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It's time to agree on the facts, and implement solutions. You are now a True Independent in the face of the current "Us Vs Them" mentality, so we can come back together. The best is yet to come, but first we have to transcend the political propaganda bs to realize the truth.

It's time to agree on the facts, and implement solutions. You are now a True Independent in the face of the current "Us Vs Them" mentality, so we can come back together. The best is yet to come, but first we have to transcend the political propaganda bs to realize the truth.


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It's time to agree on the facts, and implement solutions. You are now a True Independent in the face of the current "Us Vs Them" mentality, so we can come back together. The best is yet to come, but first we have to transcend the political propaganda bs to realize the truth.








Congratulations You Survived 2020 - Now You're Ready For 2021

Our ways of life have changed, but the next phase will make 2020 seem like a walk in the park. Bad men, and bad women want globalization under their selfish ruling class, while we the people want globalization to empower us all. We've come to the inevitable crossroads where we either surrender our future or seize it back together. Become Truly Independent -


Did Biden Steal The 2020 Election OR Will Trump? #NotOverYet

It seems like Joe Biden already won to an increasing number of individuals, but will Trump get a clutch win in the courts before the inauguration in January of 2021? Watch Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingram sort of accept defeat. IN THIS VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Sheds Doubt Laura Ingraham Sheds Doubt No Election Consensus Constant Trump Rally's Trump Media Empire Virtual Inauguration For Biden More US States Created Hilarious CNN Ad DISCLAIMERS: We do not fully...


Fauci Press Briefing & Must Know mRNA Vaccine Information

Watch this fully to understand what the "mRNA vaccine" even is. Share this with someone who loves Dr. Fauci, and can't wait to take the new vaccines. Imagine being that person instead of yourself now fully understanding whats going on. IN THIS VIDEO: 0:00 WH Press Briefing 5:40 MUST KNOW mRNA Vaccine Info 17:18 Strange Microsoft Technology DISCLAIMERS: Share this online or it won't be seen. We don't fully support any politicians. See an error? Let us to know...


US Military to Distribute Vaccines Nationwide - Operation Warp Speed (Press Briefing)

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES! Bringing you what's actually important. How fast do you want this vaccine? The doors got blown off in this recent Operation Warp Speed press briefing on November 18, 2020. The federally mandated vaccine will be irreversibly injected into your body multiple times a year. If you don't have paperwork, a badge, or electronic verification that you've been vaccinated you will not have a bank account, be allowed to travel, go to grocery stores, school, and more. There's...


The Logical Truth About Covid-19 Cases & Deaths

Cases are on the rise in America, but should we care? In a couple of months over 15% of the US population will have Covid-19, allegedly given our current trajectory. Well obviously we want to preserve human life at any cost right? Well we may be digging a deeper hole by collapsing modern civilization that billions of lives depend on minute by minute to only save a few million "covid" deaths. You have to actually watch this video, and interpret the information being provided to understand...


US Lockdowns Collapsing Third-World Populations - Mass Famine

2021 Countdown #2 - Today we discuss how the lockdowns are resulting in third-world populations starving to death at over 10 times the average rate, and global food shortages. Their vital supply chains for food, and medicine are irreversibly degrading. We are not importing at past levels to continue sustaining their brittle livelihoods, we are not touring, exporting aid, or allowing for supply chains to survive. It will also lead to mass migrations, disease, and wars. This video shows you...


New Science & Technology Changes The Game of Life (Neural Link)

Neural Link Brain Chip allows them to predict your every action, mental state, and eventually thoughts. The fact that Elon Musk already has it developed, and wants to commercialize it right now tells you how far we've actually come technologically. The year is 2020, and we are living in the future. I can't wait for you to discover what is now possible, so that you can correctly understand reality. I do believe that with the right controllers we can all be living in a global utopia with...


Substantial Evidence of Election Fraud WILL BE Produced = Recounts, Delays, Uncertainty, Power Vac

Whether it's totally legit, planted ahead of time, intentional incompetence, a hack, a glitch, a RUSSIAN (or you'd expect it from China)... substantial & convincing evidence of election fraud will be produced in court. Trump + goon squad are waiting till everyone is fully believing Biden won to then trigger the cognitive dissonance when they decide to put out the real evidence of election fraud (regardless of whether or not it is legitimate). So, eventually it comes to the Supreme Court to...


They Wasted $16 Trillion Instead of Solving The Problem

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Here's Everything That Matters - 2020 Election Countdown

Welcome to this exclusive video transmission. We're taking a moment to breakdown what's been happening globally to empower you, and put it on record. 2020 Election Countdown #1 - Recorded: 10/11/2020 IN THIS VIDEO: Trump Trade Wars = China Mad China Sabotaged Global Economy Pandemic Response Timeline Late & Damning Contradictions The Scientists Admit Errors The CDC Admits Errors US Healthcare System DISCLAIMER: We do not support any politicians! Support us...


Stop Ignoring Obvious Corruption - 2020 Election Countdown

The guilty corporations & elite just pay small fines, or reach private settlements to avoid real accountability. This shouldn't be news to you. 2020 Election Countdown #2 Recorded: 10/18/2020 *There is a slight echo in the background - just lower volume. IN THIS VIDEO: Who Owns Our News Media Peoples Power With Petitions Holding Politicians Accountable Holding Corporations Accountable Holding Globalists Accountable DISCLAIMER: We do not support any politicians! Support us...


Trump Will Declare Martial Law & Democrats Secede to Inaugurate Biden - 2020 Election Countdown

The escalating riots nationwide are only justifying Trump to actually use the extent of his martial law emergency presidential powers. He will control the internet, private sector, and the military. Evidence will be produced by Trump, and his goons that exposes election fraud on behalf of the Democrats. Reminder, we don't support any sides of this just telling you what is happening. They want to ruin the election process to make the results void, which will happen in the courts, and then go...


How To End Covid-19 Lockdowns (New Solutions)

DISCLAIMER: We don't think it's a "hoax" or "the end of the world". We don't want total full lockdowns, and we also don't want to completely ignore the idea of a biological threat if not for now, then for the next real pandemic. Do not get stuck in your current way of thinking about the entire crisis. In this emergency public service announcement on election night 2020... we dive into the new solutions we can use to reduce the transmission rate of Covid-19. Go to to learn more...


Kamala Harris & Joe Biden Love Chinese Communist Party

DISCLAIMER: We do not fully support any politicians! Today we dive into the admitted support by Joe, and Kamala for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Apparently communism is good, and China is a friend according to their interpretations. Watch the video fully, and remember we are True Independents pointing out objective reality without support for either side of evil. IN THIS VIDEO: Communism is Bad China is Bad Kamala Harris Endorses Communism Joe Biden Loves China - Apparently Us...