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The University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts (UC3P) is a Harris Student Organization that aims to promote public discourse through a public policy perspective.

The University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts (UC3P) is a Harris Student Organization that aims to promote public discourse through a public policy perspective.
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The University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts (UC3P) is a Harris Student Organization that aims to promote public discourse through a public policy perspective.






John Prendergast on Human Rights Activism

For over 35 years, John Prendergast has worked as a human rights and anti-corruption activist to create and sustain peace in Africa. He served as the Director of African Affairs on the National Security Council under the Clinton Administration, and has founded and worked for a variety of humanitarian organizations. Prendergast is the founding director of the Enough Project, an organization aimed at countering genocide and crimes against humanity, and co-founder of The Sentry, an...


The Filmmakers on "American Life"

Kat Burnham (MPP '20), speaks with Emily Harmon and Calisto Ololngojine about their short film, American Life, which looks at gang violence in Englewood. Emily wrote and directed the film and Calisto produced. In this episode, they share their experiences creating and developing the film and discuss how they hope the film will encourage broader conversations around youth violence. Film’s website: https://www.americanlifeshortfilm.com/ Film’s Facebook:...


PDI Presents: A 100% Renewable Chicago

Rimsha Nazeer (AB'20, Economics and Public Policy Studies) interviews Zarek Drozda (AB'19, Economics) and Vanessa Ma (AB'20, Economics and Neuroscience) about their recent research with the Paul Douglas Institute on a resolution that could make Chicago the largest city to go 100% renewable. You can find their research using the link below: https://www.pauldouglasinstitute.org/Publications/A-100%25-Renewable-Chicago Credits: Rimsha Nazeer, hosting Zarek Drozda, interviewing Vanessa Ma,...


Small Grants, Big Work! An Intern's Time with the United Nations Helping República Dominicana

In this interview, Lucía Delgado Sanchez (MPP '18) travels to Mexico and interviews Rafael Fonseca about his yearlong work with the United Nations Small Grants Program in the Dominican Republic. Credits: Lucía Delgado Sanchez for interviewing Peter Biava for sound production David Raban for editing Shirin Raban for cover design


Austin Wright on the Effects of Border Walls

Prabhat Singh (MPP ’20) talks to Austin Wright, assistant professor at Harris School of Public Policy, about the US-Mexico border wall, voter suppression in US, and troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Prof Wright leverages his global research on these issues to inform his view. Credits: Prabhat Singh, for interviewing and producing Haz Yano, for engineering Susan Paykin, for editing


Delhi Belly and Spicy Curry: A Think Tank Summer in India

Himanshu Dave (MPP '18) travels to India and interviews Jaclyn "Jackie" Williams about her 10-week summer internship with Brookings India, based in New Delhi. Credits: Himanshu Dave for interviewing Peter Biava for sound production David Raban for editing


UC3P Presents: What If...

In this episode, Beth Karp (JD/MPP '20) interviews Professor Geoffrey R. Stone, the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, and Gustavo Gil (MPP '18) interviews Professor Jennifer Kubota, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and The Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago. Also, Jack Coghlan (MPP '18) moderates a debate between Bryce Fields (MAPSS '17), who takes the position of pro-safe...


Arne Duncan on Education & Gun Violence

UC3P sits down with former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to talk about his thoughts on the state of education in the US as well as his current work on gun violence in Chicago. Credits: Julian Lake, for interviewing David Raban, for producing, engineering, and editing


Naked Love 3: Valentine's Day Edition

How would YOU describe hookup culture at UChicago? Naked Love is back! This time with even more personal stories featuring students from both Harris and the College and new hosts! Tune in for our Valentine’s Day episode to hear about the intersection of policy and hookup culture. Happy Valentine’s Day, listeners! Credits: Olina Yang, Franziska Harling, Emily Kelin, Ivanna Shevel, and Katie James for producing, engineering, and editing


Popcorn Policy: Sorry To Bother You

David McMillon (Public Policy PhD Candidate) and Stormy Kim (MPP '19) discuss the various themes of the political satire film, Sorry to Bother You. Drawing policy implications and theories from the film's protagonist, Cassius Green, they explore the idea of the American dream, unjust labor policies, and conscious consumerism. With Anna-Elise (MPP '20) as host, the episode sheds light on the various facets of social inequality and how we should tackle the issues as policy students,...


