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Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.

Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.


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Eric Mann is an environmental, civil rights, anti-war, labor-union activist and organizer. He is the host of www.voicesfromthefrontlines.com on Pacifica Radio's 90.7 FM KPFK, in Los Angeles. Eric is also the director of the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Bus Riders Union.






Voices Radio: Justice For Jacob Blake -- The Challenge to Our Movement

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez explore The Black Movement with this week’s Voices guests, Justin Blake, Tanya McLean, and Gregory Bennett Jr. As an uncle, a family friend, and an organizer of Peace in the Streets Kenosha, our guests are primary sources for understanding Jacob’s situation. Throughout the interview, these activists emphasize Kenosha’s organizing actions, like the upcoming 30-mile protest, Walk for Justice, and how we all can help support Jacob, his family, and The Cause. You...


Voices Radio: 2020 Voting procedures and Proposition 15

This week on Voices From the Frontlines, Eric Mann reads over 2020 Voting tips written by Lian Hurst Mann. Lian had has written a Make A Plan Today to Make Sure your vote counts paper explaining the multiple ways to get you vote to the elections office. In the second half of the show Channing Martinez and Eric Mann are joined in conversation with Veronica Carrizales, Policy and Campaign Director of California Calls, on Proposition 15, that would tax corporate real estate at higher levels...


An Organizer's Introduction to the Progressive Anti-Trump Organizations

This afternoon, Eric Mann will speak on the terror of the new Supreme Court, the daily terror that Black people face, the challenges of the 2020 election, and the struggle for countervailing power on Voices from the Frontlines. Eric will be in conversation with Alan Minsky, long-time great Program Director at KPFK and a representative of the Progressive Democrats of America. Today's show serves as an organizers introduction to the progressive anti-Trump organizations. Together, we will...


Voices Radio: Eric Mann in Conversation with Reese Erlich

Eric Mann in Conversation with Reese Erlich The 2020 elections -- What is at stake for those who want peace and non-U.S. intervention with China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and the Third World September 29, 2020 | 3PM PST September 29th at 6pm is the debate between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump. Much is at stake for the movement, and the country. But for those who support a Biden presidency, and those who care about the lives of people in the Third World (and some are both), this conversation...


Voices Radio: Maria Elena Durazo on SB 1257- OSHA Rights for Domestic Workers

Voices from the Frontlines is Excited to Feature State Senator Maria Elena Durazo in Conversation about the bill she introduced SB 1257 that grants Occupational and Safety Rights to Domestic Workers. Right now the bill Is in front of Governor Gavin Newsome who has to sign it into law. While he may be predisposed to do the right thing we need every Voices listener to Call Governor Newsome: 916-445-2841 to Sign SB 1257! We will also be in conversation with an organizer and member of the...


VFTFL - 8.25.20 - LoveCraft Country Film Review, and the DNC/RNC.

Channing gives us an in-depth review of the film LoveCraft Country; a film about the racist 1950's in Chicago. Moreover, the show speaks to imperialist nature and culture of the United States through the lens of black people, echoed in the words of James Baldwin. Please take a look at this film and let us know what you think. Eric talks to us about the Republican and Democratic parties and all of their false claims about and solutions to climate change, racism, and the United States'...


VFTFL - Countdown to the 2020 Election - 8.11.20

Eric and Channing host a conversation on the national conversation around the upcoming elections. Trump, Joe Biden and his the newly announced Vice Presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats have all put out clear and dangerous agenda's for the country, where is the movements national agenda. We think the upcoming August 28th Black National Convention hosted by Movement for Black Lives will be an important milestone. In light of the president's private police force storming...


VFTFL - Victor Grossman - 8.5.20

An amazing conversation with an amazing man who has lived an amazing life and written 2 amazing books. In 1952, a Communist, a Jew, and a U.S. soldier stationed in Germany, fearing imprisonment under the McCarren Act if he returned, decided to defect to East Germany. Not as the dancers or athletes from the Soviet Union whose defection, orchestrated by the CIA, are made into front page news in praise of U.S. imperialism, but simply as a man swimming across the Danube River to an uncertain...


Eric Mann and Julian Bond in conversation.

In 2014, after the 25th anniversary of the Strategy Center, Eric Mann went to Jackson Mississippi, along with Julian Lamb


2020 - 07 - 21 VFTFL Julian Bond And John Lewis

This week on Voices From the Frontlines, I had a wonderful reunion with some Voices listeners, and as we celebrate the life and mourn the death of civil rights giant John Lewis, I choose to also celebrate the life and mourn the death of Julian bond, as the two of their lives were deeply intertwined. John Lewis died on July 17, 2020. Julian Bond died on August 15, 2015. John Lewis, along with Julian, was a founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He was an influential member...


