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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.

The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.


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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.






11/24/21 4PM: It’s Simply Just Understanding The Law

Dr. Ken Harris is 3 for 3 on major court cases this year. Derek Chavin Trial, Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and the Ahmaud Arbury Murder Trial. He simply applied his knowledge of law enforcement to know what the end results would be of these cases.


5PM: Is That A Black TV Show?

Dr. Ken Harris had a discussion with his class where they told him they do not see The Cosby Show as a “Black TV Show”. This left Ken stunned. Ken runs down a list of black TV shows and ask Truth fans if they are a black TV Show.


11/23/21 4PM: We Found the Black Kyle Rittenhouse

Dr. Ken Harris shares stories about two African Americans who were acquitted of crimes which both involved shooting at the police. The national media ignored the cases to create a narrative, but Dr. Ken brings these stories to the light.


11/23/21 5PM: Now We Mad about Cash Bail?

As many people search for answers on how the sad tragedy in Waukesha happen, attention turns to Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisolm and the Cash Bail system. Dr. Ken examines why the system is put in place and where ethe failure truly lies.


11/22/21 4PM: Advise Against Citizens Arrest

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial not only showed you what the law considers to be Self Defense, but Dr. Ken Harris believes it also showed you why he strongly advises against anyone taking the law into their own hands and making citizen’s arrest.


11/22/21 5PM: Acceptance and Respect Goes Both Ways

Dr. Ken Harris discusses the importance of being accepting of people’s lifestyles without having to agree with their lifestyles. We should also remember is accepting of people’s difference of opinions is a key factor to getting along.


11/19/21 4PM: Money Does Buy Happiness

Dr. Ken Harris firmly believes that not only does money buy happiness but can buy independence and influence. Economics gives you more than money. It gives you persuasion.


11/19/21 5PM: Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Chargers

The verdict is in. Not Guilty on all charges. Dr. Ken Harris knows this case was very polarizing and wants fans on both sides to share their thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdicts.


11/18/21 4PM: What if Rittenhouse was Black?

As we inch closer to a decision in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, many people wonder would it take this long or even be here if he was black. Dr. Ken Harris talks with Truth Fans on whether this created scenario and question is true.


11/18/21 5PM: On A Rental Property? Alliance Tax Has Advice

Arthur Lee from Alliance Tax Resolution Services joins Dr. Ken Harris to discuss how to manage your real estate property and prepare the taxes. He also offers aspiring businesses owners an opportunity to sit down and have a conversation on how to start your business, just have to buy him a cup of coffee. Call 262-786-4442.


11/17/21 5PM: More People Do Crack Than You Think

You would be surprised by the number of people who do drugs, and you just don’t know it. Dr. Ken Harris goes through some of the weird headlines of the day which includes a conversation with fans about how common drug use is amongst everyone.


11/16/21 4PM: 5 Pillars of success

What're the 5 pillars to success? How can you make sure you leave money/wealth with your family/kids after you aren't here.


11/16/21 5PM: KYH! I'm comin' for you

Sorry Kyle, but when it comes to this true or false game, I, (DJBZ) am unmatched when it comes to taking educated guesses. Little to you know, true and false were my favorite quizzes... COME GET THIS SMOKE!


11/15/21 4PM: Build Back Better Not Bigger

President Biden signed the bi-partisan infrastructure bill today. Dr. Ken Harris calls out the fact that the bill will probably end up costing us more and does not talk about how this will create jobs in the black community.


11/15/21 5PM: Killing Oil Industry is Idiotic

Dr. Ken Harris rips Biden’s Treasury pick Saule Omarova, who says she wants to see oil companies in America go bankrupt. Why would you want to see Americans lose their jobs and businesses? It is pure idiocy!


11/12/21 4PM: Black James Bond

Who are you casting to play a Black James Bond? & It's confession Friday! How risky will they get?


11/12/21 5PM: Amanda Porterfield

One of Dr. Ken's friends, Amanda Porterfield calls in and gives some insight into her GOATed family ties in the industry.


11/11/21 4PM: Common Sense is Not Law

As the defense rest in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Dr. Ken Harris wants to remind everyone that you can apply common sense to this case all you want, but remember Common sense is not Law. And Law is all that matters in court.


11/11/21 5PM: This is Not A Black Trial

Dr. Ken Harris wonders why black people care so much about the Kyle Rittenhouse trail? Comparing this case to other cases where black men lost their life is not equal.