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The big, beautiful gender gap – with special guest Laura Olin

Donald Trump has built a big, beautiful gender gap. And the question is, “Who is going to pay for it?” A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that registered voters prefer House Democrats to Republicans by 11 percentage points while likely voters prefer Democratic House candidates by 13 points. This divide is the result of an enthusiasm among Democrats, younger adults, and non-whites unlike anything we’ve seen since 2008 and a massive gender gap. Men prefer Republicans by 2 percentage...


2018: The best year for voting rights since 1965??? with special guest Ari Berman

If everybody voted, Republicans would lose almost everywhere. And no one knows this better than Republicans. As we recorded this podcast -- on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 -- it was the voting registration deadline in Michigan and 14 other states. And it could be the last voting registration deadline in this state ever if voters pass Proposal 3/Promote the Vote, which includes automatic voter registration. That is, if Republicans don’t figure out a way to get the Supreme Court to gut it. When...


“Unhinged and unseemly”: The sad case of Brett Kavanaugh – with special guest Ryan Goodman

Brett Kavanaugh is pissed. He’s pissed because he thought he’d be on the Supreme Court now—and to be honest, so did I—he’s pissed because accusations of sexual abuse have come back to haunt him. And most of all, he’s pissed because these accusations are being taken seriously. But how seriously? A small group of Senators who either love attention or are just looking for an excuse to vote for Kavanaugh have gotten the White House to approve a reopening of Brett Kavanaugh’s background check....


Martin Luther King, Jr. never gave an “I Have a Complaint” speech – with special guest messaging specialist Anat Shenker-Osorio

Old white dudes are scared by minorities and turned on by blondes so much that the right even started a news channel that’s always doing one or the another Or to put it another way, Republicans require dog-whistling to win. That’s the finding of research conducted by our guest Anat Shenker-Osorio along with Prof. Ian Haney López with help of Demos Action. We’ve told you before how focus groups, studies in four states and an online survey have all confirmed something that Shenker-Osorio and...


Are we reliving 2016 in 2018? (w/ Josh Pugh from For Our Future) and a Manafort update from Marcy Wheeler/@EmptyWheel

Marcy Wheeler on Twitter: @EmptyWheel Marcy Wheeler at Paul Manafort's $46 Million plea deal Marcy Wheeler at Checkmate: The Manafort cooperation is pardon proof Marcy Wheeler at The objection that made Mueller's case Marcy Wheeler at A comparison of Rick Gates and Paul Manafort's plea deals This week Democrats lead in many polls expanded to double digits, Paul Manafort’s criminal past finally caught up to him and headlines like...


The 2018 midterm election: A matter of survival – with special guest Laura Packard

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Ayanna Pressley, Sharice Davids, Rashida Tlaib. Julius N. Richardson, A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr., Andy Oldham, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh. In the Democratic Party it's the most diverse of times. Between 30 and 40 new women are poised to enter the House next January, shattering the previous record of 24 set in 1992's "Year of the Woman." In the Republican Party it’s the White Malest of times as “The number of Republican women in the...


The most important place for democracy – with special guest Michigan Supreme Court candidate & civil rights lawyer Sam Bagenstos

Donald Trump is the God’s way of teaching us the importance of down-ballot races. For about half a century, the right has been manufacturing an assault at every layer of government, from the lowest state house to the highest court. And the successes over the last few decades have largely gone unnoticed despite their raging successes. They were so successful that despite only winning the popular vote once since 1992, the Supreme Court is about to become more right-wing that has been since...


This is your brain on Trump – with special guest Gil Duran, cohost of the FrameLab podcast with George Lakoff

More That was the only Omarosa tape anyone ever needed to hear and it’s pretty much the best advice to stopping Trump: IGNORE HIM — and it’s the one strategy that definitely has not been tried. Right here your brain is probably telling you, "How can you do that? He’s the president. He’s wrong on the internet. I need to own him or be owned!" But what if we’re helping him? When Trump makes up a poll number or trade deal or pretends the wall is...


A George Wallace rally looked a LOT like a Trump rally – wsg historian Kevin M. Kruse & educator Mitchell Robinson

Not everyone can get into Princeton, but almost everyone can afford a movie ticket and even Paul Manafort can still access YouTube. Conservatives have spent the summer of Kanye’s MAGA hat using PragerU videos and Dinesh D’Souza’s latest "0% on Rotten Tomatoes" endeavor to make the case that it’s just a huge coincidence that Republicans are closing 7 of 9 voting places in majority-Black Randolf County, Georgia right now. This is happening at the same time a Democrat is running to be the...


Republicans want to debate, Democrats want to WIN! with special guest Carolyn Fiddler of Daily Kos

Unlike Trump, physics follows laws. This misogynistic presidency has inspired an equal and opposite reaction from women of the United States. And voters are rewarding them. Women have outperformed men in primaries, with just their appearance on a ballot often seen as a rebuke to Trump, who ironically judges women exclusively by their appearance. A total of 185 women have been nominated so far for a House seat, breaking the previous record of 167 in 2016. But that number is deceptive. The...


