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From Hamburg with Love

Donald Trump—the international man of mystery—is back from is European tour and as usual with have a lot of questions. Was his speech in Poland dog whistle racist nationalism or a Reaganesque defense of the west? But perhaps most importantly, as the Russia crisis begins to spiral out of control, what happened in Trump’s secret meeting with Putin?


The Trumpness Monster

He’s Trump, he’s Trump, he’s Trump—he’s in in my head! Back from his world tour, the President proved a couple of things. 1. The international “let’s see how this shit goes” grace period is over. 2. Angela Merkel is having a third act. 3. No tweets for a week does not a president make.


Emergency Podcast: James Comey, We Hardly Knew Ye

This is not a drill. Trump’s move to fire FBI Director James Comey—who is leading an investigation of Trump’s associates and possibly the president himself—has set off a political firestorm of epic proportions. People are literally dumping vats of soups on themselves (ish). But this isn’t just political theater, it could have huge implications for Trump and the health of American democracy. Here’s what you need to know.



Obama’s back from the dead—for now. A $65 million book deal and island getaway later, he’s making speeches and building a machine to pump up a deflated Democratic party. What’s the Big-O up to—and what could it mean for the Orange Man in the Oval?


Incorporate Yo'self! The Spirit of '86

The Tax Man cometh—and he is orange. Donald Trump wants a tax reform win by the end of the year, but beyond a 100-word outline released last week, we don’t know much. Is your juicer a business expense? Does $200,000 a year still count as middle class? Will Grover Norquist rename his boat? This, and more, on the latest episode of The Trump Stakes.


Syria: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?

Cable news just tuned into the Syrian Civil War in a big way—but the immensely complex conflict has been raging for six years. Five-hundred thousand are dead and Bashar al-Assad just upped the ante with a chemical weapons strike that caught the attention of a TV-attuned Donald Trump. Nearly 60 U.S. missiles later nobody knows if everything has changed—or if we are right where we started. We discuss how we got here and what might happen next.


Other People's Babies

With the world on fire, the world looked to one people last week to see if things were getting better or worse—the Dutch. Geert Wilders fell short of becoming prime minister, but this so-called Donald Trump of the Netherlands kicked off quite a conversation. And it all starts with a simple question; Can you restore civilization with “someone else’s babies?”


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