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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!
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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!




The Right Side of Things/Q and Trump MASTER TROLLS

As we do our last show before Hiatus there is MUCH to talk about. The "Collusion Delusion" is DEAD and with it many libs are emotionally as well. From Rachael Madcow's tears on air to Chrissy Thrill up the leg Matthews and his frothing spittle "How does Trump get let off the hook"? It promises to be a night FULL of things to talk about and as Q says NOW comes the PAIN.


The Right Side of Things/ No More Mr. Nice Guy

Well Well The President is winning lawsuits over illegals, SLAMMING No Name every chance he gets and just signed an EO for free speech on College Campuses promising punishment for non compliance! Add in all the AMAZING drops by Q the last week or so about child trafficking and we have a TON to dig into and talk about. Cmon along.


The Right Side of Things/ Ramming Speed! All Anon's on deck

Before I got sidelined by illness Q announced we were T-21 days. For WHAT I did not know. But in the two weeks since we've been down we have seen an avalanche of intel come rolling out. Elite Colleges caught red handed faking grades to get kids into prestigious Universities. Pelosi publicly abandoned her quest for Impeachment. Mueller's Pit Bull is leaving the SC a sure sign that its out of gas. 12 RINOS have turned on The President and voted against his National Emergency declaration on the...


The Right Side of Things/ Q is back and things are happening

Well with the "public" return of Q Anon things definitely seem to happening. Barr is the new AG and Mueller will be wrapping his bullshit "investigation" up sometime this or next week. What he will SAY in that final report is still uncertain to US but Q seems to know what's coming and has it sussed. In addition McCabe has admitted the coup against The President and is now in Deep shit. If this IS all a show its been well worth the price of admission!


The Right Side of Things/ President gives SOTU Dems sit on hands

So the SOTU is over and what did we learn? Well for starters we learned that RBG is NOT out there living it up and is more than likely DEAD or close to it. We SHOULD find out soon. We also found out that by sitting there in White with their arms folded the Democrat women looked for all the world like a group of mental patients in straight jackets. Add in Pelousy chewing her lip and paper shuffling, not to mention all the pissed off looks on their faces and you KNOW The President just slayed...


The Right Side of Things/ Down goes DUH Media.

Well here we are guys. The media is crumbling slowly like a large ocean liner sinking at sea and boy is it fun to watch. After lying yet again about the Covington boys in attempt to get ahead of the next SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett by painting ANYTHING Christian as racsist they stepped on a land mine in the form of the truth and indesputable video proving the opposite was true. It's also possible that yet another attempt has been made on the life of The President and CNN (yeah I know)...


The Right Side of Things/ More here than meets the eye?

As the "Shutdown" reaches into its third week with no end in sight people are begining to see the advantages in it. First we are seeing that MUCH of government and its employees are nothing more than a bloated carcass that WE do not need to continue paying for with our tax dollars. Further The democrats are looking worse each and every day this drags on with their absolute F you to the Country and it's overwhekming desire for border security. And lastly a little known law now allows these...


The Right Side of Things/ Different night Same Quality

Hey Gang! Well after a much needed week off we are back and on SUNDAY of all nights! Family obligation have moved us to Sunday this week but nothing ELSE changes. Well the PLOT has thickened. The President did his Oval Office Address on the shutdown and presented the case to the Country most BIGLY! By contrast the DIM response brought to you by the Schumer/Pelosi Funeral home and Embalming parlor was anything but good. In one night even before they finished they had become a meme. Join us...


The Right Side of Things/ Government Shutdown - Notice any difference?

The Government is shutdown because Democrats REFUSE to allow funding for the Border Wall. They are SO against protecting the Citizenry of the Country They are even attempting to block the Citizens from funding The Wall via a Go Fund Me page currently being run a triple amputee veteran who has raised well over 10 million dollars for the wall in less than a WEEK! Still think people want these Third World Invaders here?


The Right Side of Things/ The Fed fighting to destroy the economy

These disgusting bastards dont care WHO they hurt in their unbridled attempt to Destroy Trump and control the people. Since 1913 these filthy scumbags have created every boom and bust, every depression and recession and every Bull and Bear market we have ever had. NOW on the verge of Christmas they are planning yet another rate hike to destroy Trump in 2020 without a care for how it will effect US.


