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The Truth Quest Podcast is a treasure map to the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity.

The Truth Quest Podcast is a treasure map to the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity.


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The Truth Quest Podcast is a treasure map to the truth in the arenas of politics, public policy, economics and Christianity.






Ep.146 - The Truth About Biden’s Gun Show Loophole Statement

Resident Biden gave a brief address in the Rose Garden in early April, 2021 regarding his Executive Orders on gun control. In that short address, he made at least six clearly false statements or outright lies. In this episode we focus our attention on one particularly misleading statement about gun show loopholes and use it as a lesson to demonstrate how the Left manipulates their voters and the media through the use of language. It's the perfect storm! A voter base uninterested in the...


Ep. 145 - The Truth About Georgia's Election Integrity Law

In March, 2021 the state of Georgia passed an update to their state’s voting laws called the Election Integrity Act of 2021 or, as I prefer to call it, The Easy to Vote; Hard to Cheat Act of 2021. The purpose of the update was to restore confidence in the state’s elections given the shenanigans that went on in Fulton County during the 2020 presidential election. The typical response from the Democrats was, of course, to tell blatant lies about the law, convey false narratives, feign...


Ep. 144 - The Truth About March 2021

Another eventful month is in the books! Cancel culture found its next victim - Dr. Seuss! Biden's diabolical and immoral lack of border enforcement came full circle. Another $2 trillion "relief bill". The Democrats in the House passed bills to institutionalize voter fraud and further limit private gun ownership. The trial of officer Derek Chavin, mass shootings, Biden falling, vaccine passports and much more! Show Notes Truth Quest Podcast The Truth About the Death of George FloydThe...


Ep. 143 - The Truth About the Massive Voter Drive at the Border

Stop beating around the bush! The current immigration crisis at the U.S./Mexico border is nothing more than a massive voter drive for the Democratic Party. Biden set out the welcome mat and the migrants flocked to the borders. It is an engineered event designed to push as many illegal immigrants into the country as quickly as possible in order to grant amnesty and voting rights shortly thereafter. Many migrants, including thousands of children, are abused during their journey to the...


Ep. 142 - The Truth About the Great Depression

Anyone educated in the public school system in the United States has been force-fed a series of lies about the Great Depression. In this episode, we set the record straight while pointing out how the Left-wing in America are a one-trick pony. They make the same arguments today as they did almost 100 years ago! Three myths about the Great Depression are examined: Myth #1 - Herbert Hoover and his free market laissez-faire economic policies caused the depression. Myth #2 - FDR and the New...


Ep. 141 - The Truth About Antifa - Fighting Fascism Through Fascistic Means

Antifa is one piece of the broader anti-American movement that prioritizes power and control over the well-being of the country as a whole. The group's biggest victory, by far, is their acceptance and tolerance by the mainstream Left including the corporate press and national Democrats. In this episode we conduct a deep-dive into Antifa. Who are they? How well-organized are they? What is their organizational structure? Are they just an idea as Biden has said? Are they mostly peaceful...


Ep. 140 - The Truth About February 2021

February 2021 was like a delicious sandwich with the top piece of bread being the G-O-A-T, Tom Brady, winning another Super Bowl and the bottom piece being Trump's CPAC speech. The meat, cheese and mayo included Biden bumbling, Cuomo tumbling, Big Tech censoring, the House impeaching, the Lincoln Project collapsing and Merrick Garland stuttering. Show Notes Truth Quest Podcast The Truth About Immigrant Children in Cages at the BorderThe Truth About Politically-Induced Mental Illness The...


Ep. 139 - The Truth About Clarence Thomas - The Master Dissenter

The life journey of Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from the segregation and poverty of Jim Crow Georgia to the Supreme Court of the United States is one that all Americans should admire. Instead of celebrating his tenure on the Court, his ferocious defense of the original intent of the Constitution and his masterful dissenting and concurring opinions, the national Democrats and Leftists have treated him with disdain and contempt for over thirty years. In this episode, we...


Ep. 138 - The Truth About Rush Limbaugh

"America's Anchor Man, Rush Limbaugh, died last week. The expression, 'you can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies' certainly applies to Rush as the onslaught on social media of the man's character and his life was quite impressive. He invented a genre - conservative talk radio - dominated it for thirty years while spawning hundreds of wannabes. He applied his craft with humor, often through clever parities about powerful people and questionable movements and causes. If he did...


Ep. 137 - The Truth About Post-Constitutional America

The Constitution served as the glue that held the United States together for over two hundred years. Unfortunately, over the last century, we have seen a steady erosion of the principles and rules of the game captured in that document. So much so that we now live in a post-constitutional country where the document is all but ignored or it is bastardized to fit the needs of the ruling class. The sheer size of the federal government and the power it wields far exceeds anything the founding...


