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Nudla Master

Dave takes a trip to the Michigan Militialands and Of course he does. Are gadgets and technology ruining us? Just because it's gay capitalism, doesn't mean it's not hot garbage. Hot Take: We're ALL neurodivergent. Change the world at and support us at


Punch Up, MFer

Dave's new endeavor to save the world has it's soft opening. If you're on the FB, go like Cool Cats for Change! And more is to come! Another internet kerfuffle for Melyssa. It's not funny if your "humor" is at the expense of the non-privileged. Sheepdogs gonna sheepdog. Beware of the Bern. Support us at



Peter Kline is back! Is there such a thing as racist chicken? We fantasize about Gay NASCAR. Vroom, Vroom! More band names! Is Dave getting in bed with China? As always support the Stuart Bedasso media empire at


Rochester Erotic Arts Festival part 3

The EPIC conclusion to our time at the 2023 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. More safewords, ass lasers, capitalism sucks, BDSM and a whole lot more. We have links to a lot of the small businesses we talked about on the show up on our website so go check them out at


If It Sounds Like A Quack

Our conversation with Matt Hongoltz-Hetling, author of the newly released book If It Sounds Like A Quack. You should read this book! How did Matt spoil puberty for Dave? We connect Matt's book to our for-profit health care system. Do all roads lead to libertarianism? And we even work in garbage plates and roller derby. Yep, we have it all! As always, support us at


Rochester Erotic Arts Festival part 2

Part 2 of our time at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. Great talks with Anime Junkie & Chelsea followed by a little bit of everything with Lauren from Savage Madness. She's a sexy way. And if you want that bonus coverage of REAF, go to our Patreon page.


Rochester Erotic Arts Festival part 1

We finally made it to the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival! Here's part 1 of our conversations with a whole lot of awesome folks who were kind enough to talk to a couple of dorks like Dave & Melyssa. We had fun, learned a lot, and grooved to an amazing vibe. Check out all of our internet goodness at


Jayden's Gender Journey

The show's on the road. This week, Arizona at Dave's family gathering. He hangs out with Jayden as they talk about potential safewords, careers in agriculture, and Jayden's continuing evolution. You're still evolving too, right? As always support the show at


Finch Lab Comedy

Is it time to get involved yet? Like what else needs to get worse for y'all to realize that we all have to start fighting to change the system? Dave gets observed and does stand up. Melyssa's taking notes on gentrification. Eve's fixing people. Now's the time to go get you a book. Support Stuart Bedasso Radio at


Twiddling My Knobs

Melyssa went to see The Boss. We made the sexy e-mail list! Let's just move the cool people out of the shitty states. We talk about the movie CODA. Good stuff! Listen to some sexy songs on Stuart Bedasso Radio:


My Ass Has A Memory

It's the return of the lovely and talented Evora! You need a therapist. No, really. You do. Straight folk who get mad at the LBGTQ+ community need a slap upside the head. What the hell happened to Marsboy's tube we were supposed to be travelling in? Support us at


Butt Sweat Happens

Who are the worst drivers? We have the answer. It's the return of Too Much Cologne Guy! Melyssa and Friends are about to launch an artist co-op. You MUST read this book about Libertarians & Bears. And as always, check out the Stuart Bedasso media empire at!


The Booch

We give hesitant props to Creepy Uncle Joe. What? TSBS talking about celebrities? Are you ready for the sports riots? One of the kids moves back home. Which one is it? Beware of the spiked penis. Not kidding around. Get some beer and other stuff at


Strap On City

Should we be shocked by the killing of Tyre Nichols? Are we going to do something about it? We talk about the sexiest states in the US. Does your state buy the biggest butt plugs in the land? Find out here and get yourself a butt plug at


Sports Balls

Sports Radio Talk Guys...stay in your lane. No one wants to hear your takes about anything but balls. Melyssa gets the rustic body scan. We're all life long learners! We talk about EXTREME GARDENING!!! Get yourself a new band name at


Florida Woman

Dave's channeling those Dad jokes. Tired of those crusty old TV shows? Watch them all over with mind-altering substances. Voila! A new TV show. Be careful what you smell - who knows what's in Gwyneth's vagina. Weed is finally being legalized for sale in NYS and of course we're screwing it up. Check out all the links we talked about at


Vagina Week

You can't be surprised about things that happen today. Unless you've been living in a cave. Melyssa's giving up the sauce; or at least the real sauce. Covid is still a thing - apparently so are anti-vaxxers. Dave's mad at a sex toy. Find out why at


Melyssa's Cheating Ass

Carrie is back! She's not wearing her schoolgirl uniform, but does have some good teen drinking stories. Go Greta Thunberg, but we argue that small dick energy can run a small town. Looks like we're going to stay on Twitter...for now. We love the small businesses there, but fuck the wankers who run Etsy. You should be listening to Stuart Bedasso Radio at


Garth Fagan Says Use A Condom

Dave gets a job! But we're not going to tell you what it is. Even if it ends up in a landfill keep recycling that plastic. We tell you why. Of course there's a bat in Dikoff Studio. We're leaving Twitter. Where should you follow us? As always, see what we're putting down at


Erik Estrada is an Honorary Bastard

WTF? A TV cop becomes an honorary cop. Is he going to honorarily shoot someone? We're looking to get off of Twitter. Do your holiday shopping at Wanna hear the podcast that got Dave fired? Head on over to our Patreon. Oh, and having a disability is not a license to be an asshole.