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Thinking out loud is an irreverent take on current affairs & pop culture, full of hot takes and conversation with the aim to push the envelope of discussion forward

Thinking out loud is an irreverent take on current affairs & pop culture, full of hot takes and conversation with the aim to push the envelope of discussion forward
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Thinking out loud is an irreverent take on current affairs & pop culture, full of hot takes and conversation with the aim to push the envelope of discussion forward






The Thinking out Loud Clip Show Extravaganza Spectacular

I AM BACK! Well not quite yet but sooner than you’d think, I know it was due a whiiiiile ago, but here’s that clip show that was promised to you at the start of the summer! In it I recap the show, and go over some of my favourite moments. If you fell behind and never got to catch up to the show, or just never got into it in the first place, then this is the episode for you. Don’t forget, the whole of season 1 is up here on Soundcloud and over on iTunes! Timestamps Blains Call - 03:10 Tinder...


Episode 13 - I love you / Season Finale

Hey, Welcome to the season finale of thinking out loud. It's been a blast, and we end on a high, with an extended episode, the gang talk about all the weeks biggest news, we also discuss the greatness which is infinity war with SPOILERS throughout so skip that if you haven't seen it yet. I also want to thank you all for rocking out with these past 13 weeks and we will be back before you know it! Timestamps Bill Cosby - 02:56 Nas & Kelis - 05:45 Maya Jama - 18:15 J. Cole Album - 27:02...


Episode 12 - Character Flaws

We're back, this week the worlds least political politics show takes a personal turn as Zak & Connor air out some grievances. Timestamps Windrush - 2:20 Beyonce vs MJ - 6:00 J.Cole album - 26:18 Zak vs Connor - 33:20 Radar Radio - 50:40 Hot take of the week - 53:55


Episode 11 - Locker Room Talk

Hey, first thing's first, I'm really sorry about the audio, my microphone decided to be a diva today and I didn't realise how messed up it was until I was editing it! But this episode is too good to throw away so the content is still coming out, while back in London I decided to get all the boys together and what came about was almost exactly what it's like actually hanging out with us...Indulge! Timestamps Facebook controversy - 1:30 War with Syria - 7:00 Biskiit - 10:43 Feminism - 18:46...


Episode 9 - The Exorcism of Robert Sylvester Kelly

What a week, todays a personal show for frequent guest Connor as we delve into the scathing BBC documentary about his favourite artist...this is a good one folks. Timestamps Hot felon - 1:10 DMX back in prison - 3:00 Fabulous domestic abuse - 6:00 Ramz hate - 8:25 R. Kelly - 11:18 March for our lives - 43:35 Madeleine McCann - 46:19 Hot take of the week - 50:25


Episode 8 - How to Say No

We're back after a STRONG week, and well, let's just say we wanted a slightly less wild episode, that doesn't mean the topics and takes aren't still Fuego! plus we have the very first Hayde take of the week, it's a deep one... Timestamps Jhene Aiko retraction (but women are still trash) - 0:58 The block is hot in London - 08:53 DJ Envy vs Desus & Mero - 15:35 No means…try again? - 22:30 Gun control march - 40:30 (Animal rights mini-rant 47:21) Chynahs take of the week - 53:34


Episode 7 - Burst Your Bubble

This is a politics show right? This week new voices join old ones as we cover some of the more controversial happenings this in pop culture recently, and the crew discuss solutions to many of life big questions Timestamps Disabled struggles - 1:30 Bruno Mars & cultural appropriation - 13:05 O.J. Simpson - 28:30 Jhene Aiko is trash - 40:00 Hot take of the week - 49:35


Episode 6 - The Superior Purple Race

And we're back! We recorded this late yesterday so I didn't wanna bother anyone and waited til now to upload...but I digress this week there's not too much news so we tackle some topics closer to home and cap it off with a more flagrant hot take than usual... Timestamps Black Spider-sense - 3:48 The Oscars & films - 15:10 L’Oreal - 35:10 Women’s day - 40:10 Hot take of the week - 50:10


Episode 4 - Unapologetically Black

Welcome back! sorry for the late upload, but we have a great episode today, we're joined by Chynah & Jackie again and we talk the recent colourist talk that's been making it's rounds on social media. Then we delve into some of the weirder people who exist on the internet before wrapping up with a heated debate about Arsenal Fan TV with Kayode and some call-ins Timestamps Colourism - 2:00 Shut up and dribble - 17:00 Trumps America - 21:50 Ross Ferguson - 32:05 Arsenal fan TV & call-ins -...


ToL Episode 2 Friday 07/02/2018

Hey there, welcome back to another great edition of Thinking out Loud, the second week brings a lot more structure and a 3rd guest. The gang have a discussion centred around money, starting with the gender wages and going into football wages, before ending of by rounding out the news and hot take of the week. Start of episode - 4:58 Black Panther - 10:00 Gender pay - 20:29 Football pay - 31:45 Call-ins - 40:00 Parents feeding bleach - 53:16 Obesity crisis - 56:55 Hot take of the week -...