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Free Speech, Uncensored, 100% Independent Saucy Talk and Dialogue.

Free Speech, Uncensored, 100% Independent Saucy Talk and Dialogue.
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Free Speech, Uncensored, 100% Independent Saucy Talk and Dialogue.




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It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Back from a well-deserved summer break, ready to dive right into what’s shaking up the culture in all the worst possible ways. Let's get started!


Episode 72 Earthquakes! Stallone Boned, Ice Cream Lickers, Pride, July 4th Crowds, World Cup Wages, and Mad Magazine Says Toodles

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – now serving Episode 72! For those keeping track, that’s one higher than Arnold Schwarzenegger (aged 71) and one less than Sylvester Stallone (aged 73). We’re like the world’s ugliest Goldilocks…not too young, not too old, but just right where we need to be. For now.


Episode 71 TORNADO! Climate Changing Your Mind, Game of Drones, All in the Family + Jeffersons Redo, Sumo Love

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Episode 71! Tornado Edition! That’s right: as a good portion of the country is beset by dangerous twisters and swirling death, your brave little hosts are here to take a closer look at what’s been making the rest of the nation spin. Speaking of spin: never let a potential killer twister get in the way of that all-important finale of The Bachelorette.


Episode 70 Nebraska Trippin’ 2019, Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone Redux, Neglecting Malcolm X, Nipsey Hussle RIP

First an update on Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel, the studios’ first female-led superhero blockbuster that turned out to be…a real blockbuster! One month after debuting in theaters everywhere, the Brie Larson-led Avengers prequel has grossed over a billion (!) dollars worldwide, eclipsing the last female-powered superhero epic, DC’s Wonder Woman. Everywhere but the United States, it seems, which is a big surprise to our co-hosts.


Episode 69 Road Trippin’ 2019, Ads Amore, Captain Marvel’s Misogyny Misunderstanding, Keith Flint and Luke Perry RIP

The Safe Spaces Podcast has finally reached that most magical of magical numbers – Episode 69. Had we been anything less than consummate professionals or mature adults such a milestone might elicit many chuckles and guffaws. That’s not us. Nope. We’re better than that. You’re better than that. Together, we can overcome our base instincts.


Episode 68 Pelosi Problems, The Will Smith (Genie) Blues, Jussie Smollett Fake Hate Faux Debate, and Amazon HQ2 Says CU!

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Switching servers and saving lives, we’re back to help sort the rabble from the rousing. Speaking of rabble rousing, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and second in succession line for Presidency, would like to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! In February! Who said miracles can’t happen?


Episode 67 Super Bowl LIII Gets Lit, Jussie Smollett Who Dunnit, Dueling Fyre Festival Docs and Millennial Justice

It’s the first Safe Spaces Podcast episode of 2019 – we’re only a month late! After taking a necessary break to refuel the fires, we’re back with a focused look at what’s shaking the current culture in ways that are 1.) highly informative and 2.) highly entertaining. That so many just happen to be both is like Christmas in February (but not an actual Christmas, because then the movies would be better).


Episode 66 Die Hard, BB Guns and Grinches: The 2018 Christmas (Movie) Special Spectacular

It’s Christmastime once again, boys and girls (of whom we’ll let decide who is what for themselves), which can only mean it’s our yearly Christmas Movie Special Spectacular! Comfortably nestled in Santa’ sleigh are jolly elves Nate Evans and Herman Exum, who tally their favorites – both Naughty and Nice – to bring you the most complete list of the best, worst and ‘other’ Christmas movies and holiday specials for your holiday bucket list. Until next year, anyway!


Efrain Velez Talks The Political Fabrications and Untruths in Welcome to Marwen

Have you seen Welcome to Marwen, the new film by acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump), or have plans to see it? If early box-office reporting has anything to say about this…probably not. While the film’s trailer gathered early attention for its use of photorealistic CG animation alongside actors as distinguished as Steve Carrell and Leslie Mann, transforming them into living dolls in order to cinematically bring to life the tragic real-life story of Mark...


Episode 65 Black Friday Madness, International Men’s Day is A-OK, Creed 2 and Masculine Cheese, Capital (Letter) Crime, Carlos Ghosn Nissan Bye-Bye

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast Pre-Thanksgiving Special! Well, it’s special to us, anyway. As millions ready themselves to crisscross around the country to mingle with people they can’t stand to be around most of the time, it’s good to remember the true spirit of the holiday: gorging yourself on both white and dark meat. Obesity should always be inclusive.