Ep. 136 - The Truth About Politically-Induced Mental Illness

Back in 2010 conservative talk show host Michael Savage published a book titled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” Over the years as I digested, dissected and analyzed the political arena and evaluated the policy prescriptions of the Left, I often remembered the title of his book and reflected that Savage might have been on to something. In this episode, we examine several public policy prescriptions while asking the question, "what else besides politically-induced mental illness explains...


Ep. 135 - The Truth About January 2021: The Month the Totalitarians Came Out of the Closet

What a month it was! The Georgia Senate run-off, the Trump rally-gone-bad, another impeachment, social media purge of anything not liberal-leaning or anti-establishment, Biden's embarrassing inauguration, his 37 executive orders, Jacob Blake, John Kerry, Dr. Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, Gamestop and more!!!! Show Notes Truth Quest Podcast The Truth About Minimum WageThe Truth About the Death of George FloydThe Truth About the Death of Breonna TaylorThe Truth About Big Tech CensorshipThe Truth...


Ep. 134 - The Truth About Soft Totalitarianism in America

This episode should be a wake-up call. It should help you better understand the world in which we live. It should help you recognize "it" when you see "it" and call "it" out for what "it" is. The "it" is soft totalitarianism. Show Notes Truth Quest Podcast The Truth About Trump Derangement SyndromeThe Truth About Big Tech Censorship The Truth About the Great Social Media Purge of 2021 One Party Rule: Ideological Nexus of Big Tech Big Media Big Government is Totalitarianism What's...


Ep. 133 - The Truth About the Paris Climate Accord and Purposeful Ignorance

If ever a topic was ripe for The Truth Quest Podcast, it is the Paris Climate Accord. What makes it so perfect is the amount of virtue-signaling that it evokes which results in people breathlessly applauding its birth, raging over its death and celebrating its resurrection! All this joy and angst while basking in ignorance by ignoring the most important part of the story. . . the actual agreement and its consequences. Show Notes Episode #7 - The Truth About Climate Change Episode #36 -...


Ep. 132 - The Truth About the Great Social Media Purge of 2021

With the election over, Big Tech and the national Democrats are moving quickly to purge social media of dissent. In order to do that, they must control the narrative which requires them to behave like good, old-fashioned totalitarians. In this episode, we examine: Show Notes The Truth About the Chinese Social Credit Score SystemThe Truth About the Death of George FloydThe Truth About Kamala HarrisThe Truth About the Death of Breonna TaylorThe Truth About Big Tech Censorship The Truth...


Ep. 131 - The Truth About the 2020 Presidential Election - The Battleground States

In the last episode, we discussed the big picture of the 2020 Presidential Election. In this episode, we will examine irregularities, improprieties and illegalities in the battleground states of Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Along the way I repeatedly pose the questions, "Given the sheer number of allegations, why isn’t there a massive call to get to the truth? To insure election integrity? Why the name-calling and casting of aspersions on people who want...


Ep. 130 - The Truth About the 2020 Presidential Election - The Big Picture

Despite evidence of massive, gross, forensically-proven vote fraud and despite hundreds of signed affidavits by witnesses and sworn testimony before state legislative bodies, all the electorate got from the mainstream media (including Fox News), the national Democrats and state election officials from both parties was push-back, denials and name-calling. Meanwhile the majority of national Republicans remained ramrod silent and took no action to expose and/or push for investigations into the...


Ep. 129 - The Truth About December 2020

December 2020 was another eventful month with the news dominated by the allegations, testimony and evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Other noteworthy stories include the return of Hunter Biden to the front page, Brexit, the death of Walter E. Williams, a car bomb in Nashville, various Corononavirus stories, and peace in the Middle East. Show Notes Episode #4 - The Truth About Minimum Wage Episode #118 - The Truth About the Biden Crime Family Episode #127 - The...


Ep. 128 - The Truth About Opposition to Secession

Rush Limbaugh recently uttered the “S” word on his program. . . SECESSION! The usual suspects in the alphabet soup, mainstream, corporate press lost their collective minds. Most of the opposition to secession is born out of ignorance. They called the idea nonsense, dangerous, treasonous, unconstitutional, un-American and racist. What is really behind the opposition to secession? How are these talking heads and columnists impacted in the slightest if a state leaves the union? Why do they...


Ep. 127 - The Truth About Walter E. Williams

When Walter E. Williams passed away last week, the world lost a giant intellectual, prolific columnist, humorist, economist and preacher of the truth about free markets and the United States Constitution. He was a master communicator with an uncanny ability to make complex topics and theories understandable. Throughout his life, he demonstrated unwavering courage to stand up and tell the truth starting with his challenge of the U.S. Army and President John F. Kennedy over racial...