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33: The Suss #33 | The Suss with Mental Health pt 2

On this week’s episode Steph and Glenn chat to Ciara O’Connor-Walsh, Editor of ‘A Lust For Life’; an award-winning Irish wellbeing website, co-host, and producer of a new six-part mental health podcast ‘Where There’s A Will’. The podcast has brought together some of the best and brightest minds in Ireland’s mental health sector to ask: why is our mental health system so dysfunctional? Who is responsible for fixing it? And what can we, collectively, do to create long-term, systemic change? We...


32: #32 | Brexit, the Border and the Backstop

This week's episode of The Suss offers an explainer on all things Brexit related. Glenn and Steph draft in two Brexperts to provide an outline of where things are at right now. Amid all the hysteria, it can be difficult to know what is really happening. This isn't helped by the fact that one side doesn't seem to know what it wants to negotiate. We embark on a sense making mission to get you the full picture. How do our guests rate the Government's negotiating record to date? What the hell is...


31: #31 | Privilege and Prejudice

On this weeks episode of The Suss, Steph and Glenn tackle the issues of privilege and prejudice in Irish society. Glenn sits down with Eileen Flynn, a proud member of the Irish Travelling community, for a chat about the systemic lack of political representation of Travellers in Irish politics plus the multifarious difficulties facing Irish Travellers in 2018. We discuss the inflammatory comments made by Presidential candidate Peter Casey against the Travelling community during a televised...


30: #30 | The Suss with The Suss

It's 30 up for The Suss. The political podcast for Ireland's locked out generation also turns 1 this week. Ever wondered why we do what we do? This week we're in a laid back mood, more akin to having a loose chat in the smoking area of Workman's than being in studio. First on the agenda, Steph gives us the inside scoop on the Taking Back The Web conference currently taking place. This conference is run by the Centre for Critical Media Literacy at Dublin Institute of Technology. The centre...


29: #29 | Legislating for Sex Work with Wendy Lyon

What if everything you thought you knew about the world of sex work was back to front? Sex work will increasingly feature in conversations about bodily autonomy, workers rights & migrant rights in the years to come. In this episode, Glenn and Steph are joined by solicitor, feminist and activist Wendy Lyon to help navigate and understand the often steep challenges faced by those in the industry. Wendy talks us through the Swedish/Nordic model which appears to have been championed in Ireland...


28: #28 | The Suss with Mental Health

On this week's episode, Steph and Glenn diverge from the normal political rants to bring you a special episode on Mental Health. They’re joined in studio with Grayce Leonard, journalist with First Fortnight - an Irish mental health charity and Gabriel Paschal Blake, mental health advocate and musician from For Foresters and The Murder Capital. In this episode, we don’t profess to have all the answers. We do however share intimate and honest stories about our own battles with maintaining our...


27: #27 | Social Class with Lynn Ruane

Few discussions seem to irk the powers that be more than discourse on social class. The band-aid has somewhat been ripped off in recent weeks with Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy and his colleagues in Fine Gael struggling to shake off the 'posh boy' label that has been put on them. It begs the question of just how adequately politicians can work on behalf of groups of people whose life experiences are completely alien to them. Should it be of more concern to the rest of us if the same...


26: #26 | Take Back The City

This week’s episode of The Suss is honing in on the recent Take Back The City march and subsequent occupation of a site at 35 Summer Hill Parade in Drumcondra, Dublin 1. Organised by an array of housing groups in the city, the occupation aims to shed light on the desperate state of affairs surrounding the housing crisis in Dublin. Until recently, this site and the adjoining sites housed up to 120 people in slum-like conditions, a fact the millionaire landlord chose to ignore until Dublin...


25: #25 | Climate Change Is Not Your Fault with Sinéad Mercier

And we're back! Glenn and Steph sit down with Sinéad Mercier, one of the brightest and most exciting young minds in politics. Sinéad is a researcher in Dail Eireann for the Green Party and self-described 'militant optimist'. We promise you an eye-opening conversation about Ireland's appalling environmental policies. We ponder the themes of personal responsibility vs corporations in the climate change debate and try assert which plastic straw was the one that broke the planet's back. While we...


24: #24 | Body Battleground with Caoimhe LaVelle and River

This week Steph enlists Osaro Azams (Ep. 2 on Activism) as co-host to help facilitate the chats. Guests this week are artist and activist River and artist/poet Caoimhe LaVelle, for a chat about bodily autonomy after the 8th Amendment, and in advance of an upcoming exhibition entitled Body Battleground. "Body/ Battleground; bodily autonomy beyond the 8th amendment” is a group art exhibition looking to highlight peoples relationship to their body outside of mainstream activism. Through...


