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High-school Athletes File Suit to Protect Fairness in Girls’ Sports: Dennis Prager with ADF’s Kristen Waggoner

Dennis Prager talks with Kristen Waggoner, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF has just filed a lawsuit on behalf on female high school athletes who have been forced to compete with transgender females. For more information on the case, visit ADFLegal.org


Biden Takes a Hit in New Hampshire; Leader McConnell Keeps a Keen Eye on the Courts

Townhall Review – February 15, 2020 Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner and fellow with the American Enterprise Institute about the Democratic primaries. Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about Federal judge confirmations. Kevin McCullough talks with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talk about President Trump’s actions against terrorists and terrorism. Sebastian Gorka and James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation discuss...


The Relationship Between Religion and Politics: Seth Leibsohn and Pete Peterson

Seth Leibsohn and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, discuss the role of religion in politics and the role of politics in religion. For more information on the conference that took place on February 6, including a link to watch the entire conference, visit Pepperdine.


The McConnell Motto on Judges: “Leave No Vacancy Behind” - Hugh Hewitt with Mitch McConnell

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about judges, vulnerable Senate Republicans, impeachment, and thoughts on media becoming more unbalanced.


President Trump's Best Week in Office: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Larry Arnn

Hugh Hewitt talks with Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, about President Trump’s impeachment acquittal, his SOTU address, Coronavirus, and the Iowa caucuses.


Democrats Have Disastrous Week with Iowa Debacle, Pelosi Tear, Trump Acquittal, Booming Economy

Townhall Review – February 8, 2020 Hugh Hewitt discusses the moment Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech and more with Georgia Senator David Perdue. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, about the State of the Union, the Democrat’s nomination race and more. Dennis Prager and journalist John Fund talk about the latest Gallup poll showing President Trump’s approval rating at an all-time high. Sebastian...


Dems Will Pay the Price for Impeachment: Sebastian Gorka with Victor Davis Hanson

Sebastian Gorka and Professor Victor Davis Hanson talk about impeachment, the Left's view of regular Americans, and the impact of President Trump on American politics.


Rush Limbaugh Overcoming Adversity: Mike Gallagher with Phil Boyce

Mike Gallagher talks with Phil Boyce, VP of Salem Media Group, about the devastating news from AM radio legend, Rush Limbaugh, concerning cancer.


Failure of the Democrats' Impeachment: Sebastian Gorka and Conrad Black

Sebastian Gorka and Conrad Black discuss impeachment, President Trump's effect on the Left and the elite, and more.


Celebrating Britain's Independence from Europe: Sebastian Gorka with James Delingpole

Sebastian Gorka talks with James Delingpole of Breitbart London on Britain officially leaving the European Union as of January 31, 2020.


Impeachment, Coronavirus and a New Road Map for the Middle East

Townhall Review – February 1, 2020 Hugh Hewitt and Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, part of Trump’s impeachment defense legal team, talk about the possibility of John Bolton being called to testify. Dennis Prager talks with our ambassador to Israel David Friedman about President Trump’s Middle East peace initiative. Hugh Hewitt turns to retired U. S. Air Force Colonel Randall Larsen, now the National Security Advisor for the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, for his take on how...


75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation: Joe Piscopo with Dov Hikind

Joe Piscopo invites Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who lost family members in Auschwitz, about the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation.


The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties - Dennis Prager with Christopher Caldwell

Dennis Prager talks to Christopher Caldwell, contributing editor at the Claremont Review of Books. His new book is The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties.


What Happens When We Abandon Western Civilization? Seth Leibsohn with Pete Peterson

Seth Leibsohn invites Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, to talk about what happens when we abandon Western Civilization.


Does Schiff Have Any Credibility Left? Hugh Hewitt with Senator Joni Ernst

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Joni Ernst about the CDC's Public information policy on the coronavirus. They also discuss the impeachment trial and Adam Schiff's credibility.


Democrats Take Show on the Road in Senate Impeachment Trial

Townhall Review – January 25, 2020 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Mike Braun, Indiana, talk about how the impeachment effort is all about the upcoming election. Sebastian Gorka talks with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise about the President’s impeachment defense team. Chris Stigall and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy talk about the history of impeachment. Hugh Hewitt and retired Admiral James Stavridis about the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and that country’s effort to...


Dems Have No Case Against the President: Sebastian Gorka with Steve Scalice

Sebastian Gorka is joined by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise to talk about the ongoing impeachment trial.


Will Trump be Impeached Again if Reelected? Hugh Hewitt with Matthew Continetti

Hugh Hewitt talks with Matthew Continetti, founding editor of ”The Washington Free Beacon,” resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute about impeachment and Trump 2020.


China Trade Deal is Big Deal: Hugh Hewitt with Mike Pompeo

Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about a host of subjects, including Lev Parnas, Impeachment, China and Iran.


Dems Debate In Wake of Iranian Aggression

Hugh Hewitt talks with former NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis about the Iranian attack on American forces in Iraq. Hugh Hewitt asks Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney for her perspective on the Democrat candidates' perplexing non-response regarding the Iranian attack on American forces in Iraq. Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the impeachment trial of President Trump now before the Senate. Mike Gallagher and Cully Stimson, of the Heritage Foundation, talk about...