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Thu 26 May: Hero's Stand - Vangelis RIP - Crisis Rising - Our Stickers - Gun Play - Hot Summer - Mind Games

Those who rise to a crisis are the people who make real changes. It's called taking a stand. Vangelis passes today. Approve of yourself and then get moving. Our individual worth is not defined by others. Our stickers are now everywhere. Acknowledgement comes first. Above all, be heard. Shifty Schiff and press freedom. Ukraine, Kissinger, and the ripping global fabric. The rigged Ohio primary was by the GOP. A hot summer is coming. Who's funding those red stringers? Disinformation and...


Wed 25 May : Getting It - Gov't Inc - Slave Masters - Well Timed - FBI Try - The Relay - WEF Rap

The elites seem to be noticing that we will not comply. As always, some are getting it and others never will. Why now with the premonitions? That is one well timed shooting. Lots of gear and training for grandma's tranny. it's a seamless transition from media to government. They call it the mark. Have you ever heard of the relay? There were major grid lines and related tech in '69. Intergalactic comms where a thing then too. One of the four had faith in humanity. We may know her. The DNA...


Tue 24 May: Story Time - Another Tore Update On Locals

It's another important Tore update via the Locals channel. From the ambiance of an airport lounge, she stirs things up on all manner of subjects from war developments to election strategy. As always, her responses to listener questions leaves us with a lot to think about. Run time is just under 50 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mon 23 May: Hammock Thoughts - A Tore Update On Locals

Tore calls in from her sunny hammock location for an update on some major happenings worldwide. As always, she drops hints about things she's working on, and major events about to unfold. Run time is 1 hour 25 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mon 16 May: Rico Vacay - New News - Formula Fit - Deep Fakes - Hate Roots - Clear Danger - Race Cards

Short show tonight, it's time for Rico with the girls. OMG, there's real news on CNN. You know what to think when the scheme is a repeat. Is Bill Barr actually on it? Russia bashing peaks. Deep fake algos and the shimmering Schiff. Soon, very soon. The whistle blower was a wire tap. Manufactured evidence means they made it all up. It's false flag season so be careful who you're with. Is unrestricted concealed carry a real danger? Hate roots, violent plants, and the flowering of tragedy. Stay...


Fri 13 May: Arctic Fronts - Power Plays - Upgraded Us - Selfish Intentions - NATO Moves - Ice Nukes - Digital North

Global strategies are now proving the importance of the far North. Selfish intentions are always involved in decisions. Have humans been upgraded? Is that divine or man made? Bacteria talks as every cell is in symbiosis. The judges always find something wrong. Life support for red stringers. Very small pockets of people actually get things done. Satisfied comfortable slaves cannot fathom a lack of structure. The sheeple aren't going anywhere. Arctic power plants and under the ice bases....


Wed 11 May: Patrick Q&A - A Discussion With Patrick Byrne

Tore and Patrick discuss today's hot topics on just about everything. Subjects covered include election fraud, voting machine tricks, some white hat history, and what happens next in the war. They also take on all listener questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Tue 10 May: Priming Us - The Odds - CIALSD - Dead Parties - Negative Energy - Massive Reach - Love Hate

The long battle seems never ending because the scope of war is so huge. The odds are stacked, which is why we fight. There's something called a group say, because we're all in this together. Winning is not why we do things. The evil legacy of the McGill Project, and what it says about today. Torture on foreign soil. They can't stop the truth bots. It's not the who or where that makes intel, it's the how. The entire facade of political parties needs to go. There is no reforming the GOP. We...


Mon 09 May: Tore Update On Locals

Tore calls in for a Locals channel update while driving. She covers the latest on her various legal cases and drops lots of hints about what's to come. Apologies for the disjointed audio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Fri 06 May: Vulnerable Times - Forgiving You - Trauma Tales - Trump In Penn - Between Lines - The Defamer - Early Fraud

Life in today's American is stressful, traumatic and vulnerable. And it's all by design. The neck stomping must soon end. Some people fight just for glory. Important conversations are taking place. The posturing just creates pockets of stupid drama. Evil requires instructions, has no new play books, and never changes what works. The conditioning is to pacify free thought. More than anything else, truth is resilient. Remember, the gates of hell are locked from the inside. President Donald...


