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Long Time Poet and Activist to Be Featured

For a long time, Tim Jackson has been a friend of mine and one of this area's top poets. I am very pleased that we are able to get him as a guest on this weeks Podcast. Da Poet Tim Jackson stands before an assembly hungry for his words. Tim has done work in Radio and he is definitely a poet who is not afraid to speak his mind through is poetry...In many ways, his style reminds me of that of Gil Scott Heron. Jackson is known for his hard-hitting message of life as a black man who's been...


Worship Leader Talks About Her Life and Career

On Today's episode, we will be hearing from some great innovators and amazing people.......Among our guests will be Kandis Florian, the Music Director for Christ Central. I am looking forward to this great conversation with another friend... Kandis Florian, The Leader of Saints of Sparrow, that performs at Christ Central Church comes from a family of musicians and has performed as part of the famed Nashville musical scene for several years... But she knew she wanted to come back home to NC...


Poet Reflects On Life And New Book

Alice Sarti, a Poet who calls NC home, has used our poetry to discuss a lot of hard hittings issues like sexual abuse and being seen as a outsider by some. We are very pleased to have this talented woman on as our guest to talk about what Spoken Word means to her and about her recently released book. Sarti has always impressed me with her tremendous talent both as a poet and as a educator as well.. In addition to being a great poet, Sarti is also a Data geek and a writing and math...


Being Comfortable With Your Self and Positive Self Esteem

Throughout the United States, folks are often belittled because of their size, their scruffiness, or other aspects of their life. Our guest today, Margeaux House, believes in being comfortable with herself...She is obsessed with beauty, style, and wellness any size and she has also been known to throw a great party. She uses her website as a space to promote self love and acceptance while sharing some of her experiences.. In 2017, she decided to embark on a Mind, Body Spirit journey in an...


Business Coach To Talk About Being A Success

Veronica Conway, who has been called "The Secret Weapon' by her clients is a award winning entrepreneur and founder of three coaching companies, including the Black Professional Coaches Alliance, the world's first coaching organization dedicated to the transformation of people of African Descent. She is also the founder of the Black Mastery Word Summit, the first and largest digital gathering of Black thought leaders....Word Summit, the first & largest digital gathering of Black thought...


Descendant of Madam CJ Walker On The Show

Our guest, Ms. Bundles, will be joining us to speak about the documentary she has developed for Netflix about noted African American entrepreneur CJ Walker that will air on Netflix. Ms. Bundles is a direct descendant of America's first African American woman millionaire but also a accomplished journalist and Public speaker. in her own right. Ms. Bundles says she can remember the smells of hair pomades in the factory, where women stirred ointment in hand in grea, black vats...And, she also...


The Plight Of The Black Farmer

Neither Julius Tillery or Roger Brown are forgetting their rural roots and both are doing positive things. Tillery founded Black Cotton in NC and is reclaiming this crop, a crop that still has negative connotations for many in the South. Mr. Brown is finding ways to get people to come to his family property and use it for meetings, retreats, etc. We will be talking to these individuals and others concerned with what is happening to our farm land...


Replay from 05/07/18: From Prisoner To Role Model

REPLAY from 05/07/18: Mike Anderson served 17 years in Prison, and he is not afraid to admit to the mistakes he made in his life, But, he is also wanting people to know his story and to learn from it. Mike is determined to help our youth find positive direction and to help them get out of gangs and other negative factors... Mike has also graced many stages around the country both as a poet and Motivational Speaker...


Financial Independence and Entrepreneurship

Whether as business owners or financial consultants, our guests have ideas on how to make you Financially Independent. We have financial experts from around the country, including a Barbershop owner and a couple of financial consultants, who will tell you their advice on making it as a financially sound individual and also what difficulties are faced with entrepreneurship. With so many people recognizing that working for yourself is often the best way to be truly independent, but also one...


From Hard Times To Success

Joining us tonight will be Tonier Cain-Muldrow. Muldrow lived on the streets for 19 years experieincing all aspects of trauma and addiction, but now she has finally found what would be her truth, her journey, and her destiny.. We are pleased to have our guest on to discuss her life... Tonier Cain-Muldrow is a trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma informed care expert. Tonier's work has focused on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects of trauma and improving...


