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20: #20 | The Suss With Water

With the issue kicked down the road for the time being, you would have to be pretty naive to think that the battle over water charges and ownership is at any stage further than half-time. This week on The Suss, Glenn sits down with Dave Gibney of Mandate Trade Union and the national #Right2Water campaign to go through a chronological timeline of the attempt to introduce a water charges regime in Ireland. Why the need to railroad legislation through the Dáil? This episode offers an...


19: #19 | What's Next?

A brave new world! Glenn and Steph bask in the aftermath of the referendum on the 8th Amendment and ponder ‘what’s next’ for a society absolutely gagging for an overhaul. There’s loads to digest as notions of ‘Middle Ireland’ and an urban/rural divide are absolutely blown away. We talk about our heroes of the campaign and take issue with pundits trying to frame Repeal campaigners as somehow being mean to those who voted No. There’s also much to consider in terms of how this will all impact...


18: #18 | All That Jazz and All Things Repeal

May 25th is edging ever closer and in this week’s offering, Glenn and Steph talk to Caoimhe Anglin, founder of Everyday Stories about their role in breaking down stigma in relation to abortion in Ireland. Everyday Stories is a project publishing personal accounts from people who have been affected by the 8th Amendment. In 2016 ten women a day gave Irish addresses at UK abortion clinics. Many more cannot travel and others order abortion pills online risking a 14 year jail sentence. We share...


17: #17 | The Suss with #Spycops

In one of the foremost cases of the Brits being ‘at it’ in recent times, the #Spycops saga continues to unfold, showing us that truth is often stranger than fiction. In this episode, Glenn and Steph sit down with media commentator, activist and all-round good guy Mark Malone. Mark blogs and tweets under the [Sound Migration]( brand where he outlines: _Personally I’m coming from a place of radical doubt and militant hope, two of the most useful...


16: #16 | The Suss X Echo Chamber Crossover

**The Suss X Echo Chamber Crossover** No need to wonder about the most ambitious crossover of all time anymore. The Suss' Glenn and Steph are joined in studio this week by Tony Groves (@trickstersworld) and Martin McMahon (@williamhboney1) of the Echo Chamber Podcast which celebrated 6 months of critical perspectives on Irish life and society. We ask the lads how they got to know one another, what drove them to want to start a political podcast and hear about some of their highlights from...