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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast is the official podcast of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the oldest combat veterans service organization advocating for and serving our veterans, service members and military families worldwide. #StillServing will feature interviews, one-of-a-kind perspectives and insightful conversations concerning veteran legislation, educational and financial assistance programs, national veterans’ services, critical initiatives from the VFW National Commander, and much more.


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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast is the official podcast of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the oldest combat veterans service organization advocating for and serving our veterans, service members and military families worldwide. #StillServing will feature interviews, one-of-a-kind perspectives and insightful conversations concerning veteran legislation, educational and financial assistance programs, national veterans’ services, critical initiatives from the VFW National Commander, and much more.








Remember the Ramrods: A Discussion with David Bellavia

Welcome to the new season of the VFW podcast. The new season will spotlight the recent changes within the veteran community from new initiatives to books being released to new laws that have been passed and updates to benefits. Host Rob Couture is pleased to welcome back David Bellavia to the podcast. David is a Medal of Honor recipient from the Iraq War. Since the last time he was on the show he released his new book, Remember the Ramrods: An Army Brotherhood in War and Peace. In this...


Medal of Honor Recipient Earl Plumlee

Happy Veterans Day. As veterans, we all have our war stories, but none are greater than the ones that come from our Medal of Honor recipients. For this Veterans Day, we have a very special interview. Rob had the privilege of recording earlier this year with Medal of Honor recipient Army Master Sergeant Earl Plumlee, a Special Forces Operations Team sergeant who received the Medal of Honor for his actions at Forward Operating Base Ghazni in Afghanistan in August of 2013. Earl Plumlee, Army...


Hispanic Heritage Month

The observance of National Hispanic Heritage month goes on every year from September 15th to October 15th to honor the lives of American citizens with Hispanic heritage. That goes the same for the VFW as we are just a melting pot, a reflection of the greater society of our great nation. Although we are all different strands, America is much stronger when we are braided together, and nothing does that more than military service. Through the camaraderie, we are unidos, or joined...


Landmark Legislation: a Discussion About the PACT Act with Jon Stewart

A little more than a month has passed since the landmark legislation of the PACT Act was signed into law by President Biden at the White House. It was a much-celebrated win for many of the VSOs and for veteran advocates who worked hard for so long to get a bill passed in Congress to finally award veterans the benefits and care they need after suffering for so long with the effects of toxic exposure during their military service. Recently, Host Rob Couture had the unique opportunity to...


On Location: The VFW 123rd National Convention in Kansas City

The 123rd VFW National Convention just concluded at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City Missouri. It was the first time the convention has been back in full swing since 2019. One of the new things was an exhibit sound stage in the exhibit hall where #StillServing Podcast Host Rob Couture had the pleasure of interviewing sponsors, exhibitors, comrades, and special guests. Ryan Gallucci, Director of the VFW’s National Veteran Service Ryan describes all of the available...


Giving Veterans A Fighting Chance: Focus on Charity through Mixed Martial Arts

Ever since the invention of war, combat sports seem to have been part of the military community. It is something integral to the warrior class. Whether it be wrestling, grappling, boxing, martial arts, or even modern-day combatives, veterans, for the most part, across generations love a good fight. Or, at least, love watching them. In this episode, Host Rob Couture welcomes back to #StillServing Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Veterans Advocate, and MMA Fighter Ricky Folse. He’ll tell us about...


Why We Are Still Serving: Finding Your Place in the VFW

Each of us has a different reason for why we joined the VFW or why we joined a veterans service organization. Maybe it's because we needed help with our veterans’ claim, and we found a service officer that offered us to be part of their organization? Maybe we were looking for the comradery we missed when we left the military? Or, maybe, we were just looking for a way that we could still serve even though we were no longer in uniform? In this episode, Host Rob Couture is joined by VFW...


Command Visit — Hawaii and a Discussion with DPAA

This episode of the #StillServing podcast aptly drops on the National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, April 9th. During the podcast, Rob speaks with Tim Borland, VFW Senior Vice Commander-In-Chief, and Duane Sarmiento, VFW Junior Vice Commander-In-Chief, about their informative trip to Hawaii to discover how the VFW can better support troops in the field. During their visit to the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, they see firsthand how the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA)...


Poised, Polished and Empowered: Focus on Female Competitive Fitness

The month of March is Women’s History Month and National Nutrition Month. To recognize them both in one episode, Host Rob Couture speaks with two women who are the epitome of poise, polish, and empowerment. Rachelle Cannon and Julia Waring are both veterans and professional bodybuilders. During the interview, Rob inquires about their respective military academies, their military service, and how they maintain their physical prowess for competitions and beyond. Rachelle Cannon, U.S. Coast...


