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The Saving Canada Podcast is a news and politics podcast designed to discuss important political topics not being covered in mainstream Canadian news.

The Saving Canada Podcast is a news and politics podcast designed to discuss important political topics not being covered in mainstream Canadian news.


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The Saving Canada Podcast is a news and politics podcast designed to discuss important political topics not being covered in mainstream Canadian news.




SCP141 - Psycho Zelenskyy calls on NATO to nuke Russia. Trudeau supporters abandon ship.

Crazy episode don't miss this one! Winnipeg doctors suicide ALS patient rather than finding her appropriate care. Trudeau's political collapse hits pathetic levels as supporters abandon his sinking ship. Irish MEP calls out EU as Nazi warmongers. Doctor issues warning vaccinated mothers' breast milk secreting mRNA vaccine into newborns. Biden's vaccine propaganda program revealed. American physicians sue FDA over ivermectin lies. Iran riots may be globalist psy-op. SO MUCH MORE news and...

SCP140 - Massive election fraud in Brazil. Poland turns against Germany. World news day.

We open with the Russian annexation of 4 territories and analyze the fallout that may occur. Nobody believes US didn't sabotage German pipeline. UN partners with Google to censor internet. Brazil election steal identical to Trump 2020. Maricopa county prepares to steal election from Kari Lake. Trudeau working for China. Lots of world news and analysis. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at: Intro music: Ecliptic - Magnus...

SCP139 - Ardern begs UN for global censorship as Trudeau tries to pass censorship bill in Canada.

Trudeau tries to sneak bill C-11 censorship bill through Senate without consulting aboriginal organizations. At the same time Jacinda Ardern begs the UN for global censorship initiative as New Zealand wakes up and turns against her. Col. Douglas Macgregor gives us huge information on Russia, Ukraine and the pipeline sabotage. Mosquitoes successfully vaccinate humans. Michigan arrests election fraudster. Much more news and analysis. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at:...

SCP138 - Biden deliberately incriminates USA in earth shattering double cross, destroys Germany.

The world has just been blown up by Joe Biden, who deliberately incriminates USA in the sabotage of Russia-Germany pipeline. We show all the evidence this was set up, and how it was done. Trudeau and Singh are disowned by provincial parties, the end is near for their political careers as Canada agrees the parties are being destroyed by their "leadership." We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at: Intro music: Ecliptic - Magnus...

SCP137 - China sets up police in Canada. Trudeau betrays the nation.

Massive world news day. We open up with some fun speculation and then get into real news. Anti-globalist Giorgia Meloni becomes Italy's first female prime minister, devastating globalists and EU. Canada dropping all travel measures to avoid legal defeat. China sets up police in Canada, cracking down on citizens abroad. New British PM turns on the oil industry, frustrating globalist plans. So much more world news! We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at:...

SCP136 - Joe Biden declares pandemic over. Trudeau blocks Natural Gas to Europe.

Very fun episode. In a surprising turn of events Joe Biden declares the pandemic over, inadvertently crippling Trudeau's vaccine grift. Trudeau booed in England over Bohemian Rhapsody scandal. Federal government to drop remaining travel restrictions. Liberal government blocking natural gas from helping Europe. Putin declares referendums for eastern Ukraine to join Russia. So much more news and political analysis. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at:...

SCP135 - New Brunswick caught poisoning lake Miramichi, destroying all fish. Claim”invasive species”

Cottagers have been trying to stop the mass eradication of life in Lake Miramichi since 2021. Despite nobody wanting it, the Government of New Brunswick is caught red handed poisoning the entire lake, potentially poisoning humans and aiming to destroy all life under the spurious claim that smallmouth bass are an invasive species. We analyze the insanity. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at: Intro music: Ecliptic - Magnus...

SCP134 - Poilievre may have the key to secure elections. Global News on the brink of collapse.

We analyze the wild numbers from Poilievre's leadership election and question whether voting machines gave globalist Jean Charest a push. Foul-play or not, Poilievre faces election integrity issues he must deal with. The clown world continues as the Democrats freak out when illegal immigrants show up in their neighbourhoods. New documentary exposes Kamloops "mass grave" hoax. Global News on brink of collapse as government bribes dry up. Sweden's socialist Prime Minister defeated by patriots...

SCP133 - Poilievre landslide shakes Trudeau. We analyze the challenges he will face.

Tons of vital information packed into this one. Poilievre's landslide victory shakes Trudeau as the Conservatives rally behind freedom and the blue collar revolution. We give our analysis of the prospective Prime Minister and delve into the challenges he faces ahead. Liberal party members break from Trudeau in the media, want to abandon woke agenda. King Charles declares military force is necessary against his people in the name of climate change. Vaccine revelations are bringing justice...

SCP132 - King Charles’ closest associates are some of the world’s mose despicable people.

With the death of the queen, King Charles III finally comes into his crown. We politely remind Canadians that the monarchy isn't the way their PR team portrays them. Dutch Farmers topple the agriculture minister who admits what the government wants him to do is impossible - the farmers won't let him. Facebook being removed from corporate logins as the company collapses. So much more important politically relevant news and analysis. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at:...

