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We talk local San Antonio, from government to local business spotlights to local music, plus so much more. We drop new episodes every Tuesday at 7am CT. #SoundoffSA

We talk local San Antonio, from government to local business spotlights to local music, plus so much more. We drop new episodes every Tuesday at 7am CT. #SoundoffSA
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We talk local San Antonio, from government to local business spotlights to local music, plus so much more. We drop new episodes every Tuesday at 7am CT. #SoundoffSA








Episode 20: Where it all begins…again

Welcome to Episode 20, today we welcome two great guest, a District 6 Council Candidate and a restarting band. The showcase will floor you and our interview is a great start to a series we bring to you; hear your candidates for this May’s City Election. Expect wrestling, expect baseball, there will be hotdogs, and we talk IKEA. 00:00:27 - Royal Rumble at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Tx 00:04:15 – Basura Bash – SBL Community Day 00:15:00 - The Two Shots Podcast 00:18:09 - Interview with...


Episode 19: One Koffee at a Time

Rate review and subscribe to us on Castbox, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, iheartradio. Spread the word. Sound Off, San Antonio! The boys talk Greg Brockhouse (00:05:40)entering the San Antonio mayoral race, Election Day holiday (00:16:20), San Antonio Spurs Rodeo road trip (00:54:20), and AEW (01:22:22)and the JerichoCruise (01:32:18). Lou reviews Legoland Discovery Center (01:36:02) . A movie review of #theLEGOmovie2 (01:52:05) and it's not what Branden expected, neither was the...


Episode 18: What in Civic Innovation?!

Thank you all for the word of mouth, rate/review/subscribe to The Sound Off on the following streaming platforms Spotify - iHeartRadio- Apple Podcasts- Stitcher- with more platforms in the works. 00:04:27 – and NEW San Antonio City Manager 00:09:15 – VIA expands free bus transportation program to the Alamo Colleges 00:13:57 – Ezra Johnson Visit to UTSA recap/Brian Dillard Thoughts and positive...


Episode 17: Kolaches and Kilometers

The boys are back! We had a late start with the new year, thanks for your patience, unlike this weather during the podcast; we braved the elements for you. Grab some coffee and may we recommend a kolache and some music? Today, the boys welcome two sweet and savory guests, local business owner Sylvia Alcaraz from Dignowitty Kolaches and friend of the show from the Great White North, the Director of Operations of Ottawa Sound Records, Kyle Stumpo. Along with this we’ll break down local San...


Episode 16:Reunited

Reunited and just in time for our sweet 16. Join us at 8am, hear about one of @utsagradschool's newest graduate. We talk local government, the future of our city manager and mayoral race. Will we get get Jack Finger on the show?!? The boys talk baseball Hall of Fame, Lou defends 2 Yankees, Brando runs down @wwe #tlc and they talk @spurs and the pressing question; Should you see aquaman?, video games, and stay for the impromptu @prowrestlingcrate unboxing. So grab a piece of our Ferrari...


Episode 15: The Shot Heard 'Round Texas- Sheryl Sculley RETIRES!!!

Wow, November 29th, 2018 will go down in San Antonio history. Why? Because the longest tenured city manager in SA history has stepped down. Branden and Lou get together for the first time in over three weeks to discuss the late breaking news. They even have time for a Sound Off... The guys will be back together, full time soon. Until then...enjoy!


Episode 14: Sorry for adulting, never again!

We're back, sort of. It's the Sound Off without Branden, but Lou. A very quiet Lou. I don't have to yell, and the dogs are asleep! I wanted to fill the time gap with football talk (never again!), WWE Survivor Series weekend talk, Turkey Day thoughts and a Black Friday sound off, but not really. We appreciate your messages asking "where the hell are you?". We will be back to full strength and very soon with a co-host with a Masters Degree. Hit us up with wrestling, Spurs, baseball,...


Episode 13: 2018 Texas election review

The boys talk San Antonio voting "Yes" on Props B and C. They talk Beto putting up a close fight and succeeds on blue wave encroachment. They discuss stats on Voter turnout in Bexar County. All that in this SBL Podcast mini-sode


Episode 12: Set a Course for Adventure (Vote!)

Lou is back, so your favorite local San Antonio podcast is back, and we brought gifts for everyone! As always, please rate, review and subscribe on ITunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Castbox. We are soon to be on IHeartRadio, details very soon. 00:00:35 Today hear Lou’s highs and lows, but mostly highs, from his adventure on the #JerichoCruise. 00:40:15 The boys had a lot of wrestling to watch with WWE Evolution and the not so popular, Crown Jewel event. Brando is the heartbroken...


Episode 11: Early Exits and Early Voting

(00:01:45) Astros were eliminated from the ALCS and hear Lou and Brando vent the frustrations about the loss but also preach optimism for the 2019 season. World Series predictions will happen. (00:26:25)Talk about #GoSpursGo and the first two games of the season ensues and how they may have overachieved the first two games of the season. (00:34:55) WWE talk about WWE Evolution this Sunday and the social ramifications on the Crown Jewel event in November. (00:55:15) The dudes interview H....


