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Ep. 176 The Nanny State

One of the biggest frustrations of living in Australia is easily its nanny state laws which restrict our vice and recreational behaviour because we are deemed too stupid to know what’s good for us. One organisation that is dedicated to fighting against such laws as well as other big government excesses is the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance through their subsidiary My Choice Australia. Their director of policy is Satyajeet Marar. He has appeared before parliamentary inquiries and authored...


Waves Ep. 175 Blair Cottrell on Sky, Infowars Deplatformed and Emma Husar Gone

The world continues to spin at a million miles on hour. Sky News had patriot activist Blair Cottrell on the Adam Giles Show Sunday night and despite it being well received by the Sky audience hours later it capitulated to the online outrage saying the interview was a mistake. It has experienced an internal meltdown all week with threats of boycotts from politicians and advertisers and a mutiny of staff for airing an interview with an alleged neo-Nazi and Hitler sympathizer. Sky News has...


Ep. 174 Tommy Robinson Freed and Gender Neutral Pronouns

We decided to sit down with a new friend of the Unshackled social media personality Johnny Moore to discuss recent events including the good news that British values campaigner and anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been released from prison. We look at Tommy and his supporters ecstatic reaction as well as how Tommy was treated in prison and reflect on the overall miscarriage of justice he has suffered. We also discuss the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services putting out a...


Ep. 173 Antifa Violence, Conservatives Detained, Super Saturday Review and Nine-Fairfax Merger

It has been an intense news week both around the nation and here at the Unshackled. Our Brisbane Bureau Chief Martin Hartwig was violently assaulted while covering the final event of Lauren Southern and Stefan Moleynx’s Australian tour on Sunday night by the city's local Antifa who were protesting the event. He had to go to hospital with a broken eye socket and fractured hand. The Unshackled also aimed to cover the African protest outside Channel 7 at Docklands in Melbourne on Saturday...


Ep. 172 Aussie YouTuber Bearing

The Unshackled experienced a surge in YouTube subscribers over the past few days courtesy of today’s guest, one of Australia’s most famous YouTubers Bearing. He featured our footage of Antifa yelling lame abuse at the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Melbourne event in his video summary of the night. Bearing's channel comments on news and current events in his own crass and blunt style, mocking the stupid people who constantly pop up online and in the media. Bearing shares with us his...


Ep. 171 Super Saturday Preview, e-Health Record, African Crime Update and Emma Husar

After a big week for the Unshackled and with some unexpected technical issues resolved Waves is finally back to dissect another big political week with our Political Editor Michael Smyth. The Super Saturday 5 by-elections are being held this Saturday 28th July. In preparation for our livestream on election night, we provide a comprehensive preview of the key battleground electorates of Longman and Braddon. In Longman, the One Nation factor is still a major focus with much attention that...


Ep. 170 Centrism, Ideology, Nationalism and Globalism

Unshackled followers would have noticed we've taken on a number of new contributors as The Unshackled expands. One new addition to our team is our Brisbane Bureau Chief Martin Hartwig. He was in Melbourne to attend the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event with us so it was the perfect time to sit down with him in the studio so we can all learn a bit more about him and his politics. Martin explains the philosophy of centrism and why it appeals to him. We look at how the modern left has...


Ep. 169 Energy, Immigration and Super Saturday

On this week's show, we unveil the Unshackled's new colour scheme of black, white and blue saying goodbye to our famous yellow. As such Waves has a new logo and a modified set. After last week’s entertaining political sideshow of David Leyonhjelm vs Sarah Hanson-Young, it was back to discussing hard policy this week of energy, population and the Super Saturday by-elections with the Unshackled’s Political Editor Michael Smyth. The ACCC released its report into Australia's energy market...


Ep. 168 Trump on the Supreme Court and NATO

While The Unshackled is based in Australia and mainly focus on Australian news and politics we do follow global developments and of course what is happening in the United States with the Trump Administration. Without having done a Trump show for a while I welcome back to the show to catch up on all of it with Deputy Editor of The Unshackled Emilio Garcia. The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy allowed Trump to nominate his second Justice to the United States' highest...


Ep. 167 David Leyonhjelm vs Sarah Hanson-Young

Australia politics finally got colourful again after a pretty dry two weeks dominated by tax policy. This was thanks to a war breaking out between Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young. To analyze every twist and turn in this episode I was joined by The Unshackled's Political Editor Michael Smyth. It all started when Leyonhjelm heard Hanson-Young say men should stop raping women during a Senate debate about arming women with tasers and pepper...


