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Episode 29 - Wellbeing in the Classroom

Welcome to Episode 29 of the UKEd Podcast from the UKEd Magazine and UKEdChat. We recently caught up with Year 4 teacher and "Healthy Body and Mind Leader" Adrian Bethune. Described as a 'happy hero' Adrian has recently authored a book about wellbeing in the primary classroom, where pupils are typically aged between 4 and 11 years old. You can see our review of his Bloomsbury book at You can support the work undertaken by UKEdMagazine,...


The @UKEdPodcast – Episode 28 - Poetry & Writing for Young People featuring @MichaelamorganM & @JennyMcLachlan1

Hosted by Colin Hill, we attended the launch of the Bloomsbury Young Readers series, speaking to authors Jenny McLachlan and Michaela Morgan. You can see more about the new series by clicking here.


UKEdPodcast - Episode 27 - Helping children to feel brave

In this episode, Colin (@digicoled) speak to Avril McDonald who shares her story about the Feel Brave books which help young children to learn and to understand some of their feelings. You can learn more about her Crown House books via


Educating Moscow

Recorded at the City of Moscow Education forum, our host Col @digicoled speaks to teachers and students who live and work in the Russian capital city exploring the opportunities and challenges within the local education system. For full shownotes, please see


Episode 25 - Three Classroom Strategies that work

Hosted by @digicoled, this final show for the 2017/2018 academic year concludes with John Stanier (from the Dartmoor Dispatch podcast) sharing three classroom strategies that work, providing the most impact for teaching and learning in schools. Want to know more about Hattie's visible learning? See the book via Want to get involved with contributing to the UKEdChat communities, please see


The @UKEdPodcast - Episode 24 - Reading Wars and Teachers Matter

Hosted by @digicoled, this week we talk to Professor Kathy Rastle from Royal Holloway University in London talking about extensive research recently completed regarding on the best strategies teachers, educators and parents can use to support children to become strong readers. You can read the full research by following the links in our recent news story. Click here for more information. Also, in his continuing series, John Stanier from the Dartmoor Digest podcast talks about what makes...


UKEdPodcast - Episode 23 - Writing for Reluctant Readers and Risky Decisions

Hosted by @digicoled, in this episode we catch up with John Hickman, who has written a series of books aimed at teenage reluctant readers based on Football Trials. You can read more about this engaging series of readable books at Also, in the fourth instalment from Dartmoor Dispatches John Stanier, an explanation as to why the developing teenage brain makes risky decisions, helping us understand some of the random choices that they can...


Episode 22 - Phonics Pruning and Thriving

Hosted by @digicoled, we explore the Phonics teaching and learning strategy in England with an in-depth, fascinating interview with Debbie Hepplewhite MBE. You can view the printable Alphabetic Code Charts mentioned at along with her latest free chart with audio throughout at We also have another instalment from John Stanier from the Dartmoor Dispatch Podcast, and you...


Episode 21 - Interview with Loren Carpenter - Boeing, Pixar and Computer Generated Animation Rendering

Hosted by @digicoled, this episode we are honoured to interview one of the founding fathers of Pixar Animation, Loren Carpenter, who charts his time as a computer scientist at Boeing, and then with Lucas Films. In the episode, Loren refers to the fractal imagery work of Benard Mandelbrot, and you can see the original film he created, which caught the attention of LucasFilms, at Also, another fascinating contribution from John Stanier, from the Dartmoor Dispatch...


UKEdPodcast - Episode 20 - VR AR & AI in education

Hosted by @digicoled, this episode of the @UKEdPodcast from UKEdChat explores how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are impacting on education globally. We also welcome John Stanier from the Datmoor Dispatch T&L Podcast with the first of a series of contributions that explore research that impacts on pedagogy. You can subscribe to John's fascinating podcast by visiting...


UKEdPodcast - Episode 19 - Online Video Games

Hosted by @digicoled - in this edition of the @UKEdPodcast, we speak to Chris Skinner from National Online Safety about the rise in popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale, especially as it appears to be being played by young people. Chris, and his team, have produced an information campaign to make parents and teachers aware of some of the features of online video games. See the shownotes on the UKEdChat website to view and download via You can...


UKEdPodcast Episode 18 - ofsted

Exclusive UKEdPodcast interview with Sean Harford from Ofsted


UKEdPodcast - Episode - 17 - EdTech Entrepreneurs

Recorded at BETT2018 in London, in this episode we speak to Joachim Horn from SAM Labs, as well as Rohan Mahimker from Prodigy Game about what it takes to build and sustain a successful EdTech company. You can find out more about Prodigy Game at You can find out more about SAM Labs at Also, a shout out to one of our Patrons Neil Howie (who is @nahowie on Twitter) and is Deputy Principal at British International School, Belgrade. Thank you for...


UKEdPodcast - Episode - 16 - From Teaching to Entrepreneurship

Recorded at the BETT2018 exhibition in London during January 2018, this episode focuses on teachers who have explored ideas and venture opportunities and become entrepreneurs. We speak to Naimish Gohil from Team Satchel, of which many will know as Show My Homework, and he maps out his journey from teacher to entrepreneurship, as well as offering advice to teachers who are thinking of making the leap. We also speak to Graham Wilson and Will Voelckler from the very popular app that's gaining...


UKEdPodcast - Episode 15 - Behaviour in Schools

In the latest episode, the UKEdChat podcast explores behaviour in schools, with tips shared from Anne Goldsmith (released during the UKEdChat 2017 Conference), and thoughtful considerations made by Sean Warren whilst undertaking his research project.


Episode 14 - Starbuck & EYFS

Hosted by @digicoled, this episode we release the audio of one of the presentations from the UKEdChat Online Conference. James Starbucks shares his thoughts, philosophies and passion for play-based learning, especially for young children developing their lives. You can see James' full video presentation, and others, from the conference replay page at which also explains how you can access by becoming a Patron of UKEdChat.



This episode focuses on Teaching Creative Thinking, and we catch up with Professor Bill Lucas who is advocating that schools should be teaching pupils how to think creatively so that they can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Also, we showcase some of the speakers talking at the UKEd Conference at the end of October 2017. The full shownotes to this episode, including links, are on the ukedchat website at


Episode 12 - Ancient maths, EdTech & Social Media

Episode hosted by @Digicoled In this episode, we speak to Eleanor Dickey, F.B.A. Professor of Classics, University of Reading and Philomen Probert from the University of Oxford about an Ancient Classroom project they've been undertaking with local children, engaging them with mathematics and other subjects through strategies used in Ancient times, with positive results. You can read more about the Ancient Classroom project, and access resources by visiting...


Episode 11 - EdTech and Efficient Planning Tips

Hosted by @digicoled - In this episode, we listen in on the webinar interview conducted by Martin Burrett with Sarah Bedwell from Lead Learn Lancashire, talking all things Educational Technology - You can see the full webinar free by clicking here. All episodes are freely available here and on our YouTube channel. Also, regular commentator Richard Rogers shares his ideas and tips to support efficient planning for teachers. Information, including ordering tickets, for the UKEdChat...


The UKEd Podcast – Episode 10 – Online Professionalism & YouTube

Hosted by @digicoled in Barcelona, and with the summer holidays fast approaching for teachers in the northern hemisphere, we want to know where your favourite holiday destination is. Please click your choice in the survey below. powered by Typeform In this episode, we listen in on the first EdTech live webinar hosted by @ICTMagic, showcasing some latest ideas and resources that can be used in the classroom, in particular how one teacher has created a YouTube channel to support Science...