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Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.

Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.


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Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.






VOICES: A Revolutionary Symphony, A Celebration of Protest Music

Join us TODAY for a Revolutionary Rhapsody to celebrate music of defiance and protest against injustice and oppression. Eric Mann and Ernesto Arce take you from Cuba to Detroit, Ghana to Jamaica for a liberation of the body, mind, & soul as well as a dance marathon. Eric's musical selections are: Languta by Hugh Masekela and the Hedzoleh Sounds, Quimbara by Celia Cruz & the Fania All Stars with Johnny Pacheco, and Mississippi Goddamn followed with Pirate Jenny both by the beloved Nina...


VOICES: All Hail the Revolutionary Dr. Martin Luther King

We’re proud to present Eric Mann’s “All the Revolutionary King” article with a new introduction to bring into the present the everlasting legacy of Dr. King on the civil rights, Black Liberations, internationalist 3rd world movements of today. Eric Mann will read this great new introduction and piece of the article on Voices from the Frontlines tomorrow at 3pm PST on KPFK Pacifica 90.7fm (kpfk.org to stream the audio live at 3pm). Tune into the full show and please send your thoughts,...


VOICES: MaryLouise Patterson Discusses Langston Hughes & Her Parent’s Legacy

Join us this week for a a conversation with Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, Barbara Lott-Holland and MaryLouise Patterson. MaryLouise is the Co-editor, along with Evelyn Louise Crawford, of Letters from Langston: from the Harlem Renaissance to the Red Scare and Beyond. Originally broadcasted in 2021, join us as we rekindle memories of a revolutionary conversation on Letters from Langston. Eric Mann will introduce the segment with a commentary on The Man in the High Castle and the fight to...


VOICES: Conversations with Mumia Abu-Jamal & the Late Julian Bond

Today on Voices from the Frontlines: Voices Radio First Show of 2022 Voices in the Tradition of Summer of Soul Eric in conversation w/ Mumia Abu Jamal Eric in conversation w/ Julian Bond South Central Third World News In the Spirit of Summer of Soul, an amazing film about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, Voices from the Frontlines fights to protect and publicize our revolutionary history. Stop complaining about fascism if you are part of the anti-communist, revisionist, “social justice”...


VOICES: Alan Minksy Discusses Progressive Democrats, Mark Masaoka on Future of the Movement

On today's edition, Eric Mann is in conversation with Mark Masaoka, this is the final of a three-part series with the UAW and Japanese-American leading organizer on the future of the Movement. Alan Minsky, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America discusses the future of Democratic Party radical transformation. Ernesto Arce and the South Central Third World News covers more exposed racism among police departments in Torrance and Long Beach, the unjust extradition of Julian...


VOICES Radio: UAW Wins Major Victory; Bus Riders Fight MTA's Anti-Blackness

Hello Voices Listeners! On this edition, we feature Channing Martinez and Barbara Lott-Holland on the MTA’s Anti-Blackness and the Bus Riders Union campaign for Black Liberation We're joined in discussion with Scott Houldieson and Michael Cannon, master organizers with UAWD, Unite All Workers for Democracy, on their historic victory to win the direct election of national officers in the United Auto Workers. Please support their work at www.UAWD.org Ernesto Arce and the South Central Third...


VOICES Radio: The MTA's Anti-Blackness; Mark Masaoka Talks Unionism, Racism at GM Plant

On this edition of Voices from the Frontlines, Eric Mann and Channing Martinez urge the MTA to “Stop Genocide Against Black Passengers". They say it's time for Voices listeners to get off the sidelines and join us on the Frontlines. Support the Bus Riders Union motion to this Thursday’s MTA board by contacting Channing Martinez at Channing@thestrategycenter.org We also have part two of a three-part discussion with Mark Masaoka, in conversation with Eric Mann. They share memories and analysis...


VOICES Radio: Victor Wallis on his Mother's Art; Mark Masaoka Veteran of the Asian Justice Movement

Welcome to Voices from the Frontlines, your national movement building show. We’ll begin with Victor Wallis, a long-time comrade who is doing a zoom exhibition of his mother’s painting—The Art of Diane Esmond—An appreciation by her son, to be video cast this Friday, November 26 at 11 AM PST. Please go to the Marxist Education Project Website and scroll to November 26 to register. Then we’ll hear from Ernesto Arce and his dynamic South Central/Third World News as he discusses the commutation...


Voices Radio: Eric and Meena Roman continue the conversation on the US's global effect on climate.

The United States is by far the most irresponsible nation regarding its primary contribution to climate change which is making life on planet Earth almost unbearable for most nations, including the US, but particularly nations in the global south - which, for hundreds of years now, continuously suffer social and economic infiltration, resource extraction, exploitation, sheer savagery, and genocide by the US! In this episode Eric and Meena dig deeper into the conversation regarding the US and...