Ep 166 Kirralie Smith and Halal Choices

Many Australians are concerned about the continued Muslim immigration to our nation. Given that Australia already has a significant Muslim minority we have already seen the effects Islamism has had here. This includes child marriage, female genital mutilation and forms of sharia law being practised. One area of Islamisation that has been heavily scrutinised is that of Halal certification with a large halal certification industry emerging with many Muslims becoming rich and the profits...


Ep. 165 Taxathon

The last parliamentary sitting fortnight has been dominated by tax policy. After a one week break from the review show, we return with a taxathon special with the Unshackled’s Political Editor Michael Smyth. The Turnbull government managed last week to pass its three-stage seven-year income tax package through the Senate that it announced in the May budget in an all or nothing vote in the Senate. Stage one gives a $530 a year tax cut to low-and-middle-income earners. Stage two which begins...


Ep. 164 John Adams and Economic Armageddon

We are told by the Turnbull Government that the economy is strong and that they have delivered on their promise of jobs and growth. However, wage growth is stagnant and there are fits of stock market turbulence. Some believe since the lesson of the 2008 global financial crises have not been learned that we have created the conditions for another. One person who believes we could be on the verge of another financial crisis is John Adams who is a former advisor to Liberal Senator Arthur...


Ep. 163 Aussie Pride Flag March Debrief

The Unshackled had a busy Sunday covering the True Blue Crew's Aussie Pride Flag March in Melbourne. It is one of the biggest events on the Australian nationalist calender. Despite our exhaustion, myself and our Melbourne Bureau Chief Morgan Munro decided to do debrief that evening about what transpired both on the patriot and Antifa side. We began by explaining the history of the True Blue Crew, the main organisers of the event. They were formed in the western Melbourne suburb of Melton...


Ep. 162 UnGreat Britain

The modern UK now resembles a police state with hate speech laws, people sent to jail for social media posts and has now culminated with the jailing of anti-Islam and British values advocate Tommy Robinson. He was summarily sentenced to 13 months in prison for breaching a suspended sentence for filming outside a Muslim gang grooming trial in Leeds. There has been mass international outrage over Tommy’s imprisonment. We have been covering the Free Tommy rallies occurring around Australia....


Ep. 161 Liberal Federal Council

The news cycle has been dominated this past week by the Donald Trump Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore last Tuesday morning. But to review the news in Australian politics I was joined by the Unshackled's Political Editor Michael Symth. The Liberal Party had its federal council over the weekend which included John Howard giving a strong defence of the Malcolm Turnbull and his leadership. Despite Turnbull's 34th consecutive Newspoll loss, Howard believes the next election is winnable. Turnbull...


Ep. 160 Trump Kim Summit

The biggest news story of the week was the historic meeting between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday morning Australian time. We have been glued to the rolling news coverage in the Unshackled offices so I thought it would be good to do a special show analyzing the meeting. To do so I was joined for the first time on the Unshackled Waves by our Melbourne Bureau Chief Morgan Munro. We start by reflecting on how we got to this...


Ep. 159 Western Civilisation Course, Hate Speech Laws, Miss America and Gender Neutral Toilets

It was a week dominated by the culture wars yet again. To digest all the issues I was joined again by the Unshackled’s political editor Michael Smyth. The Australian National University had been in negotiations for six months with the newly established Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation to offer a Bachelor of Western Civilization Course. However, following a backlash from the academic union and the student association ANU said it was withdrawing from the negotiations claiming...


Ep. 158 Monarchy vs Republic

With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gaining worldwide public interest and media attention, it has reignited the constitutional monarchy vs republic debate. Australians rejected a republic at a referendum in 1999 but the push for one has continued. Advocates of Australia’s constitutional monarchists have been defending our current constitutional arrangements. One of them is Wilson Gavin who is a representative from the Queensland Young Monarchist League. I thought...


Ep. 157 The Young Conservative

One of the people we met at the No Snowflakes Pub Night was up and coming Facebook personality the Young Conservative. Despite only starting his page on May 25 it has already gained 3.4k Facebook likes. The page features his car rants as well as his written thoughts on the news of the day. I thought it would be great to have him in the studio for a long form interview so we can all get to know him and hear his story. We ask how he came to be a conservative so young, we explore what are the...