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Are extreme Republican candidates good for Democrats in Arizona?

Maricopa County is suing Kari Lake and Mark Finchem for their false allegations of election fraud and vote tampering. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the week’s other top stories. Plus, our Lit Squad series continues with an author who writes about kids dealing with poverty, addiction and other challenges. That and more on The Show.


How the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid looks to a former U.S. attorney

The FBI’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home is being called an historic event. A former U.S. Attorney explains how he views the raid. Plus, from the open range to the rodeo, meet an Arizona cowboy poet who's keeping the old-fashioned tradition alive. That and more on The Show.


'All bets are off' as Arizona's concert scene gets back to normal

A new investigation reveals troubling details about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints handles child sex abuse cases. Inside the complications of the church’s helpline. Plus, giant concerts and packed music festivals have returned — can you go and stay safe from COVID-19? That and more on The Show.


Arizona's secretary of state race is drawing a lot of attention — and out-of-state money

The Arizona secretary of state’s race is going to be one of the most contentious in November’s election. We’ll hear how money from outside of Arizona could affect the outcome. Plus, how the passage of the CHIPS Act may help the state’s push to be the “Silicon Desert.” That and more on The Show.


Prescribed burns aren't just worth the risk — they might be our only hope

Wildfires have burned throughout Arizona and the West this year. We’ll hear how the Forest Service uses prescribed burns to try to prevent the biggest wildfires. Plus, a Valley-based business is putting a new spin on handwritten letters. That and more on The Show.


Will Karrin Taylor Robson endorse Kari Lake for governor?

Arizona’s primary election results may lead to a dramatic shift in how our government works — if the pattern continues in November. Our Friday NewsCap panelists will weigh in on that and some of the other outcomes. Plus, an author on why he finds writing for young adults easier than for other audiences. That and more on The Show.


How a wet monsoon affects Arizona's drought

This summer’s monsoon season keeps drenching the Valley. We’ll hear if the rain is enough to make a difference in our ongoing drought. Plus, the FBI’s work with local law enforcement to resolve the cases of missing or murdered indigenous women. That and more on The Show.


Filipino restaurants are expanding Asian food options in the Valley

Tuesday was primary election day in Arizona. We’ll take a look at the results and who’s moving on to November’s general election. Plus, the Asian cuisine that seems to be on the cusp of a breakout. That and more on The Show.


It's primary election day in Arizona

The number of robocalls we get has gone down over the last year thanks to a federal law. We’ll hear why our cell phones still aren’t immune to potential scams. Plus, monarch butterflies are in danger, but a single plant can be a big help. That and more on The Show.


New prostate cancer treatment could be a game changer for many illnesses

Title 42 was meant to be a stopgap measure to protect public health at the border when the pandemic hit. Advocates who argue it’s hurting migrants are challenging a judge’s order to keep it in place today. Plus, a Valley doctor says a new prostate cancer treatment could offer help with other illnesses. That and more on The Show.


What to expect on Arizona's primary election night

Arizona’s primary election is only a few days away, and most of the highest-profile races are still up in the air. Our Friday NewsCap panelists on what they expect, and the rest of the week’s top stories. And why priests are being murdered in Mexico. That and more on The Show.


Exit Interview: Why so many influential people leave Phoenix

There is a lot of griping about Phoenix, from its sprawling development and lack of culture to its boiling hot summers. We launch a new series about our city and why so many influential people here decide to leave. Plus, a Tiny Desert Concert featuring Phoenix band and TikTok stars Playboy Manbaby. That and more on The Show.


How changing Arizona's primaries could stop extremists from winning

Arizona’s primary voting system is sidelining the largest group of voters here: Independents. A longtime political insider is attempting to change our primary so extremists stop winning. Plus, a Muslim sex educator connects spirituality and sexuality. That and more on The Show.


As wildfires become inevitable, a Flagstaff hotshot calls for more active management

It has been a difficult wildfire season for firefighters in Arizona’s high country. We’ll hear from one hotshot who says we need to think about fire and its inevirability in a new way. Plus, how political division has changed the way we view the American flag. That and more on The Show.


How one Arizona school is turning to virtual teachers to fill staffing gaps

The teacher shortage in Arizona has plagued schools for years. One Arizona district could be turning to virtual teachers to fill the gap. Plus, The Show kicks off Shark Week with an expert who says we shouldn’t be so scared of these predators and their jaws. That and more on The Show.


Arizona is a proxy war for the future of the Republican party

Former President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence are both coming to Arizona to stump for competing gubernatorial candidates. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze the week’s top stories. Plus, an Arizona artist who’s writing a children’s book in murals. That and more on The Show.


Flagstaff is working with APS to go carbon neutral by 2030

Flagstaff has an ambitious plan to be carbon neutral by 2030. A look at its new partnership with the state’s biggest utility to power the city with renewable energy. Plus, how Arizona’s health care system is doing in the third year of the pandemic. That and more on The Show.


8 conservative legal scholars outline how the 2020 election was 'Lost, Not Stolen'

Some politicians continue to litigate the 2020 election, even as voting is underway in the 2022 contests. A conservative lawyer makes the case that former President Donald Trump lost two years ago. Plus, how the Navajo Nation is dealing with the latest increase in COVID-19 cases. That and more on The Show.


One candidate for governor is spending a record amount of money. It might not be enough

Early voting for next month’s primary is underway, and one candidate in particular is spending a lot of money to turn out voters. We’ll take a look at the most recent campaign finance reports. Plus, we kick off a new series focused on how young adult literature can teach kids about diversity. That and more on The Show.


Overturning Roe v. Wade threatens access to miscarriage care

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights activists have been sounding the alarm about access to abortion. We’ll hear how the decision could also affect access to miscarriage care. Plus, a look at how ubiquitous prison labor has become in Arizona. That and more on The Show.