Episode 10: DecoMania2

Episode 10: DecoMania2 is up! (00:09:15) The dudes talk this weeks San Antonio Charter Amendment updates and social media uneducated voter trolls and how young voters need to use their voter registration cards as fire ammo in the upcoming elections. (00:31:00) The guys have a live chat with Kristina from Hello Tallulah about coming back to San Antonio to bring a hobby into a dream business and how much she love the Deco District. Her love for all thing vintage can is definitely felt...


Episode 9: San Antonio to Austin (Romine) to Canada

Welcome back, San Antonio. Don't forget to Rate, review and subscribe to us on all major podcast platforms. This week: 00:00:17 We talk the Astros sweep of the Indians and Austin Romine mop up duty in the Bronx- Is Branden worried? (spoiler alert:YES) 00:19:43 #Venom talk and why Lou thinks the San Francisco and comic lineage inaccuracies kill the movie 00:34:00 We talk with with Ara from Tapatio Vegan Tacos and how she got into the vegan tacos, why she brought them to San Antonio...


Episode 8: Squaded Up!

It’s October and you know what that means!?! POSTSEASON BASEBALL! Our baseball dreams got not 1 but 2 Game 163s, and we squaded up for this AL Postseason roundtable with sprinkles of NL talk. We love you, National League. Also, October means Spurs Basketball, hear our first thoughts on this new era in San Antonio. And speaking of San Antonio, we were fortunate to have Cathy Teague with the Monticello Park Holiday Home Tour As well as the premiere of the local San Antonio band, Celestial...


Episode 7: Bridges, Baseball, and Bagels!

Branden is live from NYC and talk his driving experiences, being at the Yankees game where they clinched a playoff spot, and the delicious foods and museums he attended. The guys talk MLB and the playoff implications over the next week Nova Lux comes on and introduces us to "Say, Baby" The guys talk this weeks forthcoming " San Antonio Music Showcase" sponsored by San Antonio Current The San Antonio Charter vote debate pull out from Chris Steele is analyzed This week’s local business...


Episode 6: Wrestling with Technical Diificulties

Your boys are back, technical difficulties be damned! We give them hell (in a cell) and bring you our latest: Episode 6 is out of the oven and tasty as always. We have Catherine from BarbacoApparel talking growing up in San Antonio, running a family business, and their expansive partnership with H-E-B. We feature Something4someone on our San Antonio music showcase. We also talk MLB, WWE Hell In A Cell, plus find out what Branden and Lou Sound Off against on.... The Sound Off.....with...


Episode 5: Called Up

Welcome back, San Antonio. We got feeback and we're implementing it with this show. Today we Sound Off on: 00:03:00 - Brando tells us about his first time...on a Bird Scooter. 00:09:30 - City Housing Policy Initiative recap 00:15:30 - Introduction of our first interviewed guest 00:16:08 - Interview with Director of Programming and Placemaking at Centro, Liz Burt 01:03:00 - Introduction of Music by Songs, our Music Showcase 01:04:00 - "Quadraphonic Fantasy" by Music by Songs Go to...


Episode 4: Off the Rails, On the Bus

Thanks for last week's listen. This week is no different as we welcome not 1, but 2 Via Board of Trustee Members: Ezra Johnson and Brian Dillard. These gentlemen took time out of their Sunday to answer questions with answers that shook the Sound Off's love of trains. Plus, we showcase San Anto's own Last Battle. Also, Lou was ALL IN and your boys discuss the largest attended non-WWE event since WCW, the Yankees get a new bearded outfielder; so you know what that means. Special thanks to...


Episode 3: DecoMania

Do we have an ACTION packed episode for you this week or what? - First we are joined by Miro Hernandez as the guys sit down and talk the San Antonio tattoo culture scene and how it's grown the past decade. They also talk all things Deco District and the one year anniversary of Dandyland Custom Tattoo And Professional Body Piercing in the area. -We then have the second part of our Metal and Rock debate with Richard Cortez and Hutch from Ticket 760, followed by Terrell Huff talking...


Episode 2: Sick Pay, Sick Music, and SummerSlam

Tonight, the boys sound off with two special guests; the man behind the theme music, Richard Cortez, and from the Mike Taylor Show, Mark Hutchison. Brando and our guests discuss their top guitarists and bassists in part 1 of a 2 part discussion. Take notes, you will be amazed. Along with this, Branden shares news about our show, Lou talks his recent trip, Sick Pay Leave Ordinance, Charter Amendment update, Bird Scooters and the city's future. Along with this the boys discuss SummerSlam...


Episode 1: The Sound Off Begins!

Today we begin again, again. Sound off with Branden and Lou on sports, music, movies and San Antonio government. We talk NL baseball with our handsome friend, Steve. Seriously, he shouldn't be sitting with us, we intensify his looks. We preview Spurs basketball, DeRozan, and NBA as a whole. More to come with MLB and NBA. We preview WWE Summer Slam 2018. Also, we had the opportunity to showcase a song by the 1984 Draft,, check them out. You're in...