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From Hamburg with Love

Donald Trump—the international man of mystery—is back from is European tour and as usual with have a lot of questions. Was his speech in Poland dog whistle racist nationalism or a Reaganesque defense of the west? But perhaps most importantly, as the Russia crisis begins to spiral out of control, what happened in Trump’s secret meeting with Putin?


It's (America's) birthday and we'll cry if we want to

In a little more than a generation we have gone from “I like Ike” to she was “bleeding badly” from the face. Trump’s overheated rhetoric and seeming incompetence is spurring an existential crisis of confidence among Americans. But Trump is just a symptom. These problems have festered for years. Which leaves us with one big question as we celebrate the country’s birthday; is this the curtain call for American greatness—or does this eagle have a few more flaps in its wings?


The Trumpness Monster

He’s Trump, he’s Trump, he’s Trump—he’s in in my head! Back from his world tour, the President proved a couple of things. 1. The international “let’s see how this shit goes” grace period is over. 2. Angela Merkel is having a third act. 3. No tweets for a week does not a president make.


Budget Monkeys

You know what they say, infinite monkey and infinite typewriters and eventually someone writes a terrible budget. Trump’s released his most definitive vision for the country to date—and it’s a doozy. Gutting food subsidies for the poor? Check. Shrinking the government to its size during the Hoover administration? Check. Two trillion-dollar basic math error? FUCK YEAH. Here’s what you need to know.