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This party drug is a risky but fast-acting antidepressant

Many cities and towns are excited to get money from the new federal infrastructure program. One advocate is encouraging them to be more creative in how they spend the cash. Plus, how a party drug has become an accessible option for depression. That and more on The Show.


How to tell if your mask will really protect you from COVID-19

Guidance on which masks we should be wearing has changed, and the issue of masking itself remains controversial. We’ll take look at the new advice and other issues related to masks. Plus, how the Biden administration has taken more steps than the Trump administration on immigration — but with less of an impact so far. That and more on The Show.


Biden bets on home tests and N95 masks to reduce COVID inequity

Americans can now get free at-home COVID-19 tests and will soon be able to get free N95 masks. Will these steps reduce the inequities we’ve seen during the pandemic? Plus, a look at what to expect this week at the state Capitol. That and more on The Show.


Why Sen Sinema's defense of the filibuster isn't just a political play

Progressive frustration with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema continues to grow, as she voted against changing the filibuster. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. Plus, an Egyptian humorist who fled his home country explains why the pandemic hasn’t stopped his comedy. That and more on The Show.


Could COVID-only hospitals ease the strain on health care?

Arizona hospitals continue to be overwhelmed, both by COVID-19 and non-COVID patients. Would COVID-only hospitals help alleviate the strain on the entire health care system? Plus, the U.S. Interior Department is looking into how to change offensive names on federal land. That and more on The Show.


Schools face massive cuts and layoffs if the Arizona Legislature doesn't act

The state’s K-12 public schools could face budget cuts and layoffs if the Legislature doesn’t take action on a spending limit. Superintendent Kathy Hoffman tells us her concerns and what needs to change. Plus, why some National Park officials think efforts to encourage more visitors during the pandemic may have worked a little too well. That and more on The Show.


From economics to voter turnout, how big a role does systemic racism play?

The term “systemic racism” has been applied to many of our country’s institutions. We’ll hear how the phrase is shaping conversations about voting and the economy. Plus, a look inside the medical industry and who gets to decide what counts as unhealthy. That and more on The Show.


What you need to know about Gov. Ducey's proposed state budget

Gov. Doug Ducey has unveiled his spending plan for the upcoming year. We'll hear what is and is not in his proposed budget. Plus, a look at the legal landscape in Arizona surrounding the abortion debate. That and more on The Show.


Why everyone in your feed is hooked on Wordle

Gov. Doug Ducey laid out some of his top priorities during his final State of the State address. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and former President Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona. Plus, why the online game Wordle is spelling fun for so many people. That and more on The Show.


The best ways to talk to students after a school shooting

Last year saw a record number of migrants dying in the desert. Why some advocates are blaming the Biden administration for that. And what are the best ways to talk to students after a school shooting? That and more on The Show.


What omicron tells us about how the coronavirus is evolving

The omicron variant has been dominant in Arizona for a little while now. A genetics researcher explains why it’s more transmissible and what that might tell us about where this virus is going. Plus, does Scottsdale’s immersive Van Gogh exhibit indicate a new direction in how we observe art? That and more on The Show.


The biggest takeaways from Gov. Ducey's State of the State

Gov. Doug Ducey delivered his last State of the State address Monday. We'll hear what he had to say and what lawmakers think about the proposals. Plus, housing segregation has a long history in our communities, but its effects are still being felt today. That and more on The Show.


What to expect from Gov. Ducey's final State of the State address

Gov. Doug Ducey will give his final State of the State address Monday afternoon, kicking off the legislative session. We'll hear what the governor may propose for the year. Plus, we’ll meet one local woman who did everything to protect herself from COVID-19 — and still tested positive. That and more on The Show.


What could the future hold for sports betting in Arizona?

The 2022 legislative session begins next week and will includes bills related to election reform, taxes and education funding. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on what to expect and the state’s other top stories. And Arizonans have embraced sports betting so far. What could the future hold for the industry? That and more on The Show.


Maricopa County debunks nearly every claim in the Arizona audit

Maricopa County has released a point-by-point response to the state Senate’s review of the 2020 election. We’'' hear what county officials have to say about it. Plus, we’ll meet a Phoenix maker who uses needle and thread in her meditative practice. That and more on The Show.


Smart tech has made driving cars easier. NAU wants to do the same for bikes

Smart vehicles have been getting smarter over the past several years, with new features and safety devices. We'll hear some Arizona engineers are trying to bring that same technology to bicycles. Plus, a look back at how the Phoenix arts and music scene tried to get back to some semblance of normal in 2021. That and more on The Show.


Teachers brace for another pandemic crunch as kids return to school

Schools are back from winter break as the omicron variant continues to surge in Arizona. We’ll hear from a teacher about going back to the classroom. Plus, the story of Black farmers in the Southwest and how some of them are looking to return to their roots. That and more on The Show.


How Scottsdale is trying to get a handle on short-term rentals

Cities across Arizona have struggled with the impact of short-term rentals and limits on regulations set by the state. We'll hear how Scottsdale has tried to get a handle on the issue. Plus, before you get rid of your Christmas tree, consider using part of it in the kitchen. That and more on The Show.


It's been a busy political year in Arizona. Here's a look back

From the increasing influence of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in D.C. to the so-called ballot audit in Maricopa County, Arizona often took center stage in 2021. Take a look back at a busy political year. Plus, some of the best books of 2021, and a preview of what to expect in the new year.


What the deal to keep more water in Lake Mead means for Arizona

Water managers in a few Western states reached a deal this month to keep more water in Lake Mead. We'll hear what the plan means for Arizona. Plus, a look at the year in Phoenix food and theater. That and more on The Show.