Wed 04 May: Tore's Court Case Update On Locals

Tore live streams her discussion of today's court ruling in her case against Dominion, discusses the attitude in the courtroom and then talks to some observers who were there. Run time is 17 minutes. Yup, 17. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mon 02 May: Crystal Clear - Real Science - Evil People - Zombie VAX - Frequency Rules - Ugly May - Staying Local

Connections, vibrations, crystals and systems of control. Let's talk real science. Don't tell people, show them. They are lying to protect power. Manipulation from idiots and clowns. The J6 setup was modeled on the 1932 Bonus Army. Super fires and protecting that one person. There are chess board pieces on the move. Brain crystals and controlling power was shown in Rwanda. Huh? Amazing powers in frequency, oscillation, piezzo pressure and molecular orientation. Let's get our minds together....


Fri 29 Apr: Consequences - Death Threats - Roll Ups - Bonafide Meaning - Fetal Cells - Mall Merlin - Our Future

The threats are becoming so real, you can feel embarrassed for ignoring them. God's armor shines under pressure. It's a war, with depression, psycho behavior, security personnel and long dark drives home. But now it's roll up time in the defense against demons. There's lots of self centered talk among the depressed. It's harassment to obfuscate. Red flags mean cords are cut. A true purpose is in service to others. Stupid people will beat you with it. Lying because someone lied to you....


Thu 28 Apr: Maras4Ohio - Tore's Campaign Speech From Columbus, Ohio

This is a recording compiled from separate streams on Locals, provided by Phoebe Maras, and covering most of Tore's hard hitting speech at tonight's Columbus campaign event. It's real politics with busy room audio, speaker introductions, questions from the crowd, after event chatter, and a complete shut down of two streaming platforms at the mention of Les Wexner's name. Run time is 48 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 2 of 2) - Boxing In - Who They Are - Twatter Spats - The Script - ShadowGate III - In Control

Now that we see the divisions, we can begin to understand the evil. They turn on each other and lash out in all directions. A new bad guy in the bullseye. Blackrock owns all. The Tesla is all about AI and data, data, data. The monsters right in front of us. Pardon me, what about Greenland and Mars? A shock awaits when you see the betrayal. Conservative assets with pay stubs. Hollywood and government are the first targets. It's a huge war swirling all arounds us. We must be the ones who shape...


Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 1 of 2) - Game Over - Insane Day - IIA Ops - Food Wars - Lead Heads - Good Prevails

A frantic fear of freedom is breaking out all over. They are showing themselves like never before. A significant two year contract has ended. This is how the ops happen. Now it gets fun because the game is well planned. Does it all seem to be happening at once? The reward is in doing the act of kindness itself. Ali and those who back him. Using food as a weapon has dire consequences. It all comes down to power and control. The toxic history of lead and it's health connections. Long standing...


Tue 26 Apr: Unexpected Happenings and Q&A - A casual streaming update and solo discussion posted on Tore's Locals channel.

Tore takes online questions, chats about numerous subjects, calls into a campaign rally, and then plans a vacation. Plus, she smokes and knows things. Run time is one hour and 17 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mon 25 Apr: Bright Monday - Standing Tall - Sin Defined - Treason Levels - August Pain - Wray Shade - War Money

Faith and trust are always in the same wartime foxhole. Strokes, sickness and surprise deaths. Harassing faith means chipping away at social defenses. Breaking the covenant of love and purity. It's the era of deception. Showing evil to people is necessary. Elon frenzy reaches a peak. Betrayal is a strategy for some. Choose God over government. Who have we been taught to trust the most? Truth inspires awe for the witness. Rough, tough and ready. Running them into the dead end of the maze. No...


Fri 22 Apr: Discernment Maxed - Jailed Rights - End Stage - Little Lies - State Of Betrayal - DJT Speaks - Wins Coming

As the war's intensity grows, insight, judgement and understanding can save your life. Call it well vetted personal intelligence. J6 shows the level of betrayal. To top it, they poke the bear. It's all in the end stage. Rights don't depend on likes. Preserving justice means it applies to everyone. Do good and get rewarded. The Bergy anger runs deep. His karma cache cannot be good. A good example of bad flaws. Spotting lies is easy if you start small. See the demons by looking right into...


Thu 21 Apr: The Real War - Traitor's Life - Collusion - So Huge - 30 SOS's - Objective View - Target Religion

When the battles are many, we must focus on the key conflict. It's good versus evil, and the demons hide so well. They eradicate the humanity within themselves. A life defined by deception and corruption. So sneaky when the backstory is setup first. Trump represents what they stole from us. Not a Christian nation, but a free nation. Communism cannot coexist with religion. It was religion versus religion first. It matters not who your God is. A Trojan horse built by the almighty. This is a...