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Is a weekly radio show discussing Politics, Popular Culture & Everything in Between. We have great topics, great guests, great discussion, & a great word in every episode.The Thinking Out Loud Radio Show; Giving Voice To Issues that Matter To You!

Is a weekly radio show discussing Politics, Popular Culture & Everything in Between. We have great topics, great guests, great discussion, & a great word in every episode.The Thinking Out Loud Radio Show; Giving Voice To Issues that Matter To You!


Detroit, MI


Is a weekly radio show discussing Politics, Popular Culture & Everything in Between. We have great topics, great guests, great discussion, & a great word in every episode.The Thinking Out Loud Radio Show; Giving Voice To Issues that Matter To You!






"Reach" feat. CHH Artist, Gospel Rapper & Entrepreneur Alisha Moore

Tonight's episode of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show is going to be fiyah. Our 1st guest of 2021 is The Original Queen of Gospel Rap, & former member of A1-Swift Aliaha Moore. She's going to be on the show taling about her musical carerr with A1-Swift, plus alot more. After a brief haitus, Alisha is back with a new single entiled, "Reach." We are going to be debuting her new single tonight during the show as well. In addition, she's going to sharing with us how she is now helping...


PT 2. "A Promised Land" Presidential Memoir Book Series

Tonight, we conclude our two-part discussion of Former President Barack Obam's newest book, "A Promised Land." During tonight's show we discuss, the 1st Black Family and the significance and impact of the Obama's being the 1st Black residents at 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue. We also talk about and discuss the world's view of the 1st Black President, and how different it was from America's view, and we close out our discussion talking about "The Next Black President." Who is that going to be,...


"A Promised Land" Presidential Memoir Book Club Series

Our 1st show is 2021 is finally here! And, guess what we're going to be talking about? Former President Obama's newest book enttield, "A Promised Land." This is going to be a dynamic, insightful and thought-provoking dicussion of not just Pres. Obama's new book, but also his legacy as the 1st Black President of the United States. This is a discussion that couldn't come at a better time than this, we are in transitioning out of the worst presidency in U.S. History and into the Biden-Harris...


"This Christmas" feat. CHH Rapper & Radio Host Kim Pratt

Join us tonight for the Christias Editio of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show where we talk with CHH Rapper, Radio Sost & Producer Kim Pratt. Adept at artistic self-expression through song, poetry and musical lyricism, K!m Pratt captivates her listeners with her raw and honest approach of expressing real life experiences and situations in a way that motivates others to reflect deeply on their own lives. In addition, to our interview with Kim, we are also debutting her latest single, "Hills"...


"THE HEAT SHOW" feat. Producer & CHH Artist Sonny Knight

Tonight's show is going to be EPIC. We are calling it "THE HEAT SHOW" because we got two new BANGING singles from CHH Artist Ty Scott King - "No Rewind" and Producer, Musician & CHH Artist Sonny Knight; who is also the husband of Ty Scott King. Sonny has a new single called "On the Way" and we are going to be debuting his single during tonight's show. In addition, to playing both of these new singles, we are also going to be sharing with you a recent interview we had with Sonny Knight, and...


"Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic" PT. 2

Tonight we continue wit our discussion of the topic of Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic with special guests, Principal of Renaissance Highschool, Verynda Stroughter and Principal of Mumford Highschool, Damian Perry. PT. 2 focuses on more on long term impacts of this pandemic on the educational system in our country, and how technology is going to play a major role in this transition moving forward. When things return to some normalcy, will we see some continuation of virtual...


"Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic" - PT 1.

Tonight we have an insightful and thought provoking discussion centered around the topic of "Educating Today's Youth During A Pandemic, with two of Detroit's finest educators. Verynda Stroughter, Principal of Renaissance Higschool, and Damian Perry, Principal of Mumford Highschool joins us tonight to share their thoughts on this transition to a virtual learning environment for millions of young people in this country, and what are the advantages and disadvantages to this learning model,...


"A Time To Give Thanks" Thanksgiving Edition

Enjoy a very special edition Thanksigiving Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio, where we feature an interview from the CEO of Forgotten Harvest, Kirk Mayes. This non-profit is doing some great things during this global pandemic, helping to feed the families in need right here in the State of Michigan. We are sharing with you an interview we had with Kirk several years ago when our show was just starting and we thought the Thanksgiving holiday would be great time to share it again. Also,...


"Power To The People"

Tonight's show we are calling it the Power To The People Edition, because the people literally took their power back in this November's Election and demanded a change in Washington D.C. Over 180 Million people voted either in-person or absentee; which is more than any other Presidential Election in U.S. History. The people used their collective voices at the ballot to send a direct message to Washington that your time is up. And, we plan to discuss this in great detail during tonight's show,...


