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May 20th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Hot dammmmmn. How bloody great was the skiing yesterday? Sally and I had a blast! Hopin' you did too? I think the sunshine made a palpable difference in everyone's mood, eh? Whismas (the Bike Bark opening) was yesterday - muddy for sure - but the Whistler love and vibes were high yesterday <3 I'm still stoked! Especially because we have sunshine and warmer temps for the long weekend! Here's hopin' it holds out for Gaper Day on Monday! See ya there ;)


May 17th - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! ^_^ The freezing level finally rose a little eh? Well: the winds are going to rise a lot in the valley today and tomorrow with the arrival of yet more low pressure and rain. Here's hoping for some sunshine (currently forecast) this weekend but it looks dubious for Gaper Day :/ Fingers crossed!


May 13th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Huh: I only just noticed it's Friday the 13th! Shoot - there's a missed joke of the day opportunity! Wishing you good luck today and everyday ;) All three of Whistler's Golf courses are open as of today: huzzah! But snow continues in the Hills: it looks like another 5cm of fresh on the storm board this morning but with much better vis today. See ya up there! ^_^


May 10th - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

With another 5cm on the Catskinner storm board; and a potential +20cm this weekend - it's becoming hard to envision, let alone experience some sunny spring skiing or a warm Gaper Day eh? Ha. Heads up: Paid parking at 4 of our Local Parks will be reinstated on MAY 15th!


May 6th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Expect town to be busy this weekend with reports of full hotel occupancy for Mother's Day on Sunday! Deal season is well underway; we still have no local Transit; and the weather is still nowhere near 20 degrees! Have a great weekend ;)


May 3rd - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

Still adjusting to Summer programming, ha! <3


April 29th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Aloha Kakaheika! ^_^ The WP podcast has moved into it's Summer format: episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:15am ;) I felt a little rusty this morning, ha. Hopin' you're well and if you have feedback or requests you want to hear on the Podcast: please reach out to Mahalo nui!


April 19th - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

How was your last day on Whistler for the 21/22 season yesterday? The snow was light and deep in spots eh? Today will be AWESOME! Blackcomb Mt opens at 10am however, with rumours of an earlier 9am opening circulating... The Whistler Pulse will be dropping down to it's Summer format: episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:15am(ish) starting with the next episode on April 29th: I'm heading on a break! Chat to ya then ^_^


April 18th - The Whistler Pulse - Monday

It's the last day of skiing on Whistler Mt for the season :'( Base lifts stop spinning at 4pm (2:30pm for Fitz) and tomorrow's pow day will kick off at 10am on Blackcomb. Lots of events (today's 'slush' cup, scavenger hunt, Creekside Gondi giveaway, etc) and info in the podcast. See ya up there!! ^_^


April 15th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Happy Easter Friday! I hope you get to enjoy a long weekend and/or plenty of the events on offer this weekend! ^_^ Gotta rush here, hence the early upload... See ya on Whistler MT this weekend!


April 14th - The Whistler Pulse - Thursday

Well yesterday was pretty damn sweet eh? No new snow overnight but today's sunny skies will be a treat again. Temperatures are a little colder than yesterday even: bundle up! -10 at the roundhouse right now and -13 at the peaks!


April 13th - The Whistler Pulse - Wednesday

4cm eh? Thanks to all who guessed on Instagram yesterday... Shane Jensen wins an awesome 4-pack from Coast Mt Brewing with his guess of 6cm! 4cm of coldsmoke on firm groomers with good visibility has my ears perked though... What else are you gonna do today? Bike in 3 degrees? Brrrrr. Dress warm still: it's still rockin' at -10 at 1800m this morning!


April 12th - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

I found the conditions firm and fast yesterday. You? Man, those views never get old. And with 6 days left of the lifts spinning on Whistler, I'm making the most of the quiet conditions. My body could really use some RnR though at this point in the season, ha - I'm sure your's does too! Take it easy ;) How many centimetre do you think we'll have on the storm board by the morning? Guess correctly on our Instagram story poll to win Coast Mountain Beer!


April 11th - The Whistler Pulse - Monday

Brrrrrr. It's cold up there with the northerly wind direction these past few days eh? The same applies today but with sunny skies this morning and increasing cloud expected this afternoon: hailing in the arrival of precip tomorrow and Wednesday!


April 8th - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

Ho Boy - 2cm on a rain freeze crust? Nah thanks. Today's podcast is 20 minutes!! Sheesh. Sorry!


April 7th - The Whistler Pulse - Thursday

Such tragic news in our community with the announcement of someone passing away on Tuesday near West Ridge. <3 Thinking of all those who knew them! The freezing level will shoot up to as high as 2700m today: play safe - Avalanche Canada's latest Blog post is full of useful info.


April 6th - The Whistler Pulse - Wednesday

Was yesterday the longest time you've ever waited for a chairlift? I hope you had a phenomenal day and get after it today before the freezing level shoots up tomorrow! ^_^


April 5th - The Whistler Pulse - Tuesday

Just 3cm overnight (ish) but only the Whistler T-Bars opened yesterday... see ya at Peak chair!


April 4th - The Whistler Pulse - Monday

51cm?!?!?! HA! That's the biggest overnight dump this season! Right? However, those high winds that kept the upper lifts closed yesterday are still swirling. The Avi risk is High(4) too; so don't expect everything to open today. Get after it, especially before the freezing level shoots up on Thursday! Yeeeeeeeeeew! ^_^


April 1st - The Whistler Pulse - Friday

20cm overnight!!!!??? Of course there isn't - but Sunday and Monday are looking really promising <3 Happy April Fools Day! Got a good prank to share? Share your story on Instagram and you could win a fantastic 4-pack from Coast Mt Brewing! ^_^ Here's hoping Whistler and Blackcomb Ski Patrol have reignited their April 1st rivalry for the first time in 2 years!