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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment. A member of The Labor Radio Podcast Network.

UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment. A member of The Labor Radio Podcast Network.


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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment. A member of The Labor Radio Podcast Network.








Who will Biden Pick to Run the Labor and Education Departments?

The Building Trades secure a deal to build offshore wind plants, North Dakota is forcing nurses to work while sick with COVID, Biden shows his union muscle to CEOs, and who will lead the Departments of Education and Labor?


Biden Adds 27 Union Leaders to Transition Team

27 union leaders will help decide the future of our nation as they join 15 different agency review teams. Additionally, two labor leaders have been appointed to the full transition team by President-elect Biden. The PRO Act will become law if Democrats win two Senate seats in Georgia. Find out what the PRO Act is and who is running. What happens if Trump refuses to leave the White House? We have the answers.


Election 2020 Recap

As of this recording, the President hasn't been chosen yet, but we do know that union members turned out big in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada. However some of the Republicans elected to lower offices are pretty anti-union. Plus the AFL-CIO is demanding that all ballots be counted.


The Billionaires Funding Trump

CEOs at Marvel and Home Depot are supporting Trump and spending millions to do it. The Proud Boys are sending out emails threatening swing voters in Florida. CBA's are getting shorter thanks to COVID-19 and GOP's racism and fear message will be their demise in November.


Is This the Year Texas Goes Blue?

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy calls in to talk about the work they are doing to turn the Lone Star State Blue and how labor pushed Beto O'Rourke to be a better candidate and not take labor for granted. Josh Slaughter also calls in to talk about 11 union officials being arrested on bribery and an editorial attacking PLA's. Plus Amy Coney Barrett doesn't think using the N Word creates a hostile work environment, a building collapse in Houston, and the failure of OSHA to protect workers...


Trump Attacks Union Organizing

Trump is attacking union's ability to organize, sign neutrality agreements with employers, and limiting federal unions' ability to bargain for their members. Plus teachers and staff at Brooklyn Friends went on strike this week after their bosses tried to decertify their union and guess what? They Won! UCOMM PAC also premieres their newest ad geared towards electrical workers and the NFLPA wants to ban turf.


Should Freeloaders Get Help from the Union?

IUOE Local 150 is suing for the right to not represent freeloaders in the union, but some big national unions are opposed to the move. NYC principals are asking the state to take over the city school system, and union grocers are getting a big payout from Stop & Shop as a thank you for working during the pandemic.


Don't Count on the Union Vote

A new poll shows Biden can't count on union voters, especially building trades members, in a number of important swing states. For any voters still on the fence, we go over the 50 things Trump has done to hurt workers and we take a look at the 30,000 airline workers who will lose their jobs on October 1 if Trump and McConnell don't reach a stimulus deal.


Trump's Swamp Kills NLRB

The House is investigating corruption at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). A judge in Boston says unions can't use agency fees to pay for lobbying, but another Judge says unions don't have to pay back agency fees collected before the Janus decision. Plus Trump's ICE is forcing Latinas to have hysterectomy's and his administration is taking money from a fund to take care of firefighter who are sick with 9/11 related diseases. Also get a sneak peek at the launch of UCOMM PAC's first...


Troops Pissed at Trump

Joe Biden promises to be the most union-friendly president ever, Will Attig of the Union Veterans Council calls in to tell us about his reaction to Trump's comments, ABC endorses Trump, Amazon hires two union-busters while an elite private school in NYC decertifies their staff union.


Trades for Joe Biden, Cops for Trump

Bobby Holst of Local 3 IBEW comes on to talk about his piece on why union members should support Joe Biden. At the same time, NYC Police are supporting Trump and their union may have an issue with the FEC. Plus Teachers in NYC may strike over school reopening and a historic PLA will ensure middle class work for thousands of new families.


Lowe's Sabotage Suggestions

Lowe's is hiring a full-time union buster, union leaders at the Post Office say sorting equipment is being removed, union-busters are hosting seminars for tech execs, and Uncle Joe picks Kamala Harris to restore our nation back to respectability.


Labor's Strategy to Elect Joe Biden

Austin Keyser the National Political Director of the IBEW calls in this week to talk about what their union is doing to get Joe Biden elected. Amazingly Trump is not the first unfit President, we have a few others that embarrassed our nation. With the 2020 election moving to vote by mail, can we trust our mailman? Plus worker centers are under attack while immigration judges win a big case against the Department of Justice. Plus UCOMM's Karen of the week and Kris is trying out to be the...


Portland Pleads for our Help

Three union activists from Portland call in to talk about the federal mercenaries that Trump has sent to quell peaceful protests in Portland. They tell the real story about what it is like to be on the ground for the protests. Teachers across the country are being forced to put their lives on the line and go back to schools in just a few short weeks, the AFT says if their schools aren't safe they will support teacher's strikes. Plus baseball is back and the Astro's are facing repercussions...


Kasich the Dem and Baseball Players Kneeling

Former Ohio Governor, Presidential Candidate, and Right to Work supporter John Kasich is speaking at the Democratic National Convention, America's Workforce Radio host Ed Flash Fernec calls in to explain. Shockingly police unions are supporting Trump, while Federal unions are supporting Joe Biden. We are having problems at the UCOMM studios with our mailman, he refuses to wear a mask, what do you think we should do about it?


Ironworkers White Privilege?

With race issues making headlines every day, we take a look at white privilege through an ironworker meme. Trump's NLRB is also allowing bosses to search employees cars, Michigan is making it hard to work union, Trump has no plan to reopen schools, and Joe Biden releases an energy plan that actually saves union jobs


Bargaining Wins at Con Ed NYC

Jimmy Shillitto calls in to discuss their new contract at Con Ed. Is Trump telling the National Guard to not bargain in good faith? Chris Searcy calls in to talk about it. Mary Vines of UFCW Local 400 calls in to tell us about how Tyson's Chicken wasn't providing PPE for their members, but her unions work seems to have fixed the issue. Seattle labor kicks out their cop union, workforces are nervous about COVID-19 in Vegas and Orlando, Trump calls VA workers thieves and baseball is here!


The Systemic Issues within AFSCME

Local Union President Colin Maycock calls in to talk about some transparency issues his Local is having with their AFSCME Council amid constant threats from the Freedom Foundation. AFSCME did not respond to comment leading us to believe that soft corruption does exist. Also calling in is Brandon Patterson, an up and coming politico in Staten Island. He is Labor's candidate for NYS Assembly. According to Gallup Americans are not proud to be Americans so we look at why that might be plus we...


Heroes Act Can Unite the Nation

Vinny Alvarez, the President of the New York Central Labor Council, calls in to talk about the Heroes Act and how it can unite the nation. The AFL-CIO decides not to kick out police unions from the national federation. The AFL-CIO also passed a resolution this week calling on the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign. 1.5 million public employees are laid off thanks to COVID-19 and the MLB Commissioner is promising there will baseball in 2020.


Protesting Police: Act of Patriotism

On this week's show, we have AFL-CIO Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig calls in to talk about his call for Defense Secretary Mark Esper to resign after Trump ordered National Guard troops to fire teargas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Bonnie Sulton, a Criminal Justice Policy expert calls in to talk about the ongoing protests surrounding the death of George Floyd and what can be done to stop it. Brandon Parker of the NFLPA comes on to talk about the NFLPA's Community...