Episode 64 Transgender Kids Rights Fight, Megyn Kelly’s Blackface Halloween Blunder, the Erasure of Apu, and the Unfunny State of Modern Comedy

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – back from an unexpected hiatus due to unforeseen illness, scheduling conflicts and other general all-purpose calamities. But we persist, often against titanic odds and more. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to bring you this smorgasbord of politically incorrect, often shockingly stupid cross-section of our modern culture. We’re not heroes - we just talk that way.


Episode 63 Sesame Street Pamper Stamper, Murphy Brown 2018 DOA, Kanye West SNL Rants, and the #BelieveWomen Brett Kavanaugh Allegation Sensation

After a few weeks off for a much-needed siesta (and backend retooling) the Safe Spaces Podcast returns with another episode chock-full of scintillating analysis of what’s dominating the zeitgeist both large and small. Even better, sit back and enjoy snippets from your new favorite show, Just William, a moldy oldie from BBC’s distant past based on Richmal Crompton’s pre-war books for young adults. Better still, meet Violet Elizabeth Bott, the adorable little girl who aims feminine guilt at...


Episode 62 Gamer Rage Blame Game, In-N-Out Burger Protests, First Man Flag Nag, Bill Clinton’s Funeral Gaze, Wil Wheaton Quits the Internet

It’s another thrilling episode of the Safe Spaces Podcast! Our stalwart host Nathan Evans is once again joined by perpetually grumpy tech guru Herman Exum are back to their favorite stories that drove them bonkers over the last two weeks. They put themselves through the ringer so you don’t have to – there’s only so much hair-pulling before the roots start showing, so on with the show!


Episode 61 Aretha Franklin R.I.P. and Al Sharpton’s R.E.S.P.I.C.T, The Meg and Shark Mockbusters, Elon Musk and the Ambien Blame Game

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! You’ll probably notice there’s no episode number this time around, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Big changes are coming to the best free speech podcast money can buy (we’d love some money if you wanna send, just saying), including some key personality swaps that can’t be avoided. All good things, however, and we’re doing it without missing a beat.


Episode 60 Mission Impossible Fallout, Journalism Mucky Muck, Vox Pox, Sarah Jeong + New York Times’ Justified Anti-White Racism

The Safe Spaces Podcast reaches its monumental Episode 60! And we’re not slowing down anytime soon, which means more (podcast) bang for your (podcast) buck. Considering we serve this politically engaging dialogue up totally gratis, that’s quite a deal. Enjoy!


Episode 59 Whoopie vs. Judge Jeanine, Faux Hollywood Pedo Tweets, Firing Line Returns and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does The Math

It’s the Safe Spaces Episode 59! That’s almost 60… but not quite. The theme running through this episode is one that’s near and dear to our hearts: civil discussion. Is such a thing even possible in an era of politically incorrect snafus, hyper-sensitive tweeting and – of course – trumped up outrage? We’d like to think so, but we’ve been wrong, time and time again. What makes you think this time would be any different?


Episode 57 Politics + Propaganda, Incredibles 2, North Korean Torture Porn, Due Process Losses, Child Detention Boo-Boos

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Episode 58! That’s a lot of episodes, and we’ve got lots more to talk about. Tons more. Let’s get right to it!


Corey Janzen, aka Mr. Dragonbeard, Talks Apostasy Now, Gay Cakes, Canceling Rosanne, Atheism Splinters, and Trump ‘n Trudeau

It’s another guest-filled episode of the Safe Spaces Podcast – and by guest we mean just one, but that’s more than enough! On deck is Corey Janzen, aka Mr. Dragonbeard from, joining our insatiably intrepid hosts as they take on several of the most incendiary news bits of the day. Here we go!


Episode 56 Rosanne Barred, Bee’s C-Word, Double Standards vs Hypocrisy, TotalBiscuit RIP, Solo Woes and Manly Movies FTW

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – now serving an incredible Episode 56! Get ready to hear our stunning and brave co-hosts take on the week’s most distressing and degrading news bits, as chosen by the perpetually outraged and never satisfied. Plus, listen as they heroically attempt to reclaim their beloved Planet of the Apes franchise from the racism crowd. Our hairy friends deserve better!


Episode 55 Deadpool 2, Royal Weddings, Cobra Kai Rocks, Gay Fashion Fallacies, Ali Wong is Preggos, RIP Tom Wolfe

It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – Episode 55; just in time for a world gone mad, which means you’re going to need a dose of sanity to get you through the week. Behold – your brief respite from a cold, uncaring world that continually appears to have lost its damn mind. Bon Appétit!