarding the dilemma of supporting Nonprofit homelessness outreach organizations in San Francisco, when they are seeking to ensure their own survival. "If you were to be elected mayor..."


Richie Greenberg Discusses Recalls

Richie Greenberg gives details of the requirements to recall a San Francisco city-elected official. It's a lot more difficult than you think. Questions? Comments? Email: .


Richie Greenberg on World Pancreatic Cancer Day

In a departure from discussions on politics in San Francisco, host Richie Greenberg decided to open up publicly about his personal battle with Pancreatic Cancer during most of 2020. This cancer is one of the most dangerous of all cancers. Please listen to this important information and insight, and visit for more specific details. You can also read about his journey at . To reach Richie, please send your emails to: .


Who Do We Resist In San Francisco?

Richie Greenberg recorded his thoughts on who is now the "Resistance" in San Francisco. For years, we have been exposed to the "Resist" movement, yet the corrupt leadership in City Hall are actually those who we need to be resisting. Episode recorded on the street while wearing a mask and social distancing.


Ten Days Before Elections:

Richie Greenberg presents , the moderate/centrist slate for San Francisco voters, how to vote on ballot measures and how to select the best candidates for office. November 2020.


Richie Greenberg on Prop G Teen Voting Ballot Measure

Richie Greenberg explains the reasons behind a "no" vote on Prop G, coming up this November 2020 Election day.


Prop E San Francisco SFPD 2020 Ballot Measure Analysis

November 2020 Election Days will see many San Francisco ballot measures up for a vote. This podcast examines Prop E, an effort to remove a minimum level of already-mandated police officers. Richie Greenberg recommends a "no".


Richie Greenberg: San Francisco Surrendered, Call in the Feds

San Francisco City Hall has effectively surrendered to the drug dealers. Homelessness is out of control due to dealers supplying drugs to addicts 24 hours a day. Its time the effort to take back city streets be handed over to the US Federal government, now.


Homelessness And Drugs, Take Back the Streets

Richie Greenberg discusses his vision for taking back the San Francisco streets from homeless encampments and drug dealers. City Hall leaders have no plan, they've virtually given up, and surrendered.


Limitations on Navigation Centers, Ballot Measure for San Francisco

Richie Greenberg discusses his co-authoring of a ballot measure proposition to be placed on the November 2020 ballot for voters to reign in the out of control Navigation Center fiasco. Learn about what such centers are, the changes and controversy, what limitations are proposed, and what the terms of the ballot measure would require for effective accountability.


San Francisco Corruption: Chat with Susan Dyer Reynolds

In this first podcast of 2020, Richie Greenberg sits down with the editor-in-chief of The Marina Times, a community newspaper in San Francisco, to discuss the recent corruption arrest of Mohammed Nuru by the FBI. We also talk, London Breed, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Chesa Boudin, the recently elected SF District Attorney. Lots of good dirt in this episode!


Richie Greenberg discusses Ellen Lee Zhou "Racist" Billboard

Richie Greenberg together with special guest Maggie (@FogCityMidge) discuss the controversial campaign billboard put up by Ellen Lee Zhou, candidate for mayor of San Francisco, which caused allegations of racist and sexism. The story gained local and national attention - prompting unfortunate results. Have a listen to learn the fate of Ellen Zhou's campaign efforts.


Richie Greenberg interviews Nancy Tung, SF District Attorney Candidate

Richie Greenberg sits down at the Nespresso Cafe in San Francisco, with candidate for San Francisco District Attorney Nancy Tung. Nancy discusses her platform, clarifies the role of the DA in the criminal justice system, how she views crime and prosecution in our city, and how the office of the DA has become politicized when it should not be. Have a listen.


Richie Greenberg talks with Agatha Bacelar, Pelosi challenger

Richie Greenberg sits down with Agatha Bacelar, the 27-year-old progressive / democrat candidate who is running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. Agatha talks about her background, her conservative family, her views on AOC, the Green New Deal, how political leadership needs to embrace tech for social justice, and how she is one of only a couple of candidates who accept Bitcoin.


Richie Greenberg speaks to Joel Ventresca, Mayoral Candidate

Richie Greenberg sits down with San Francisco mayor candidate Joel Ventresca , who talks about his vision and policies for changing the city, moving away from a corporate-democrat -controlled mayor's office to a progressive-democrat leadership. We talk homelessness, crime, housing and more.


Richie Greenberg speaks with Shahid Buttar, Pelosi challenger

Richie Greenberg sits down with Shahid Buttar, one of the candidates for CA congressional district 12, vying for unseating Nancy Pelosi. This extended interview sheds light on Mr. Buttars platform, his views on 1st amendment, the reasons Pelosi's reign must end, and much more.


Richie Greenberg talks with Jazmina Saavedra, immigrant, Trump fan

Richie Greenberg chats with Jazmina Saavedra, a legal immigrant in the United States. She moved to California from her native Nicaragua, escaping a communist regime. Last year, she ran for US Congress, and while in a restaurant bathroom, a transgender woman accosted her. The LGBT community came to the defense of the trans woman.


Richie Greenberg speaks with DeAnna Lorraine, Pelosi Challenger

Candidate to challenge Nancy Pelosi in the Mar 2020 Primary, DeAnna Lorraine joins Richie Greenberg, discussing her platform, her values and that "Pelosi" means "hairy" in Italian.


Richie Greenberg discusses Fox News Left Behind: Homeless Crisis

In the latest podcast episode from Friday 8/23/2019, Richie Greenberg talks about his previous run for mayor, his views for San Francisco's homeless population, and his appearance on a recent special Fox News expose on the city's homeless crisis. Video is at


Richie Greenberg interviews San Francisco Conservative HighSchool Student Part2

In part 2 of my interview with Ester, a 15 year old public school student in San Francisco, she explains her views on illegal immigration, AOC, indoctrination in the classroom, running for office, the Green New Deal, No Collusion, and Common Core school curriculum. A lot to pack in to 20 minutes today! Have a listen.