23: #23 | Pride is protest

Following on from last week's episode where we highlighted objections to a growing corporate presence at Dublin Pride, we delve deeper into its origins and its true meaning. Glenn and Steph are joined by Sadhbh of Queer Action Ireland, a group keen to ensure that Pride events do not lose their core function as a protest. All too often, the assumption is that the battle is over because the referendum on equal marriage was passed. Recent events show us clearly that homophobia, transphobia and...


22: #22 | Bones to pick

Reunited after 3-weeks apart, Steph and Glenn return to dissect the goings on in Irish politics and wider society. As you've come to expect, they've got a few bones to pick. First up is the recent spate of problems surrounding the 38th annual McGill Summer School, namely its grossly uneven gender quotas leading to many labeling the event 'pale, male and stale'. Next, we look at LGBTQ Pride celebrations happening around the city and probe into its popularity and indeed lucrativeness for major...


21: #21 | Catching Up with Paulie Doyle

On this week's episode of The Suss, Steph and journalist Paulie Doyle talk the biggest stories of the week at home and internationally. There's talk of Sinn Fein TD Carol Nolan leaving the party after her suspension following the Dáil debate on the Abortion Bill, Father Ted co-writer Graham Linehan's Twitter trans outburst. We also chat Bloggers Unveiled - a masked Instagram account that's "dissembling Irish influencers". Plus we look to America and Trump's recent immigration policy that's...


20: #20 | The Suss With Water

With the issue kicked down the road for the time being, you would have to be pretty naive to think that the battle over water charges and ownership is at any stage further than half-time. This week on The Suss, Glenn sits down with Dave Gibney of Mandate Trade Union and the national #Right2Water campaign to go through a chronological timeline of the attempt to introduce a water charges regime in Ireland. Why the need to railroad legislation through the Dáil? This episode offers an explainer...


19: #19 | What's Next?

A brave new world! Glenn and Steph bask in the aftermath of the referendum on the 8th Amendment and ponder ‘what’s next’ for a society absolutely gagging for an overhaul. There’s loads to digest as notions of ‘Middle Ireland’ and an urban/rural divide are absolutely blown away. We talk about our heroes of the campaign and take issue with pundits trying to frame Repeal campaigners as somehow being mean to those who voted No. There’s also much to consider in terms of how this will all impact...


18: #18 | All That Jazz and All Things Repeal

May 25th is edging ever closer and in this week’s offering, Glenn and Steph talk to Caoimhe Anglin, founder of Everyday Stories about their role in breaking down stigma in relation to abortion in Ireland. Everyday Stories is a project publishing personal accounts from people who have been affected by the 8th Amendment. In 2016 ten women a day gave Irish addresses at UK abortion clinics. Many more cannot travel and others order abortion pills online risking a 14 year jail sentence. We share...


17: #17 | The Suss with #Spycops

In one of the foremost cases of the Brits being ‘at it’ in recent times, the #Spycops saga continues to unfold, showing us that truth is often stranger than fiction. In this episode, Glenn and Steph sit down with media commentator, activist and all-round good guy Mark Malone. Mark blogs and tweets under the [Sound Migration]( brand where he outlines: _Personally I’m coming from a place of radical doubt and militant hope, two of the most useful...


16: #16 | The Suss X Echo Chamber Crossover

**The Suss X Echo Chamber Crossover** No need to wonder about the most ambitious crossover of all time anymore. The Suss' Glenn and Steph are joined in studio this week by Tony Groves (@trickstersworld) and Martin McMahon (@williamhboney1) of the Echo Chamber Podcast which celebrated 6 months of critical perspectives on Irish life and society. We ask the lads how they got to know one another, what drove them to want to start a political podcast and hear about some of their highlights from in...


15: #15 | Sussin’ The News

Glenn and Steph take a look at this week’s main scandal in Irish public life and society. What’s all this about posters? We look at the latest in the run up to the referendum on the 8th Amendment. The show is somewhat more optimistic than presumptuous pundits who earlier in the week appeared to speak too soon in relation to how prepared the YES side is. Unregulated spaces both online and offline have us talking too. Both the Transparent Referendum Initiative’s appeal to Facebook and the...


14: #14 | Power women, Politics and Pro- choice policies with Andrea Horan

"Power women, Politics and Pro- choice policies with Andrea Horan" On this weeks episode of The Suss Glenn and Steph are joined in studio with Andrea Horan who is a Dublin based entrepreneur, Ted Talker and Abortion Rights activist. We chat about the economy and who it's really serving, the psychology behind why success is equated with expansion, feminism and why we are all social influencers. Plus we deep dive into the challenges facing the pro-choice side of abortion referendum, why having...