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A heritage radio station covering Bridgeport and greater Fairfield County. This podcast will focus on the communities, people and news for your neighborhood.


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A heritage radio station covering Bridgeport and greater Fairfield County. This podcast will focus on the communities, people and news for your neighborhood.




CT Today With Paul Pacelli - Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Thursday's "Connecticut Today" with host Paul Pacelli highlighted a recent wave of migrants crashing the U.S. Southern Border (00:23). Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ray Andrewsen joined us to chat about a big event for North Haven and Wallingford businesses (13:03). "Only in Bridgeport" blogger Lennie Grimaldi had the latest regarding Bridgeport's absentee ballot irregularities (25:07) Image Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus


Melissa In The Morning: The Kids Are Not Alright?

Melissa welcomed Dr. Browne back to the show to talk about multiple stories around the country including babies being born with Syphilis in Mississippi as well as fentanyl killing a child at a daycare in the Bronx. Image Credit: Getty Images


CT Today With Paul Pacelli - Another Bridgeport Update

Host Paul Pacelli kicked off another edition of "Connecticut Today" with the latest on the Bridgeport absentee ballot investigation (00:26). Connecticut State Republican Party Chair Ben Proto talked about some proposed changes he'd like to see regarding absentee ballots (11:32). Hearst Connecticut Media editor and columnist Dan Haar also stopped by for his weekly update (24:26) Image Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus


Melissa in the Morning: Ballot Box Bust

The Bridgeport city worker accused of stuffing the absentee ballot box before last week's mayoral primary has been placed on leave. Wanda Geter-Pataky was informed on Monday that she would remain on leave until an investigation is complete. Meanwhile, state lawmakers want to install an election monitor in Bridgeport to oversee the vote for mayor on November seventh. State House Speaker Matt Ritter says he expects a vote to allocate funds for the monitor during the special session next week. Both John Gomes (0:00) and Mayor Joe Ganim (16:21) joined the morning show to discuss the latest on the investigation into alleged ballot box stuffing ahead of the democratic primary election in Bridgeport.


CT Today With Paul Pacelli - How Do We Increase Absentee Ballot Security?

Tuesday's "Connecticut Today" provided further discussion on the Bridgeport absentee ballot probe with host Paul Pacelli (00:22) as well as Stratford GOP State Senate leader Kevin Kelly (10:50). Yankee Institute blogger Meghan Portfolio stopped by as well for her weekly update (22:07) Image Credit: REUTERS/Linda So


Melissa In The Morning: Wagering New Locations

The state opened its newest sports betting venue in Hartford and another one is set to be announced in Bridgeport soon. We thought it was a great time to check in with the CT Counsel on Problem Gambling. Find out why they are seeing an influx of calls and who seems to be struggling with gambling addiction the most. (0:00) A millionaire property developer has issued a brutal wake-up call to 'arrogant' workers. Gurner Group CEO Tim Gurner argued the pandemic changed the attitude many workers had towards their jobs.. Gurner said employees needed to remember they worked for their bosses -- not the other way around. Career strategist, Julie Bauke, says why this backwards thinking is not going to work out for employers much longer. (13:32) Change is inevitable, but naturally, people aren’t good at it. Counselor Julius Dudics shared why change is hard for people and how we can cope with the anxiety paired with change. (28:07) Image Credit: Getty Images


CT Today With Paul Pacelli - Another Bridgeport Controversy

We started a busy new week on "Connecticut Today" where host Paul Pacelli talked about the latest absentee ballot controversy in Bridgeport (00:26). We also heard from "Only in Bridgeport" blogger Lennie Grimaldi (12:13) and former Bridgeport Democratic State Rep. Chris Caruso (23:43) on the same news. CT News Junkie and Substack columnist Terry Cowgill stopped by for his latest update (36:21) Image Credit: REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage


Melissa In The Morning: Road Etiquette 101

Crime on the Mind: Driving etiquette 101 with Lt. Jim Perez. We got answers to common questions about the rules of the roadways in Connecticut. (0:00) The school year is already underway, and some schools have detected mold in buildings. We spoke with Natural Home Solutions about how to detect mold, how it works and why it needs to be tested for in homes, schools and businesses. (15:55) Where is your focus: the wedding or the marriage? According to studies, couples can reduce the likelihood of divorce by 50% by taking a pre-marriage class or seeing a marriage counselor. Marriage coach, Bob Donovan, shares the data he sees with couples seeking help before saying “I do.” (26:30) Image Credit: Getty Images


CT Today With Paul Pacelli: Would You Live at a Mall?