VFTFL - SF Bay View, Victor Grossman in East Germany, Oklahoma Indigenous Land Rights Victory.

This Week on Voices Eric presents three great news bits on movements around the nation. 1) SF Bay View needs your help to continue the wonderful work they're carrying out in a moment of both transition, and hardship. Eric reads a great appeal from Mary Ratcliff. You can go on even before the show to support here: https://bit.ly/38SOvDD 2) In a great victory for Indigenous Land Rights, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Muscogee (Creek) nation today 5-4 rule in a significant portion of...


Voices Radio: Paul Robeson House Committee on UnAmerican Activities & Defund LASPD

In 1949 Paul Robeson was forced to testify in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities Committee (disgusting just by its name) but Robeson turned the tables and put them and the whole country on trial. In our present period, Robeson shows the great value of Black, pro-communist, Pan Africanist, anti-imperialists. His dignity and courage in the face of what barbarism is almost impossible to imagine. But do imagine and do tune in. In the second segment Eric and Channing reflect...


VFTFL Monica Garcia Melina Abdullah Channing - Brigette - 6.23.20

We are very enthusiastic that LAUSD School Board member Monica Garcia will introduce a motion at the 2020 Budget Vote to cut the LASPD budget by 50%—$35 million from their $67 million budget Please work with Black Lives Matter, Students Deserve, Brothers Sons Selves, Inner City Struggle, and yes, the Strategy Center To get the LAUSD tomorrow to cut $35 million from their $67 million or more budget and move those funds to Black students and schools. This is not just about cutting their...


Voices Radio: 06-16-20 The Magical Manifestation of the Too Black to Fail Revolutionary Movement

In June of 2020 a group of Black and Third World revolutionaries, from Harlem, South Central, Minneapolis, Cape Town, London, Beijing, Caracas, Havana, met in Nairobi, Kenya at a clandestine strategy meeting. Already in deep dialogue, one of the delegates began cautiously, to share her dream. But as she told it to the first comrade, he said, with excitement but also a sense of self-protection to avoid being seen as delusional, that he had also had that dream. But there was a too impossible...


No Police In LAUSD Schools; A letter to the LAUSD Board.

The Strategy Center is seizing the moment with grateful love for Black protest and the work of Black Lives Matter LA, LA Schools Students Deserve, Alliance for Educational Justice, CJSF, and others. Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, Brigette Amaya, Gionna Magdelano, Kim Rochal, Angeles and Kassandra Soriano take time to read the powerful letter just sent to LAUSD demanding No Police in LAUSD Schools. Tune in today at 3pm PST and don't forget to make a contribution to KPFK. #PoliceFreeSchools...


VFTFL: Eric and Channing discuss mass protests.

Eric and Channing host a conversation about the great 2020 Black led rebellions happening now nationwide. Eric speaks about the role of the Media, the Democrats, and Los Angeles Bernie Sanders Supporters in the time of mass protests and attacks on the Black community. Channing speaks about his LA CD10 electoral campaign in which one of his primary platform demands called for a 50% cut to the LAPD budget.


VFTFL - Gregory Jenkins and a tribute to Lorraine Hansberry

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez hoist a conversation with Gregory Jenkins on Climate change and COVID 19 in Africa. Gregory Jenkins is a professor of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Geography, and African Studies at Penn State University. Dr. Jenkins also works closely in African nations to create infrastructure to combat the effects of climate change on the African continent. The second half of the show is a rebroadcast of our 2018 tribute to the great Lorraine Hansberry. in the Clip...


COVID 19 and the Challenge to Organizers in Black, Latino(a) and low-income communities

A Compelling, Challenging, and Urgent Discussion of COVID 19 and the great challenges for social, racial, and climate justice organizers Laurie Barrett—author of the The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance Her hair-raising, sober, and chilling assessment of the COVID 19 Virus in discussion with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta COVID 19 and the Challenge to Organizers in Black, Latino(a) and low-income communities And all racial, social, and climate justice...


VFTFL - May 12, 2020 - Past Mumia Shows, Eric, And Channin - FINAL

We hear two of Voices From the Frontlines greatest conversations with Mumia Abu Jamal about the Manticide of the youth, followed by a report by Channing Martinez from the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) and the treatment of people in the justice system during this pandemic. Tune in to www.kpkf.org/player for full content.


VFTFL - May 5, 2020 - Student Organizers

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez host an organizers conversation with Gionna Magdelano, Angeles Soriano, Kassandra Soriano, students at Ouchi High School and Graduates of the Strategy Center's Transformative Organizing Summer Internship Program. Gionna, Angeles, and Kassandra lead the Taking Action Club at Ouchi High School and are Strategy Center Interns working with lead organizer Brigette Amaya. together they host a conversation on The Strategy Center’s Campaign for Urban...