SCP131 - New UK PM declares anti-WEF moves. She will have to prove she is with the people.

Massive worldwide wins. CNN's move to purge leftists may actually signal the last gasp of a dying company. Chile overwhelmingly rejects world's most progressive constitution in huge anti-globalist victory. UK's new PM Liz Truss might be making moves to prove she is with the people, not the globalists. UK ends vaccinations for 5-11 year olds in quick turnabout. Trudeau forms "green" police. We analyze her potential futures. Nurses found liable for following orders in North Carolina in massive...

SCP130 - Twitter about to implode? Clueless Trudeau threatens mandates to push untested jabs.

Another packed episode. German protests hit the streets in response to Foreign Affairs minister saying she doesn't care what her voters want. Massive Prague rally demands government resignation by Sept 25. Whistleblower blows the lid off of Twitter bot scandal - 80% of accounts may be bots. Jacinda Ardern support collapses in New Zealand. New jabs not even human tested, FDA approves anyway. Trudeau threatens mandates to push untested Omicron jabs (is Omicron still around?) Australia finds...

SCP129 - Biden borrows Trudeau speech writer? Calls MAGA a minority, dangerous extremists in speech.

A great episode as desperate Biden and globalists can't stop getting clowned by the internet. In a creepy speech like something out of V for Vendetta, Biden basically calls MAGA a small fringe minority (who had more legitimate votes than any president in history). Accuses them of being violent extremists and a threat to democracy. Belgian farmers take over government buildings. Italy burns power bills in the streets. 22,000 Colorado residents have electric company take over their thermostats...

SCP128 - Baghdad massive armed insurrection attempts to remove globalist government.

The clown world all comes together in an episode with more globalist pillars collapsing. We open with Baghdad's firefight for control of the capital. Dan Bongino calls getting the vaccine his greatest regret. Ontario abandons isolation policies as they can no longer hold onto the covid narrative. FBI is falling apart. The EU now blames inflation on climate change, not Russia. We have some laughs along the way, but some serious political analysis of everything that's going on. We are on...

SCP127 - Western University allows vax exemptions for donors, not civil rights.

We open with Mark Zuckerberg admitting Facebook conspired with the FBI to censor Hunter Biden's laptop before the 2020 election. Democrats at each other's throats in the US as the party keeps tanking. Energy bills bankrupting western society. Windsor front line workers take City of Windsor to court over civil rights. University of Western Ontario grants vax exemptions to nobody... unless you donate to them. England "migrant" invasion more sinister than it appears? We discuss this and more...

SCP126 - Biden diary is real and implies sex abuse. Scott Aitchison outs himself as globalist.

Great variety of news today. Pair pleads guilty to stealing the Biden diary. Sex abuse implied by diary. Federal Conservative leadership candidate Scott Aitchison outs himself, says "offering" vaccines does not infringe peoples' rights. Backs Liberal party forcing vaccines on people. Fauci resigns (hooray). More news from across the pond. Fun episode! Petition against handgun ban Bill C-21: We are on Podbean! Download our...

SCP125 - Interview: Hon. Brian Peckford Charter of Rights questions answered. It reigns supreme!

We interview the last surviving signatory of the Charter of Rights, who shatters misconceptions and blows our minds with the simplicity of the law. How the Charter reigns supreme. How it was written to avoid government abuse, and how things have gone wrong. We talk problems and solutions in this blockbuster interview you can't miss if you want to save Canada! Brian Peckford's Blog - Douglas W. Allen's cost-benefit analysis study -...

SCP124 - Pfizer trials caused half of pregnancies to fail, BC moves to financially ruin new mothers

Lots of news! We open with Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector who 29 years ago warned us exactly how the globalists plan works. Pfizer data showed 44% of pregnant women lost their babies in vaccine trials. British Columbia forcing all pregnant staff to get vaccinated, any who decide to protect their babies will be financially ruined. Senator Ron Johnson pleas with doctors and nurses to end the madness and speak out. Jason Kenney sides with Trudeau against Alberta on sovereignty bill. So much more...

SCP123 - Veterans Affairs prescribes suicide. CDN judge: force vaxing children illegal. Huge wins.

A landslide of victories in this news day. Artur Pawlawski to run for MLA. Democracy Fund obliterates $1,000,000 in covid fines. Veterans Affairs prescribes suicide to mental health patient. Digital ID dead in the water? Massive child deaths in UK statistics rock vax program. Ontario judge rules children cannot be forcibly vaccinated. Wyoming ousts Cheney in huge blow to globalists. Ukraine trying to blow up nuclear power plant. Google censors internet. SO MUCH MORE! We are on Podbean!...

SCP122 - Quebec Conservatives Freedom22 platform, UofT taken to court, Liberals give up in Alberta

Great news day with lots of wins. Fines scrapped in Saskatchewan court. Quebec Conservative Party launches Freedom 22 platform, wrenching health care from government monopoly. The Democracy Fund takes U of T to court over their extortion scheme to force-vaccinate students. Alberta Liberal party hits deadline with NOBODY putting their name in for leadership as Trudeau support non-existent. 14 FBI agents turn whistleblower in USA. We are on Podbean! Download our episodes as audio files at:...