Friday's "Connecticut Today" with Paul Pacelli looked at new plans to possibly convert a building at the Connecticut Post Mall into apartments (00:25). We welcomed Loren Grush, author of, "The Six: The Untold Story of America's First Women Astronauts" (12:12). And Chris Caruso offered up his latest thoughts as well (24:41) Image Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus


Melissa In The Morning: Prisoner Swap With Connecticut Connections

Congressman Jim Himes gave us the latest details on a massive prisoner swap. One of the people impacted is from right here in Weston, CT. (0:00) Sixteen current and former staffers of the Jimmy Fallon show say it’s a toxic work environment to be in. Employment attorney, Gary Phelan, shared his insight into why more and more people are dealing with toxic workplaces and if there’s hope to curb the problem. (9:06) The University of Bridgeport is stepping up their game to compete with other Connecticut colleges. We spoke with Dr. Tim Raynor of the School of Business at UB about their model of teaching and an upcoming symposium run by students at the school this month. (21:16) It’s Christmas…in September? Yes! The Tran Siberian Orchestra is getting ready for its 2023 season and tickets are on sale now! We spoke with original member, Jeff Plate, about the group and why it has such growing success. (35:23). Image Credit: Reuters


CT Today With Paul Pacelli: Another DACA Standoff

Thursday's "Connecticut Today" with host Paul Pacelli featured a chat with Quinnipiac University Law Professor Sheila Hayre on the latest legal ruling regarding the controversial DACA program and its possible effect on about 11,000 undocumented migrants in Connecticut (00:35). Landmark Legal Foundation Attorney Mike O'Neill explained the theory behind an impeachment push by House Republicans (09:15). "Only in Bridgeport" blogger Lennie Grimaldi updated the Bridgeport mayoral race (18:46) Image Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif


Melissa In The Morning: Searching For A Reason

The trail over Google is underway. The DOJ says the tech giant is a monopoly blocking any entities from creating competition and more search engine options for consumers. Senator Richard Blumenthal talked about the importance of this case and what it could mean for other industries in similar hot water. (0:00) The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah marks the Jewish new year and the beginning of the “High Holiday” season. We spoke with Fairfield Rabbi Shlame Landa about the holiday and traditions tied to it. (8:26) Zoo Minute: Lights out for bird migration and a huge milestone anniversary for the red wolves (22:09) Image Credit: Reuters


Melissa in the Morning: Little Pink Lie

Mosquitoes infected with EEE have now been detected in six Connecticut towns. What does that mean for people outdoors trying to avoid mosquito bites? Dr. Browne talks about the impact of EEE. He also touched on decongestants. An FDA advisory panel says a decongestant found in popular over-the-counter cold medicines doesn't work. The panel unanimously agreed about the ineffectiveness of phenylephrine on Tuesday. The decongestant is found in common medicines like Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion and Sudafed PE. Image Credit: Getty Images


CT Today With Paul Pacelli - Recapping Bridgeport's Big Primary

Wednesday's "Connecticut Today" with Paul Pacelli took a look at the previous day's Bridgeport Democratic mayoral primary (00:21). "Only in Bridgeport" blogger Lennie Grimaldi (10:55) and Hearst CT Media columnist and editor Dan Haar (23:40) also shared their thoughts on that race Image Credit: REUTERS/Gary I Rothstein US ELECTION MS


