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Interview #1 - Olof Gränström (Gapminder)

George speaks to Olof Gränström about the need to take a fact based view of the world, and how things might be a little bit better than you thought they were. Olof is part of the Gapminder Foundation.


1.3 Utopia Calling - Just Build It

In this episode the team wraps up the series by speaking to people who empower communities to reimagine their collective futures and make change in the UK, the Netherlands and Brazil. Utopia Dispatch is the podcast talking to people with thinking big ideas and taking radical action, to figure out what a better world might look like. Follow us as we embark on our journey into humanity's possible brighter futures. This episode features: Indra Adnan - Alternative UK Pat Kane - Alternative UK...


1.2 Utopia Calling - Perfection is Overrated

In Episode 1, we heard about the need to start putting forward a new vision of the society that we want. Here, the team tries to understand how the idea of Utopia can be used as a tool for transforming the way we think about the world and to enable change. We explore some of the ins and a few of the outs, and start to see that unleashing our collective imaginations might just be what we need to wreak joy throughout the universe. Utopia Dispatch is the podcast talking to people with thinking...


1.1 Utopia Calling - A New Era

Ever get the feeling that the world could be a little bit better? Fed up with war, poverty, inequality, climate doom, and more? So are we. Utopia Dispatch is back, and taking on the small task of radically reimagining the future of human society, while somehow managing to keep our spirits up at the same time. No biggie. This is the first episode in a mini-series that explores why we should seriously consider alternative futures. We start off by challenging our assumptions about how bad the...