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Ain't No Handy Like a Boebert Handy

Melyssa meets the man, the myth, Henry Rollins. And Chad can't stop her. Dave hangs out with 74,999 of his closest environmental friends. (Not you, AOC). Cool Cats needs a tag line. You can do porn and be in political office. It's OK. Just don't be a hypocrite like Handy Lauren. Support us at


Be an Internet Activist

Yes, be an internet activist. At So whatcha think? Is climate change bad enough for you to do something about it, yet? Dave's still working on becoming an art teacher...or is he? Covid...don't call it a comeback!


Stuart Bedasso Afterschool Special

It's Dave's first week of school and oh, does he have some stories to tell. Don't worry, it won't get him fired...probably. We revisit the old Afterschool TV Specials. You gotta check this out. Gwar does Cindy Lauper; almost literally. What foods do you connect to your childhood? Explore us at W18YddfEN4PRd1ccvrdw W18YddfEN4PRd1ccvrdw


Butter Sting

If you're going to the Fair and don't talk about butter sculptures have you gone to the Fair? Get down for the Climate March coming up September 17th. They're really making Dave teach art class. What's next, water ballet? New York State: how to make legal weed illegal. As always, support us at


Dave Scissors

Carrie is back and she has different strokes for different folks. Dave comes back from down south. Holler! Should we be cutting the cord? How many cords? We get into lamination. Go with it. What can you scissor with? Support us at


Voo Doo Pot Holder

We're down for the Riverboat Beatdown those white folks took. It's beyond time for YT people who fuck around to find out. You don't have to care about politics, but politics cares about you. Help our ohana on Maui at Everything Stuart is at


Gherkin In My Speedo

We'll be talking about Cornel West every week for a while. Get used to it. Plus there are things YOU can do to help save the world. Dave's going back to school. If only it was like Rodney. Yeah, we talk about the indictment. But don't let that distract you. Check out all our things at


Capitalist Feminism

Don't not go see Barbie, but do we only accept feminism if it's wrapped in capitalism? Dave was cheating on you with another podcast. Yeah, we're touting Cornel West for President. Come at us, bro. Can we get the kids stealing cars to chill or are they a lost generation? If you're not visiting are you really cool?


Don't Be A Scab!

A laid back show this week. Something must be blowing through the jasmine in our minds. Dr. Cornel West is in the running to be the Green Party's candidate for president and we are here for it. And we may even be scheming around it. (hint, hint) Support ALL strikes! Writers, actors, longshorepeople, dog groomers, whatevs. Don't be a scab and don't cross a picket line. Support us at


Balls On A Stick

Special K is back! We talk about Rochester's recent Pride parade. Dating apps are weird and of course, it's all guys' fault. Stop being guys, guys! Just a dude and his balls. And why can't kids read? Seriously. Special K breaks it down. Support us at


Rise Up?

Everyone's saying we should "rise up" but do you know what we're supposed to be fighting for? We discuss. Dave is back in the saddle...this time without chaps. Threads? We're still looking at MySpace. You really should support our Patreon at



Melyssa's back from assignment; and by assignment we mean having a hysterectomy. Good times. Viva la France! Supreme Court? More like Skanky Court, amirite? Start saving the world at


Yurt Living

Carrie is back! This week we learn that Dave is not a man of mystery. Who knew? Rich people dying in submarines? Uh, OK. Get your sex toys at because we got the hook up.


Summer Gumption

Melyssa makes with the hiking. You seriously want to check out the podcast "The Myth of Freedom Under Capitalism". Go look at someone's bits; it's good for you. We take our first stab at the AI and the results were meh. Complete your life by going to


Nudla Master

Dave takes a trip to the Michigan Militialands and Of course he does. Are gadgets and technology ruining us? Just because it's gay capitalism, doesn't mean it's not hot garbage. Hot Take: We're ALL neurodivergent. Change the world at and support us at


Punch Up, MFer

Dave's new endeavor to save the world has it's soft opening. If you're on the FB, go like Cool Cats for Change! And more is to come! Another internet kerfuffle for Melyssa. It's not funny if your "humor" is at the expense of the non-privileged. Sheepdogs gonna sheepdog. Beware of the Bern. Support us at



Peter Kline is back! Is there such a thing as racist chicken? We fantasize about Gay NASCAR. Vroom, Vroom! More band names! Is Dave getting in bed with China? As always support the Stuart Bedasso media empire at


Rochester Erotic Arts Festival part 3

The EPIC conclusion to our time at the 2023 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. More safewords, ass lasers, capitalism sucks, BDSM and a whole lot more. We have links to a lot of the small businesses we talked about on the show up on our website so go check them out at


If It Sounds Like A Quack

Our conversation with Matt Hongoltz-Hetling, author of the newly released book If It Sounds Like A Quack. You should read this book! How did Matt spoil puberty for Dave? We connect Matt's book to our for-profit health care system. Do all roads lead to libertarianism? And we even work in garbage plates and roller derby. Yep, we have it all! As always, support us at


Rochester Erotic Arts Festival part 2

Part 2 of our time at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. Great talks with Anime Junkie & Chelsea followed by a little bit of everything with Lauren from Savage Madness. She's a sexy way. And if you want that bonus coverage of REAF, go to our Patreon page.