Voices Radio: Pacifica Radio Archives fund drive and a conversation with Meena Roman.

This week on Voices from the Frontlines... THE TRIO IS BACK; Alan Minsky, Channing Martinez, and Eric Mann speak with Meena Roman from the Third-World Network, about moving forward the Black Nationalist, Third-World Alliance movement. The white-settler state that is the United States that has raped, pillaged, and created what they now call the "third-world" is afraid of being called the genocidal white-settler state that it is. Malcolm X began shifting the base of his leadership position...


VOICES Radio: COP26 Climate Change Emergency with Meena Raman and South to South News

DIRECT FROM GLASGOW AND THE COP 26 CLIMATE CONFERENCE, THIRD WORLD NETWORK LEADER MEENA RAMAN IN CONVERSATION WITH ERIC MANN, LEADER IN UNITED NATIONS NGO STRUGGLE SINCE THE 2001 WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM. Spoiler alert: The United States and the European Union and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are lying, cheating, and stealing, as they make false promises about dramatically reducing CO2 emissions and worse, oppose any climate reparations, or payment for climate “loss and...


Voices Radio: Judas and the Black Messiah.

NEW AND EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS!!! Are you with us??? The primary conversation will be about Judas and the Black Messiah, and the very complex relationships that existed in the Black movement between women and men. The Strategy Center has formed the Strategy and Soul Thursday Night Revolutionary Organizers Film and Book Club. Also, the newest addition to the Strategy Center and Voices From the Frontlines is a feature with KPFK’s former News Director, now The Strategy Centers News Director,...


Voices Radio talks Climate Justice with Nathan Thanki. We get a report from the The Bus Riders Union

Nathan Thanki @n_thanki of Demand Climate Justice @gcdcj talks about the COP 26 in Glasgow 10/31-11/12. The people of the third world will be fighting to improve climate change. The US and the EU will be working to maintain capitalist, imperialist climate change. We hear a clip of a call that Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and Barbara Lott holland had with Nathan Thanki regarding the Green Climate Fund. Eric Mann - “The first thing is that we are asking the governments of the World, as he is,...


Voices Radio; United All Workers for Democracy, and Defund Police in LA City Schools.

Voices Radio; United All Workers for Democracy, and Defund Police in LA City Schools. by Eric Mann


VFTFL - 10.12.21

On this day, Voices From the Frontlines Radio puts our beloved Paul Robeson on his rightful pedestal! Paul Robeson is a writer, scholar, athlete, film star, Pan Africanist, activist, and brilliant vocalist. A person of such magnitude, he and W.E.B DeBois fought the color lines of US imperialism on the global scale and were punished unmerciful for their proletarian internationalism; the US government withdrew their passports in an attempt to prevent them from continuing their work all over...


VFTFL - 10.5.21

How do we stop the Biden administration from creating and implementing a new imperialist cold war against The People's Republic of China? Also, as we create a Black and Brown, South Central Los Angeles, Third-World Alliance we talk about what it will take to bring oppressed people of the world together in solidarity, working toward peace and self-determination.


Voices Radio: Eric Mann in Conversation with Channing Martinez and Jessica Meany, Investing in Place

Good Morning Voices listeners! Tune in today at 3pm PST for a conversation with Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and Jessica Meany from Investing in Place. Jessica and Channing will discuss the recent motion passed by the Metro Board for fareless transportation for k-12 and community college students and the newly introduced Bus Riders Union Motion for Free Public Transportation. Please find the full text of the Bus Riders Union Motion below. Please read the full text of the Bus Riders Union...


Marcy Winograd, California's recall election, Police in LA schools, and the war economy.

This week on Voices From the Frontlines we hear from Marcy Winograd of Code Pink on the US's war economy, and California's recall election. We also get an update on Channing Martinez' work with the Police-Free Schools Coalition and their defunding of LA schools by 35%. Then Eric talks with us about the work that he is doing with China's Not the Enemy.


Voices Radio: Desiree Luckey On Texas' Abortion Law, and the late Ed Asner

This week on Voices From the Frontlines, Eric and Channing speak with @DesireéLuckey, Director @URGE_org - Unite For Reproductive & Gender Equity, about Texas' new SB 8 anti-abortion law that went into effect last week, and may be a foreshadow of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade., thus amplifying and nationalizing the war on women. We also hear Eric's recount of his friendship with the late Ed Asner and their work with United Auto Workers. Eric plays clips of Ed Asner’s narration,...


VFTFL George Jackson, 99 Books, and Angela Davis - Part 2

We hear from Eric Mann speaking about his book Comrade George, and another excerpt from Angela Davis on her thoughts on George Jackson. Opening the show we hear a ballad from Matt Callahan and Yvonne Moore who wrote a book about the 99 books series. We recap last weeks show, Part 1, and Eric goes through the 99 books that were found in George Jackson’s prison cell after he was assassinated.