Sandro Calvani on Developing Human Capital

Max Hamrick (MPP '18) travels to Thailand and interview Sandro Calvani about his current work with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation and past work as a Director in numerous divisions of the United Nations. Dr. Calvani discusses many topics, including international development as human development, approaching non-profits with the profit motive as a tool, and how humans must learn to cooperate rather than compete. Please remember to rate, share, comment, and subscribe. Thank you for...


Greta Neubauer on Wisconsin Gerrymandering and Policy

Wisconsin state representative Greta Neubauer joins UC3P to talk about the December 2018 lame duck session, Governor Tony Evers, her legislative priorities for the new term, and what it’s like to be a young millennial activist in state government. Credits: Alec Macmillen, for interviewing, engineering, and editing Lauren Li, for producing


Jake Shapiro on Conflict in the Age of Information

Prabhat Singh (MPP '20) interviewed Jake Shapiro, a Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University. Professor Shapiro, who co-directs the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project, discussed new insights into international conflict, especially on how data can turn the tide at critical junctures in conflict. Credits: Prabhat Singh, for interviewing Sushmita Singha, for engineering Susan Paykin, for producing and editing


Rene Olivas on Writing Screenplays

Today, you’re going to hear Lucia Delgado Sanchez, a recent graduate of the Harris School of Public Policy, interview Rene Olivas, a screenwriter in Mexico City. He discussed his pursuit of screenwriting as well as the motivation behind a few of his scripts. Credits: Lucía Delgado Sanchez, for interviewing and engineering David Raban, for producing Lauren Li, for editing


Claus Krebs on Chilean Copyright Law

Claus Krebs is a Chilean attorney who works for Claro & Cia on matters of intellectual property, including copyright. He spoke with David Raban (JD/MPP '20) last spring on comparisons between the U.S. and Chilean copyright systems. Credits: David Raban, for interviewing, engineering, and producing Susan Paykin, for editing Special thanks to the Aican Nguyen and the University of Chicago's International Immersion Program for funding David's trip to study copyright law in Chile


Pascal Brice on France's Approach to Refugees

Prabhat Singh (MPP '20) interviews Pascal Brice, General Director of France's Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA). Director Brice shared some of his thoughts on policies for the protection and acceptance of refugees in France and across the world. Credits: Prabhat Singh, for interviewing and editing Sushmita Singha, for engineering Lauren Li, for producing Special thanks to the Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts for...


UC3P Presents: Flip Phone Diaries

First Week Flip Phone: a bold challenge to take 7 days off your smartphone! When we heard Laurence Warner was taking his smartphone detox to Mexico for the Fulbright Association’s annual conference, we fixed him up to capture the reaction from the conference floor. Have a friend you think needs a 7-day smartphone detox?! Find out more about next month’s challenge and check out previous episodes of the podcast at FirstWeekFlipPhone.com. Credits: Laurence Warner, for interviewing Tushar...


Benja on Making Music That Makes You Feel, Think, and Dance

Lucia Delgado Sanchez spoke last year with Benjamín Ruiz, or Benja, on his standalone music project, BenRu. They discussed his start as a drummer in a band, his love of textures in electronic music, and how he has recently brought traditional Mexican influences into his compositions. He plays a few tracks and shared some more with us in the episode. To find more of his music, go to www.soundcloud.com/benrumusic. Credits: Lucia Delgado Sanchez (MPP '18), for interviewing David Raban...


UC3P Presents: Popcorn Policy

Two Harris students, Aamir Hussain and Julian Lake, explore the policy implications and themes of the 2018 Marvel superhero film, Black Panther. They explore the following themes: democratic legitimacy, arming rebels/ conflict theory, and scientific diplomacy. How will the introduction of democratic elections affect the Wakandan nation? Will Wakanda's scientific outreach center be sustainable in the long run? Find out in this month's episode of Popcorn Policy! Credits: Jason Zukus, for...


Speechless Pt. 2: Hong Kong and Taiwan

In part two of our Speechless mini-series, host Julian Lake (MPP ’19) spoke with three students from Hong Kong and Taiwan on issues of underrepresentation, censorship, and political oppression abroad. Credits: Julian Lake, for interviewing and engineering David Raban, for editing Special thanks to the students who sat with Julian for their candor and willingness to speak.