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All the podcasts from the Ricochet Audio Network in one place.


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All the podcasts from the Ricochet Audio Network in one place.




The Roth Effect with Carol Roth: Relaunching Yourself and Your Career (#83)

Catherine Morgan, Career Transition Expert, Business Consultant and founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. joins Carol Roth to discuss all of your opportunities and possibilities if you are looking to reinvent yourself professionally. Find out what can make you “uncoachable”, solving burnout, what an age problem vs. a wage problem is and […]


Erick Erickson Show: The Voter ID Battle (S10E40)

Today on the show Georgia voter ID law, Biden’s crazy police reform bill, the woke come for Dr. Seuss, CNN’s coverage of Cuomo, Womxn Herstory Month, schools have abandon kids, Woke-O Haram wants vaccine changes, Biden has border issues and Dr. Seuss gets canceled.


Mock and Daisy: Daily Dish: Cuomo is going down. And not in the good way.

Taylor Swift is upset about her sex life being talked about on Netflix, Gay Republicans don’t get a fair shake and more fun stuff!


Bespoke Parenting Hour: Climate Alarmism: How climate activists scare children, turn of parents, and fail to see innovation as a viable solution (#14)

Julie Gunlock talks to IWF visiting fellow Danielle Butcher. Danielle is also the co-founder and Executive Vice President of the Conservative Conservation Coalition, an environmental group that aims to engage young people and inform them of the importance of conservation and good environmental stewardship through common sense, free-market, and innovative ideas and policies. The […]


Commentary Magazine Podcast: Cuomosexuality

Today’s podcast wonders at the possibility of Andrew Cuomo being destroyed not by his nursing-home scandal but because of sexual harassment. What’s a bigger problem? And we take up the phenomenon of elite panic deepening even as the vaccine news gets better and better. Give a listen.


The American Story: Beauty and Brains

Hedy Lamarr was born to Jewish parents in Austria in 1914. She became an actress and married by the time she was 20. In 1937, she escaped her domineering husband and rising anti-Semitism in Europe, and made her way to America, where she became a Hollywood star celebrated as the most beautiful woman in the […]


Femsplainers Podcast: “I Shocked My Left-Wing Family by Becoming a Cop” (#22)

Most mid-life crises don’t go this way. Successful law professor and mother of two Rosa Brooks — daughter of famous feminist Barbara Ehrenreich — shocked her family (and herself) when she decided to become a D.C. cop. Brooks chats with Danielle about her new memoir, “Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City” which brings […]


Daily Signal Podcast: Does DC Mayor Have More Power Over Children Than Parents Do? Sen. Mike Lee Weighs In.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently proposed that children as young as 11 should be able to consent to vaccinations without their parents’ knowledge. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about whether this is part of a larger agenda to deny parental rights and persuade children to trust government more than […]


Area 45: In Search Of A Republican Message (#266)

Donald Trump addresses an adoring CPAC audience, while California’s troubles linger – chief among them, government mismanagement. Lanhee Chen, the Hoover Institution’s David and Dianne Steffy Research Fellow in American Public Policy Studies and Director of Domestic Policy Studies in Stanford University’s Public Policy Program, discusses Trump’s hold on the GOP and what role a […]


HubWonk: Digesting Digital Medicine: Healthcare Benefits When Smart Pills Track When Taken (S1E45)

Host Joe Selvaggi and Pioneer Institute’s Bill Smith talk with Valerie Sullivan, President and CEO of EtectRX about the health care costs of improperly taking prescriptions and the promise of smart pills to signal and track medicines when ingested. Guest: Valerie Sullivan is President and CEO of etectRX where she is passionate about creating meaningful, […]


Reagan Foundation: James Patterson (#89)

We bring you one of the world’s best selling authors and trusted storytellers – James Patterson – who joined us on February 17, 2021 for conversation on his latest book, Walk in My Combat Boots. Joining us in the conversation was the book’s co-author, First Sergeant Matt Eversmann who’s story of survival during a combat […]


Federalist Radio Hour: From Cuomo To CPAC, Corporate Media Keeps Getting Things Wrong

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” The Washington Examiner’s Joseph Simonson joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to analyze the corporate media’s failures over the last year and discuss how they have further altered Americans’ trust in some of the nation’s institutions.


Sara Carter Podcast: CPAC was full of proud patriots

Sara recaps her weekend at CPAC in free Florida. She also debunks the myths that the MSM wants people to think about the conservative event. Sara is heading to the border this week and previews her trip. Please visit our great sponsors: The Association of Mature American Citizens The benefits of membership are great, […]


London Calling: Uriah Heep Sycophants

This week James and Toby are naming names. James Corden, Graham Norton, Natascha McElhone, Peter Hitchens and, of course, Harry & Meghan. Could a couples therapy be in the offing between our hosts and Oprah? We continue weaving our way through the Bernard Cornwell oeuvre, talk a little French television (including Marseille with Gérard Depardieu) […]


The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks: Happiness through Voluntary Sacrifice (#24)

Christians around the world have just entered the season of Lent, a time of prayer, fasting, and voluntary sacrifice. However, this practice isn’t limited to Christianity, or even to those who are traditionally religious. In this episode, Arthur and Ceci explore the positive side effects of sacrifice and share some Lenten strategies and best practices […]


Three Martini Lunch: Cuomo Under Fire, Crist for Governor? Hate Crime Insanity

Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle the second accusation of sexual harassment against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his ever-changing response to it. They also get a kick out of the possibility that Florida Democrats might dust off Charlie Crist to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022. And they fire back at an […]


Bill Bennett Show: A Look at China with Gordon Chang

Bill spoke with Gordon Chang about the threat posed by China and what actions need to be taken by the Biden Administration. Gordon Chang is a conservative columnist, blogger, television pundit, author and lawyer. He is the author of the book “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On The World”. […]


Erick Erickson Show: Trump Speaks (S10E39)

Today on the show reaction from CPAC, minimum wage increase is dead, canceling Dr. Seuss, Governor Cuomo’s ship is sinking and the destructive potential of reparations.


Mock and Daisy: Daily Dish: CPAC, Globes, Cuomo and more!

CPAC, Trump is back, Kristi Noem is a bad ass, Cuomo is still a jerk, the royal family is a circus and of course, singing dogs. Because it’s Monday y’all!


Americano: He’s back: what Trump said at CPAC

In his first public appearance since Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump has spoken to CPAC, the annual conservative conference. Freddy Gray reviews his speech with Kate Andrews.