When We All Vote Edition feat. Mayor of Eastpointe Hon. Monique Owens

We are just 7 days away from arguably thee most important election of our generation, and we are excited to share with you an interview we had with the first African American Mayor of Eastpointe,MI, the Honorable Monique Owens. This was an interview we had with her back in Nov of 2019 when she was first elected to this historic position in Eastpointe. We decided to share this interview duroing tonight's show, because she has such an inspirational and empowering story. Monique literally...


Your Voice, Your Vote!

We are just 14 days away from one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and it seems the closer we get to it the more it seems is at stake. From the President's Antics to the Laker's winning the NBA Championship, and we plan to discuss it all. Join us tonight as we discuss some of this week's trending topics including, Ice Cube & The Platinum Plan, Donald Trump's non-comital of a peaceful transfer of power if he loses on Election day, and MJ or Lebron who is the GOAT? Of course,...


Vote Out Loud Edition

Tonight is the Vote Out Loud Edition of the show where we plan to discuss a number of trending topics including Trump Contracting the Coronavirus, new evidence in the Breonna Taylor case, and the Presidential Debate Debacle. Plus, we are planning to share some very important voting tips especially for those who are early voting. Should I drop my ballot in the mail, drop it off at the Local City Clerk's Office or should i just vote in person; all important questions we plan to answer during...


"Kingdom Conversations" feat. Rapper, Producer, Singer & Actress Telly Hampton

Tonight we are blessed and honored to chat with a extraordinarily talented young lady, who is a Rapper, Producer, Singer, Writer and Actress; Telly Hampton. But, if you thought that was enough, there is more...Telly Hampton is also the granddaughter of Legendary Soulful Singer Sam Cooke. We were literally blown away when we found this out and this definitely made talking with her so much more special. During tonight's interview not only do we talk about the life and legacy of Sam Cooke, but...


Chopping It Up With A Legend feat. Iconic Radio Host John "MASON"

Tonight we talk with Radio Legend John "MASON." We are chopping it up with this iconic Motorcity Radio Host. Listen as we talk about his career, find out who he got started with, what he is doing now and a lot more. Mason also shares with us his thoughts on the Detroit Pistons and what moves they should be making in the off season as well giving us fans some hope for next season. He also talks about the current state of country; the Black Lives Matter Movement, Voting in this November's...


"2 Preachers & A Basketball" feat. Minister & Sports Enthusiasts Tierre Lewis

Tonight we are talking sports from start to finish with my good friend Minister & Sports Enthusiasts Tierre Lewis. We are talking the return of the NFL & College Football, the NBA Playoffs and a lot more. And, spoiler alert, we both have a ton of hot takes about your favorites sports athletes in the NFL, the NCAA, and the NBA. You may like them and you might not like them, but we definitely can agree to disagree during tonight's show. We're just having some fun chopping it up about the...



in the kNOw JUSTICE kNOw PEACE Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show we are discussing the 57th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington which took place this past Friday, Aug 28th. We will be talking about some of the events that took place and sharing with you our thoughts on the importance of this particular anniversary. We also plan to discuss the sports world collective response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake and how the use of their platform to speak truth to power...


Third Time's A Charm feat. Award Winning Singer Stephanie D. Sanders

Tonight, we continue the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of our podcast with 3 time guest and Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter & Actress Stephanie D. Sanders. She joins us tonight to talk about her upcoming music as well as her nominations for the Bay Area Entertainment Awards. We also talk about her stellar career as a singer, actress and voice over artists as well. We are so happy to welcome this amazing talent on our show. ​PLUS, we also plan to offer a quick recap of the Democratic National...


"We Are STILL Celebrating" featuring Detroit Praise Network Host Randi Myles

Tonight we continue our celebration of our 3rd Anniversary we welcome legendary radio host from the Detroit Praise Network Randi Myles. In addition to talking about her stellar career in radio, we also talk about female empowerment, VP Biden's historic selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, the importance of voting and a whole lot more. She also shares with us some interesting information about her ancestry that you've got to hear to believe. This is definitely an interview you...


"It's Our Anniversary" feat. Award Winning Gospel Artist Lindsay Slaton

Tonight as we mark the 3rd Anniversary of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show we are interviewing very special musical gusst Award Winning Gospel Recording Artist Lindslay Slaton. PLUS, we are going to be debueting her latest singles "I Don't Need A Reason, " and "Joy" during tonight's show. Lindsay has been singing Gospel Music for 7yrs now. She has a powerful voice and testimony that the world needs to hear. PLUS, we will be recapping the week that was while we took a week off, sharing our...


Prelude To The Primaries

As we fastly approach the Michigan Primaries taking place Aug 4th, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the key races to watch, as well as discuss who could possibly be Joe Biden's Pick for VP. He's already gone on record saying that he plans to pick a female VP, and it could quite possibly be a woman of color. And, there are definitely several great women of color to pick from. We talk about who that could be during tonight's show. We also talk about can Trump withhold...