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From schools to water, most Arizona voters agree on the biggest issues

Early voting starts in Arizona in less than two weeks. A new survey looks at the issues that matter the most to most Arizonans. Plus, a look back at the final hours of the recently-ended legislative session. That and more on The Show.


SCOTUS abortion ruling means 'a long path of litigation' for Arizona

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning overturned Roe v. Wade. Our Friday NewsCap panelists discuss what that means for Arizona — and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema on her efforts to pass bipartisan gun reforms. That and more on The Show.


Advocates celebrate Medicaid expansion for postpartum Arizonans

Pregnancy-related deaths in Arizona and across the country are on the rise. Lawmakers are pushing to expand Medicaid coverage for post-partum women to help bring those numbers down. Plus, a Phoenix Art Museum exhibit explores the significant history of lowriders in desert culture. That and more on The Show.


The Phoenix area has a 'tremendous appetite' for public transit

Maricopa County voters may have the chance to extend a sales tax for transportation this fall. The new head of Valley Metro on the importance of getting the measure on the ballot and approved in November. And a recent Arizona medical school graduate gets ready to start her residency. That and more on The Show.


This Arizona family sold their home in October. Now they can't get a new one

Home prices are slowing a bit, but are still too high for many potential buyers to get into the market. Our housing series continues with one family’s story of looking for a new place to live. And we dive into sneaker culture — and why some Scottsdale clubs may be screening based on your Air Jordans. That and more on The Show.


Where Arizona's budget stands with a little more than a week to go

The state’s fiscal year ends in a little more than a week. Will lawmakers come up with a new budget before that? Plus, Arizona music legends Calexico on their new album and being back on the road. That and more on The Show.


Juneteenth raises opportunity to discuss ongoing racial disparity

Republican lawmakers have renewed a push for universal school vouchers in Arizona, just a few years after voters rejected the idea. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the week’s other top stories. And teaching kids about Juneteenth through an anti-racism lens. That and more on The Show.


Arizona cities are cutting back on water. Will it make a difference?

States in the Colorado River Basin have been trying to deal with water cutbacks. We’ll hear how some Valley cities are working to adapt. Plus, a criminal justice reporter who served prison time tells her story. That and more on The Show.


Naloxone saves lives during overdoses, but one Arizona county is falling behind

Law enforcement agencies across Arizona have been equipping officers with naloxone to try to help save residents from overdoses. Why Gila County is lagging behind other counties in administering it. Plus, what falling water levels on Lake Powell mean for the economy in Page. That and more on The Show.


As wildfires accelerate, Arizona needs to plan for the worst

There are three wildfires burning in northern Arizona. We’ll hear the latest from Flagstaff as well as how Western states can learn to live with nearly year-round fire seasons. Plus, longtime Valley chef Chris Bianco on his new James Beard award for best restaurateur. That and more on The Show.


The Jan. 6 committee hearings could sway independent voters in AZ

This week, a committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol held its first public hearing, and Arizona lawmakers continue debating the state budget. To discuss these stories and more, The Show spoke with Paul Bentz of HighGround consulting firm and attorney and former congressional staffer Roy Herrera.


The Jan. 6 committee hearings could sway independent voters in AZ

New polling indicates that some Arizona primary races, including the Republican gubernatorial battle, are tightening up a few weeks before early voting. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the week’s other top stories. Plus, meet a Phoenix-based photographer who witnessed the events of Jan. 6 firsthand. That and more on The Show.


A firsthand account of Arizona's latest execution

On Wednesday, Arizona carried out its second execution of 2022. Arizona Republic reporter Jimmy Jenkins was in the room and describes what he saw. Plus, a Valley exhibition explores imperialism through art. That and more on The Show.


How Tempe Police could have helped a drowning homeless man

Three Tempe police officers are facing criticism for standing by while a man drowned in Tempe Town Lake. What responsibility does law enforcement have in such a situation? Plus, why the University of Phoenix president resigned after only four months on the job. That and more on The Show.


Are one-hit wonders a thing of the past?

Inflation continues to hit Arizona harder than other states. How is it affecting employer efforts to fill open positions? Plus, what makes a one-hit wonder, and will the evolving music industry move past those fan favorites? That and more on The Show.


Tempe's mayor is excited to start negotiations with the Coyotes

Tempe officials have voted to start talks with the Arizona Coyotes over a new arena and entertainment district. Mayor Corey Woods explains why he supports moving forward and what he makes of the criticism of that decision. Plus, how climate change is impacting the number of refugees coming to our southern border. That and more on The Show.


Could the Arizona Legislature take action on gun violence?

The recent spate of shootings across the country has some state lawmakers trying to take action on guns. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, we’ll meet the recent Arizona high school grad taking part in this weekend’s national Poetry Out Loud competition. That and more on The Show.


AZ Sen. Paul Boyer says politicians are lying about election concerns

Republican legislative leaders are continuing to try to make changes to how elections are run and students are taught. A conversation with the Republican state senator who remains the biggest obstacle to his colleagues’ efforts. Plus, our look at housing in the Valley continues with residents saying the area has a big problem. That and more on The Show.


Out of reach: A look at the Phoenix housing market

The cost and availability of housing in the Phoenix area has become a major concern. We kick off a new series looking at the problem and some potential solutions. And how new rules on college student-athletes making money could impact the NCAA. That and more on The Show.


Another pandemic-era school year has come to a close in Arizona

Another pandemic-era school year has come to a close in Arizona. A look at where students, teachers and schools are. And some recommendations for good summer reading. That and more on The Show