The Right Side of Things/ Who REALLY runs the world??

They lie, they cheat, they steal, they murder, they rig elections, they create False Flags, chaos and strife the World over. But who IS they? Tonight we'll go in depth about the committee of 300 and it's offshoots. Bilderberg, The Club Of Rome, The Tavistok Instute and others. When you see how deep the corruption goes you'll see why The President and Q have such a long, uphill Battle. As we ALL do.


The Right Side of Things/It may be cold outside, but theres HOT Panic in DC

With the departure of Bill Priestap at the F.B.I. NO ONE is now left from Obama's upper echelon that started this bullshit Russia nonsense. It's moving slowly but its MOVING. Keep our eyes on the ball. They arent in jail (yet) but they have been neutralized and can do no more damage to our Country or our President. They've tried to Derail things with The Bush Funeral. Planning it on the day when many were set to testify before Congress but they will fail. There arent enough X Presidents to...


The Right Side of Things/ Here comes the Christmas Season/The Left is apoplectic

These Morons on the left have NO bottom. Creepy Comey is trying to get out of testifying becuase HE'S afraid of leaks. They find Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer "problematic". The very "migrants" they want HERE are turning MEXICO of all places into a cesspool. Everything the left touches they destroy. Everything they champion is abnormal and unworkable. They lie straight to your face and tell you there is No War On Christmas then want everything to do wth the season destroyed. THIS...


The Right Side of Things/ It may be Thanksgiving but....

We are going to go more into The "fires" going on in California. With more and more video information becoming available its clear that this is NOT random. PSE&G is taking the blame for it but that's just what they want us to believe. Meanwhile what is going on with Operation Hot Musket? I dont care WHO is President, when I see a DOMESTIC DEPLOYMENT of our Military I always find it suspect and needing of investigation so we will discussing THAT as well. Lost going on as always. Join us for...


The Right Side of Things / This is Pointless

Who Gives a Damn really? MASSIVE voter fraud caught on video goes unpunished by our government allowing The Communists to take the house and now are in the process of stealing The Senate in Florida and Arizona and maybe even Mississippi. Mobs of Communists pile into the streets to scream, loot, burn and again the government does nothing to stop them. Repulicans sit on their hands because, "They are taking the high road" Doing nothing but whiny bitching while in the meantime the communists...


The Right Side of Things/ Jabberwocky

Jabberwocky. What does it mean? Simple Every now and then we like to mix it up a bit and in addition to our hard hitting political and social analysis we toss in the kitchen sink! Nothing is off limits in a Jabberwocky show because Jabberwocky literally means "EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING". So stop on by, pull a chair, take your shoes off and strap in for anything AND everything. All the world is Jabberwocky if you want it to be


The Right Side of Things/ Deep State Pulling out all the stops

The Phony False Flag "bombs" mailed to dimwitocrats are the Deep State's last ditch effort along with the "Caravan" to swing the election through fear and fraud. The Very same people being investigated for Treason and Crimes against The United States are crying that they are somehow the victims. What a load of BULLSHIT. The President is countering all their moves and early voting shows Republican Turnout at all time highs. Well Only TIME will tell!!!!


The Right Side of Things/ The Midterms loom is it Democrats doom?

For months the Left has been counting on a Blue Wave to save them but with only three weeks left till Election Day, the dream of that Blue Wave is looking more and more like a Blue Dribble. They are fighting for their lives in states they shouldnt have to and if any of the polling data is to believed (and I dont believe it), then The Republicans are slated to not only hold both the House and Senate but to actually expand on those margins. Will they? Time will tell but we will be here...


The Right Side of Things/ The Crazy Continues

Well the left is in its LATEST meltdown over the advancement of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. By the time we go to air it could well be official. What will the left do then? Well, I think we know dont we?


The Right Side of Things/ What a S**t show

By the time we get together the comittee will have voted and we will know how well or NOT well the democrat smears on Judge Kavanaugh have worked. The disgrace that was his confirmation hearing was epic by any standard and full of interesting moments. probably not the least of which was Lindsey Graham's slamming of the dems at the end. Ceratinly out of character for THAT RINO. But we will break it all down and more in the way that only WE can. Drop on by!