We can’t continue to sleep on the judiciary – with special guest Chris “#StopKavanaugh” Kang

What aren’t they hiding? They aren’t hiding that Bret Kavanaugh was on a the second draft of the list of judges provided to Donald Trump by the founder of the Federalist Society to assure the far right that he’d make all their wettest dreams come true. We know that Donald Trump said that he’d only appoint justices who’d overturn Roe v. Wade, a position opposed by 70 percent of America. We know that Kavanaugh once said the decision to force Richard Nixon to turn over the tapes that led to...


Beyond Identity Politics: Research proves Dems shouldn’t be afraid to talk about class AND race

America’s Achilles Heel is race. That’s so obvious that even Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin figured it out. The roughly 3,500 Facebook ads created by the Russian-based Internet Research Agency “consistently promoted ads designed to inflame race-related tensions. Meanwhile, the world’s biggest birther was calling all but some Mexicans “rapists.” And it worked. With some help from Putin, James Comey, and Americans’ inability to understand probabilities, we now have a president who has done...


What Has Saved Trump – with special guest Corey Robin

In the history of polling, no president besides George W. Bush right after 9/11 has ever been more popular with his own party at this point in his presidency than Donald Trump, with 88 percent approval. But even with his compound in flames, David Koresh's approval with the Branch Davidians was still close to 100 percent. During GOP primary of 2015-2016, the best attack Donald Trump’s Republican weak-kneed opponents managed to toss at him was that he wasn’t a real conservative. Corey Robin,...


Gonna Get Her ELECTED! with special guest Lily Herman

Donald Trump isn’t just a misogynist. Donald Trump is a misogynist who cheats on his pregnant wife without a condom. Donald Trump is a misogynist who argued that a woman who accused him of sexual harassment was not hot enough to assault. And Donald Trump is the misogynist who is about to gut Roe v. Wade. Unsurprisingly, women have noticed. “Women make up 23 percent of nonincumbents running for congressional seats in 2018 compared to 16 percent in the previous two cycles,” according to a...


“Do All You Can” – with special guest Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior must be getting tired of waiting for us to catch up to her. No commentator has more reliably predicted the future, which increasingly resembles the worst of our past, but with much better television. More than two years ago, Sarah told us Donald Trump could win. Then she connected Trump’s allegiance to Russia from back inm 1987 to the present. The she warned us that he would seek a path to authoritarianism in the manner of the crime families that run former Soviet block...


Assume Roe Dead – with special guest abortion rights journalist & activist Robin Marty

"If we wait until Roe is gone, it will be long past too late." That's Robin Marty's warning for anyone who cares about reproductive rights in America or anyone who just pretends to care about them to impress their Twitter followers. This may have been the worst week for non-billionaires since Trump became president and it's no accident. We're witnessing the culmination of a 50-year-long plot to roll back the advances of the last half century and destroy the labor movement that helped make...


The Trump Voters’ Socialist Paradise – with special guest Michael Grunwald of Politico

The show notes for Episode 1 of The GOTMFV Show are at Michael Grunwald from Politico on Twitter: @MikeGrunwald Michael Grunwald at Politico: Generation Pickleball: Welcome to Florida’s Political Tomorrowland Michael Grunwald's website: Purchase Michael Grunwald's new book The New New Deal - The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era HERE The Good: Dave Weigel at The Washington Post: DNC begins...


EPISODE 86: The Purge has begun – with special guest Ari Berman

The show notes for Episode 86 are at Ari Berman on Twitter: @AriBerman Ari Berman at Mother Jones: ACLU Sues Trump Over Census: “A Naked Act of Intentional Discrimination” Ari Berman at Mother Jones: North Carolina Republicans Want a Constitutional Amendment to Require ID to Vote Ari Berman at Mother Jones: Republicans Want to Use the Census to Radically Change Political Representation Ari...


EPISODE 85: This is what Republicans will do if they win – with special guest Michigan State Rep. Erika Geiss

The show notes for Episode 85 are at The Good: Kathleen Gray at The Detroit Free Press: Michigan approves marijuana legalization vote for November Anti-gerrymandering ballot proposal: Voters Not Politicians Jonathan Oosting at The Detroit News: Court: Anti-gerrymandering issue fit for Michigan ballot Interview - Michigan state Representative...


EPISODE 84: The Ultimate Hash Bash! with special guests cannabis rights attorney Dennis Hayes and @GoldenGateBlond

The show notes for Episode 84 are at Debbie Merion at the Ann Arbor Observer: John Sinclair at the Hash Bash Wikipedia: John Sinclair Freedom Rally Wikipedia: Cannabis laws in Ann Arbor, Michigan Patrick Dunn at the Ann Arbor Observer: Pot Goes Pro John Oosting at The Detroit News: Michigan...