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Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries – About That Chartbreakers Episode

Apple podcasts charts, that elusive algorithm and podcast promoters, the state of podcasting, what podcasters can do to go "next level", and more... Jack Rhysider, host of Darknet Diaries podcast, talks with MouthMedia Network's Rob Sanchez and Charles Beckwith about these topics, his "Chartbreakers" episode and overall his podcast, and beyond. Plus, the latest headlines about podcasting and on-demand audio from Podnews. Darknet Diaries is a podcast covering true stories from the dark side...


Investment in Content Creation – with Andrew Kotliar of Magna Entertainment Partners

Innovative investments designed to empower creative professionals and catalyze disruptive media and entertainment enterprises... Andrew Kotliar, Managing Director of Magna Entertainment Partners, discusses how Magna handles investment in niche markets in audio and entertainment. And podcast and on-demand headlines from Podnews. Recorded in MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser. Operating across Music, Film, Television, Digital and Events, Magna Entertainment Partners seeks new...


The latest news

The latest news in podcasting and on demand as of November 5, 2018, from Podnews.


Podcasts and TV – A Conversation with Simon Applebaum

How audio and video intersect, the trend of crossover shows, and the future of content consumption and creation, with Simon Applebaum, host of “Tomorrow Will Be Televised”...


Podcasting for Humans – A Conversation with Evo Terra

Looking back, and ahead, at how podcasting can grow and prosper with podcasting pioneer, co-author of "Podcasting for Dummies", and media consultant Evo Terra.. MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez talks with Evo Terra about how a lot of people with interesting ideas who can use podcasting to spread their message, activating existing networks, about hosting companies and the opportunity to work with humans to get new people involved, content management systems and their opportunities and...


Girls Gotta Podcast

How the desire to share life's realities as women in dating, sex, and more turned into a real growing business as podcasters with Girls Gotta Eat... Ashley Hesseltine (standup comedian, writer, and founder of @brosbeingbasic + @fashiondads_) and Rayna Greenberg (writer, photographer, founder of @onehungryjew) are hosts of the popular podcast "Girls Gotta Eat", which after just 32 episodes already the hosts report has achieved millions of downloads, multiple sold-out live audience shows, and...


The podcast panel you want to hear…

Ken Lagana (Panoply), Charlie Kammerer (Slate Magazine), Mallory Kasdan (MILK Podcast), Keesa Schreane (You've Been Served), and Manoush Zomorodi (Stable Genius Productions) discuss podcasting and it's potential and trajectory... Recently, MouthMedia Network collaborated with IgnitionOne to create podcast content at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York. During the summit, Pavan Bahl led a panel of the boom of audio and the rise of podcasting, featuring some significant players in the industry....


Strategic content – growing podcast adoption with science and purpose

What would happen if we were more strategic and precise, and more purposefully designed and aimed podcast content? Could we hit greater and mass adoption? Is it time to take a page from advertising with science and psychology, and be more intentional? MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez explores this topic. Plus, a rundown of the latest headlines on podcasting and on-demand with Podnews.


Why podcasters must train the new generation of listeners

New, strategic types of programming can pave the way for a new generation to adopt podcasting, and condition current non-listeners to adopt podcasting... MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez shares a perspective on how the podcast industry can capture more of the 83% of Americans who have not yet adopted podcasts as a part of their lifestyles. Plus the latest headlines on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews.


Search, Adoption, and Moving the Needle in Podcasting – with Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson, Podcast Consultant with The School of Podcasting, and an inductee into the Podcasting Hall of Fame, submitted a question to the website for "The Word From Mouth". So we invited him on the show to discuss it. MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez has a far-reaching conversation with Dave, who has been podcasting since 2005, about the state and future of discovery mechanisms in podcasting, the challenges of growing adoption into podcasting, the need for viral podcast content, and...


When podcasts get personal

Podcasts cover everything from women's health to battling addiction... In this episode, interviews with Joanie Sigal of The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return and Sophia Wise One of Vagina Talks podcasts. Plus, the latest headlines in podcasting and on-demand from Podnews with James Cridland.


