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Cochise County has missed the legal deadline to certify election results

Republican officials in rural Cochise County voted to delay certifying November’s election results by the legal deadline. We’ll hear about the legal and political implications they could face. Plus, a KJZZ investigation finds people with intellectual disabilities face widespread abuse. That and more on The Show.


Governor-elect Katie Hobbs prepares to butt heads with Republican legislators

Katie Hobbs has been busy building a transition team and planning her legislative agenda in which she will have to work with a Republican majority. We’ll hear from the governor-elect herself. Plus, a new KJZZ series uncovers cases of abuse and neglect against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That and more on The Show.


Re-visit some of our favorite discussions from past years

This week, The Show is re-visiting some of our favorite discussions from past years and we’ll explore party etiquette in the COVID era.


Hiking with disabilities: Making wilderness accessible to everyone

With a disability, it’s easy to stay indoors. We’ll look at what happens when people with disabilities get outside and hit the trails. Plus, a Tiny Desert Concert from Afrolatina poet Raquel Denis. That and more as The Show is revisits some of our favorite discussions from past years.


Solo hiking: Meet the women who like to go it alone

For many women who hike alone, just getting to the trailhead means busting through a layer of resistance that isn’t there for men. That didn’t stop these three women from getting outdoors by themselves. Plus, we’ll meet a couple using iconic Arizona imagery in their graphic design shop. That and more as The Show is revisits some of our favorite discussions from past years.


What the end of Title 42 means for asylum seekers at the southern border

After years of debate, a federal judge has thrown out the controversial border policy known as Title 42. Immigrant rights advocates are celebrating the move and hope it will help asylum seekers waiting at the border. And we all know and love Christmas movies, but what about Thanksgiving movies? That and more on The Show.


The fatal flaw in Kari Lake’s campaign for governor

Ballots continue to be counted across Arizona, and most of the races have now been called. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, ‘tis the season to ask how early is too early to start playing Christmas music. That and more on The Show.


As Phoenix housing prices dip, investors are hurting

The Valley’s red-hot housing market is finally balancing out after years of massive price jumps. We’ll hear about the role Wall Street investors have played in pricing out regular homebuyers. Plus, one local chef says you can make a delicious Thanksgiving feast without the turkey. That and more on The Show.


A Mexican journalist stood up to corruption. The government covered up her murder

There’s been an increase in recent years in the number of journalists murdered in Mexico. What the investigation into one of those cases turned up. Plus, how Latinos have shaped Hollywood. That and more on The Show.


Where the Arizona midterm results stand a week after Election Day

Arizonans continue to watch as ballots are counted and leads fluctuate. Where the results stand a week after Election Day. And Mesa preservationists are trying to save an historic roadside motel. That and more on The Show.


What California's next desalination plant means for the future of water in the Southwest

California will likely be getting another desalination plant, although a separate plan was rejected. What that might mean for the region’s water supplies. Plus, the effort to grow new saguaros to replace those lost in the 2020 Bush Fire.


A closer look at America’s relationship with guns

On this Veterans Day, The Show is taking a look back at some of our favorite conversations. We’ll take a trip to downtown Peoria, find out how legal recreational marijuana is affecting how brands advertise and cozy up with a warm mug of Mexican hot chocolate. That and more on The Show.


Ticket splitting and other takeaways from election night in Arizona

Several high-profile Arizona races are still too close to call two days after Election Day. Our NewsCap panelists break down the results and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the barrier-breaking Chinese American actress whose face is now on the quarter. That and more on The Show.


Many Arizona races are to close to call. Here's what to expect in the coming days

Election Day is over, but the votes are still being counted. The latest on where the state’s top races stand. Plus, Alan Cumming brings his one-man cabaret show to Scottsdale. That and more on The Show.


Some Maricopa County vote-tabulation machines not working on Election Day

Today is Election Day, and several high-profile races up and down the ballot are expected to be close. Maricopa County’s recorder gives us an update on the first hours of Election Day voting. Plus, we’ll get a sense of how many Arizonans have already cast ballots, and how many may show up to the polls in person. That and more on The Show.


A new law on recounts could delay Arizona’s election results

Tuesday is Election Day, although it’ll likely be a little while before we know all of the results. We’ll hear how a new state law on recounts may be a factor. Plus, hundreds of thousands of voters on the Navajo Nation will decide who will be their next president. What's at stake in the race. That and more on The Show.

Expect errors, grift if Arizona counties go through with hand counts

This week, a couple of counties have garnered attention for how they’ve decided to count their ballots. And former President Barack Obama stopped in Laveen to rally support for Arizona’s Democratic candidates in the election cycle’s waning days. To discuss these happenings and more, The Show spoke with Julie Erfle of Erfle Uncuffed and former state schools superintendent Jaime Molera of Molera Alvarez.

KJZZ's Friday NewsCap: Expect errors, grift if Arizona counties go through with hand counts

With just days to go before Election Day, some Arizona counties are making decisions about how they’re going to count ballots. Our Friday NewsCap panelists talk about that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, Black Theater Troupe explores family drama and family trauma. That and more on The Show.

How education could decide who wins Arizona’s midterm elections

Education is often a top-of-mind issue for voters, and this year is no different. We’ll hear from two experts about how that could impact who wins this year’s races. Plus, why Tempe voters could have the final say on a proposed arena for the Coyotes. That and more on The Shoe.

How Arizona voters should be thinking about immigration as they head to the polls

Border security and immigration reform have been at the tops of a lot of candidates’ — and voters’ — minds. We’ll hear how the issues could help shape this year’s elections. Plus, efforts to crack down on the growing problem of organized retail theft. That and more on The Show.