Everyone Has A Story To Tell: Focus on Black History Month

February is a significant month when it comes to black history. The 13th amendment, which abolished slavery, was passed by the House of Representatives on January 31, 1865, and the following day President Lincoln approved a joint resolution of congress submitting it to the state legislature for ratification. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’s birthdays are also in February. It's no wonder that the second week of February was chosen as National Negro History week back in 1926. Other...


Striving for Excellence: Focus on Team USA and Careers in Fitness

Everyone wants to operate at their top level of mental, emotional, and physical performance. Often, when service members leave the military, many believe they won’t ever be at the top of their game again but that is not true. So, if now is the time of year when your New Year’s resolution is going by the wayside, starting to slip through the cracks, or maybe even forgotten about altogether, here is some inspiration to help you get back after it. Host Rob Couture speaks with three soldier...


Smart Money: Exploring the VA’s Financial Literacy and Home Loan Programs

The VFW is dedicated to the wellness of our members. Physical and mental wellness are well-known attributes of a good life but few consider financial wellness as a contributing factor to overall wellness. As we begin the new year, we always want to do better. We have resolutions. We want to make better financial decisions using all of the tools at our disposal. But, it can be a hunt to discover what all those tools are. To explore some of the VA’s financial offerings for veterans and...


War Stories: Heavy Drop Into Panama

Just imagine it is December 1989, and you think you are just going out on a regular training mission. As it turns out, you are getting ready to jump into combat. That is what happened to SEAC (Ret.) John Wayne Troxell when he was a young Staff Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division. And thus began Operation Just Cause and the invasion of Panama. John and his unit were the only people to ever jump into combat with armored vehicles. But before John shares his remarkable story with Host Rob...


War Stories: A Ranger’s Perspective of the Afghan War

This summer was a tough time for many veterans who watched the evacuation of Afghanistan and the end of the war after 20 years. It was difficult for many veterans to deal with the feelings that surfaced as they watched everything unfold. To give those feelings an outlet, Host Rob Couture decided to give veterans a platform to share their perspectives of history, combat, and what life was like serving their country at a time of war. In this episode, he speaks with Tony Mayne, an Army Ranger...


Medal of Honor Recipient David Bellavia

In this special Veterans Day edition of #StillServing, Host Rob Couture interviews his friend and the only living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the Iraq War, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia. David was awarded the Medal of Honor on June 25, 2019, for his action at the battle of Fallujah. Rob reflects on his time as a master sergeant serving as the Department of the Army’s lead communicator for the Medal of Honor where he served as...


Every Day is Veterans Day in this Office

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Getting What’s Due: Focus on Veterans’ Benefits

This past September 29, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States celebrated its 122 birthday. As one of the nation’s oldest combat veterans service organizations, the VFW has been unwavering in its devotion to serving those who served. Whether it’s fighting for health care, education, or disability compensation — No One Does More For Veterans than the VFW. More than 100 Service Officers attended an eight-day training session put on by VFW’s National Veteran Service. During this...


A Cut Above the Rest: On Location at the Sport Clips Haircuts National Huddle

If you are a veteran enrolled in college for this fall semester, you are more than likely knee-deep in classes by now. If you took advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill you're probably not worried about the debt. But, scholarships can go a long way to help you reach educational goals when benefits don't quite get you there. Since 2013, the generous folks at Sport Clips Haircuts have helped raise millions of dollars for the VFW's Sport Clips Help A Hero scholarship. With that in mind, Rob took...


Passing the Colors: Focus on the National Convention and our Change of Command

ant is a present reminder that this pandemic is not quite over. Nevertheless, we must press on with life and continue to get after business even if we've got to make adjustments in the way we do things. The VFW's 2021 National Convention is proof that our organization can and will make things happen. During this episode of the #StillServing podcast, Host Rob Couture speaks with the three leaders guiding the VFW through this time of transition. First, he speaks to the Adjutant General of the...


Honor The Dead By Helping The Living: Focus on the VFW Washington Office

Veterans are a unique breed of individuals. They are the only demographic in the nation tied together by the oaths they take to the country and the values they hold instilled in them from the moment they step off that bus at boot camp. As they continue through life, the values, like duty and selfless service, continue to drive many of them to not walk past problems in their communities. When they see a need they step up to meet it. It's just who they are. During this episode of the...