Jazz Musician Discusses His Career On Straight Talk Tonight

Whether drumming on pots as a kid or playing in his Dad's Church, it looks like Watkins was destined for greatness.. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Kobe began as a small child listening and watching his father (Alious C. Watkins) play drums in the church. Kobie started with pots and pans as a toddler. Yet over time, he developed a personal system of timely discipline and structure for music and life skill. He has progressed into who he is today - professional drummer/percussionist and music...


Noted Teacher and Spoken Word Artist To Join Us

Noted Poet and Art Advocate Dasan Ahanu will be joining us on the show today.. Join us as we discuss Slam Poetry, his work at Harvard, and his love of Hip Hop. This should be a great conversation.. Christopher Massenburg, better known as Dasan Ahanu, is a public speaker, organizer, workshop faciliator, spoken word performer, educator, songwriter, writer, emcee and loyal HIp Hop Head born born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to performing, Dasan has hosted many poetry,...


Mississippi Author and Activist, as well as Guest Rissi Palmer

C. Leigh McInnis, an instructor from Jackson State, was the former editor and publisher of Black Magnolia magazine and is the author of collections of poetry, a collection of short stories and a book of literary criticism. He was first runner up of a contest named after Amiri Baraka and Sonia Sanchez. He is also the co-author of a book about Hollis Watkins, a noted Southern activist... His work has been published in several literary publicatons, and in 2009 he was one of nine poets invited...


Learning From Dysfunction Can Lead To Success

We hope you will listen to our show featuring Marlene Rhein. Coming from a dysfunctional family, she used this experience to develop her creativity. Not afraid to take risks, she embarked out to LA with little money but was fortunate enough to meet up with folks who put her in touch with Tupac who she did a music video for. She had similar look in Europe where she got to work with Amy Winehouse. She is know having success with a webseries that is wrapping up season one and going into season...


Muslim Activist From Raleigh To Speak

It was a privilege talking to Zainab Baloch about her run for Raleigh City Council. Already, she is committed to running again. This talented young Muslim activist has been involved in a number of social justice issues, and we talked about Gentrification, being a Muslim in America, being raised in Raleigh, and Hate Crimes. We also talked about North Carolina and the Opiate Crisis, as well as the rise of youth in Activism and the Poor People's Campaign being led by Rev. Barber. We even talked...


Advice To Married People From A Granddad

Whether you are Married, Dating or Single, this book has all kinds of humorous advice and anecdotes. It started when Peter wanted to give advice to his Grandson before his marriage, and then he collected other stories. Some of the advice may be considered old-fashioned and some just practical. After hearing from Peter, some may be ready to run to the altar and some may May think that being Single is the Cat's Meow...


Talented Writer Joins Us On The Voice

We are glad to have Monica Byrne on our show this evening. This talented Writer and Activist will be a great guest on our program. She is best known for her drama 'What Every Girl Should Know' and her debut novel 'The Girl In The Road' which won the 2015 Tiptree Award.She has also been quite vocal about how sexual abuse has been accepted in the Theater community, and about local artists being neglected in their own communities...Her personal works definitely defy stereotypes and she is ready...


Minnesota Artist and Activist To Join Us On The Voice

We love hearing about Artist and Art Administrators from around the world. Joan Vorderbruggen has been involved in Public Art and Art Administration for years in Minnesota. Joan is a nationally sought-after speaker and advisor and has helped develop some innovative projects and concert series. One featured Bob Dylan and another dealt with Homelessness. I look forward to our conversation... Also joining us will be Dasan Ahanu, A noted Spoken Word Artist, Hip Hop Advocate, and Overall Art...


Replay: Dr. Bey To Speak on Our Show

Replay from 12/4/17: Dr. Bey and His Queen joined us on this particular edition of the Voice of the People to discuss some of the myths that exist in the United States, and he also gave a long history of the unknown part of our history. They discussed healthy living, as well as a lot of the myths that exist in the U.S. and the world...We also talked about some of the current things that are happening in the world, and tackled difficult issues like the School to Prison Pipeline, Black Lives...


Replay: Racism at The Beach

REPLAY from 06/26/2017: Why are Black Bikers treated differently! There is a different treatment of the Black Bikers in Atlantic Beach versus the Harley Crowd of predominantly white bikers in Myrtle Beach! A new movie being produced by Ricky Kelley is exploring this disparity.