Venture Investing in Podcasting – Insights and Opportunities

Newark Venture Partners and how venture firms are looking at the podcast industry... JOANNE LIN, Senior Investment Associate at Newark Venture Partners (which has been becoming a notable presence in investing and supporting the podcast industry) talks with MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez about how the company is thinking about the podcast space, tech platforms, the ubiquity of voice, and the objective of reaching the next frontier of the 83% of the US who haven’t yet adopted podcasts....


10 Tips to Grow Podcast Downloads and Engagement

Tips to grow podcast downloads, audience engagement, and thought leadership, from Marc Raco, Head of Content and Programming for MouthMedia Network... Is there a secret recipe? Partner with others Interview guests with followers Stay lean Build in enjoyable rituals Use multiple social media channels Link to prior content Integrate photos Cross-promote Hold live events Invite guest hosts Check out the full article here. Also, podcasters Lisa Schoonover (Reaching Hearts Changing Lives) and...


How can podcasting conquer the other 83%?

Podcasting is growing, professionalizing, and gaining interest -- but what will it take to move beyond the 17% of US podcast listeners? Do we choose broad listenership, or squabble over an increasingly competitive space with thin margins? A collective sigh after Podcast Movement and Voice Summit - a growing adoption, professionalism New products and tools entering the marketplace that change the way we think about stats and reports More use of IAB Standards At least $200M invested in...


Podcasting Variety – Continued!

Three more podcasts illustrating the great variety of content and approaches in podcasting… Debbie Pace of The Show up Show (everything you need to emerge as a powerful and healthy leader in your life, business and relationships), Fabiana Lowe of The Short Gal Show (standing tall to challenges), and Richard Liebespach of the Self-Protection Essentials podcast (How to stay safe from people who would physically harm you) share their individual stories and approach to content, reaching...


More Variety in Podcasting

Three podcasts that illustrate the great variety of content and approaches in podcasting… Tommy Savoia of The Cube Command Podcast (video gaming podcast made for players by players), Stuart Fensterheim of The Couples Expert (advice on having a loving and enriching relationship), and James Thomas of Four Seas One Family (adjusting to life overseas as an expat or immigrant), share their individual stories and approach to content, reaching audience, and making impact – all recorded at the 2018...


Variety in Podcasting

Three podcasts that illustrate the great variety of content and approaches in podcasting... Rick Savoia of The Tech Jobcast (hints, tips and the latest tech job listings), Steve Adams of Mighty Blue on The Appalachian Trail (a journey on the way to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail), and Philip Taylor of Money & Media Podcast (content marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and exciting people making waves in personal finance and investing media), share their individual stories and approach...


Podcasts, Platforms, and Copyrights

Copyrights and ownership for podcasts, the necessity for platforms to treat podcast content and RSS feeds as copyrighted content even if available to pull, and honoring the work the podcaster is doing with the standards and guidelines put forth. Plus, an interview with Gordon Firemark of "Entertainment Law Update", along with the latest podcast and in-demand headlines from Podnews. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser. In this episode: Example of Castbox reportedly removing...


Part-Time Genius, Full-Time Podcast Success

A discussion with Mangesh “Mango” Hattikudur, one of the hosts of the highly successful "Part-Time Genius" podcast from How Stuff Works (receiving more than a million downloads monthly) and co-founder of Mental Floss Magazine, on what it takes to build and grow a podcast that's able to compete in an increasingly crowded space, the state of the industry, and what shows are in development. Plus, an interview with Christian Brito of "Eat. Sleep. Fantasy - Fantasy Football Podcast", along with...


Why the future of podcasting must (and will) be different

A discussion with Sharon Taylor of Omny Studio, a podcast host in the enterprise space, on how the future of podcasting depends on changing the conversation. Plus, an interview with Joe Shortridge of "222 Paranormal Podcast", and headlines from top news on podcasting and on-demand from Podnews... In this episode: Sharon Taylor of Omny Studio podcast host on playing in the enterprise space The state of the podcast and audio industry - how today is both the best and worst time to be in audio...