Melissa in the Morning: The Ever Expanding Entertainment World Of Bridgeport

Reading comprehension and literacy rates haven’t been the best in Connecticut recently. We wanted to talk about the importance of reading at a young age and even as adults. Melissa Hickey is the reading and literacy director of the Connecticut Department of Education; she talked about reading milestones and if forced reading is still a thing in state schools. (0:00) More entertainment venues are coming to an already busy block in Bridgeport. As we reported, a smaller, indoor venue is being added in 2025 to the property between the Hartford Healthcare Ampitheater and the Total Mortgage Arena. Not to mention, sports betting is reportedly being added to the arena soon too! With a lot of traffic headaches in that area of the city already, what can be done to alleviate the problem? Dan Onofrio of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council weighs in on the issue. (16:52) September is National Preparedness Month and we spoke with Scott Appleby of Bridgeport Emergency Management about being ready during hurricane season. We also talked about an open city position that can save lives but doesn’t require you to be a cop, firefighter, doctor or first responder! (26:22) Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports


CT Today With Paul Pacelli: Young People And Politics

Tuesday's Primary Day edition of "Connecticut Today" with Paul Pacelli welcomed SCSU Professor Dr. Jonathan Wharton to talk about getting more young people involved in local politics (00:27). Stratford resident and local musician Gene Zwicharowski talks about a local fundraiser coming up (13:01) and Yankee Institute blogger Meghan Portfolio stopped by for her weekly update (23:21) Image Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus / Hero Images


Melissa in the Morning: The American Red Cross Makes A Change

The American Red Cross national blood supply has fallen to critically low levels and potentially threatens the medical care of patients with an emergency need for blood or those living with critical conditions. We got the latest detail on this from Trevor Riggen, President of Humanitarian Services of the Red Cross. He also commented on the impact of the FDA guidelines updated expanding the donor pool. (0:00) September is National Suicide Prevention Month and national statistics show suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in America. Where do these thoughts of death come from? How can I help someone I love who struggles with depression? Counselor Julius Dudics tackled the topic with advice. (8:50) AAA’s annual Your Driving Costs study found that the annual total cost of new car ownership (including insurance, fuel, etc.) comes to over $12,000 which is a big increase from 2022. What affects the cost of ownership and why is it so expensive? Alec Slatky explains. Also, Alec talked about how gas stations will survive and adapt as more vehicles become electric. (23:07) The ongoing rising inflation coupled with recent cuts in social programs have forced more Connecticut families to face food insecurity. One statewide non-profit organization - Gifts of Love- is helping to feed and clothe individuals and families in 41 towns in the state. We spoke with Lisa Gray, executive director of Gifts of Love, to tell us about all the activities that her charity is doing for September National Hunger Action Month. (33:41) Image Courtesy of The American Red Cross


CT Today With Paul Pacelli: Barnum Festival Big News

"Connecticut Today" with host Paul Pacelli jumped right into a new week with a visit from 2024 Barnum Festival Ringmaster Dr. Camelia Lawrence (00:32). We welcomed CT News Junkie columnist and Substack blogger Terry Cowgill with his weekly update (10:05). Paul also reported on his participation in a state tax study that could change the way that state transportation repair money is generated in Connecticut (24:10). Image Credit: RockingStock / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Melissa in the Morning: Narcan And Health Care

Over the counter Narcan is now available in pharmacies across the country, including here in Connecticut. Law enforcement expert, Gary MacNamara, shared why this is an essential tool for all families to have and what it means for the war on fentanyl. (0:00) We have a new scam alert! The Better Business Bureau says the latest problem stems from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Kristen Johnson shared how to spot a fake online sale. (13:21) It’s official…insurance rates will go up significantly in Connecticut this year and state Republicans are livid. Senator Tony Hwang explains why more and more residents will not invest in health care coverage and the consequences to that decision. (26:49) Image Credit: Getty Images


CT Today With Paul Pacelli: A Double Standard On Gun Violence?

We wrapped up another week on "Connecticut Today" with host Paul Pacelli wondering if state officials really care about urban gun violence in cities like Bridgeport (00:20). Wealso heard from former Bridgeport Democratic State Rep. Chris Caruso with his weekly update (11:46) Image Credit: REUTERS/ Rebecca Cook