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Talking about news and happenings in the State of California that make you go WTF!

Talking about news and happenings in the State of California that make you go WTF!


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Talking about news and happenings in the State of California that make you go WTF!




California Cities Aim to Defund Police as Legislators May Get More Police Protection

On this Friday version of WTF California, we highlight how the hypocrisy is in as cities in California are aiming to trim their police budget, but DC Metro police are asking for a 20% increase to help protect lawmakers. Youth sports are returning, Gavin Newsom encourages doubling masking up as Japanese Supercomputer says it would make no impact. Congressman Eric Swalwell sues Donald Trump. Others are also now picking up “Where is Tony Thurmond” and we question whether road rage should be...


Police Accuse City of Protecting Felon Councilmember Plus More Uncomfortable Truths

On this episode of WTF California, City of Antioch continues to boomerang back into the news after Antioch Police Officers Association accuse City Manager of killing investigation of Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker. San Francisco Police Commissioner tweets “Uncomfortable Truth” over teenagers and guns. House approves George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. California lawmakers eye aiding those with criminal records by sealing criminal history. Meanwhile, Lafayette City Council wants action...


Media Hates Cops as Police Chief Sets Record Straight

On this episode of WTF California, we highlight how the media is anti-police given the recent coverage of the Antioch Police Department. We discuss Police Chief Tammany Brooks press conference. California counties moving into red tier. Texas reopens. Berkeley elected officials come to defense of teachers union president. LA Mayor gets veto over police budget cuts plus more.


Did Gavin Newsom Just Bribe California Schools to Reopen?

On this episode of WTF California, we discuss whether California Governor Gavin Newsom just bribed schools to reopen with its $6.6 billion deal Monday. The I-5 strangler now dead, GOP Comes out critical of BART funding in COVID-19 relief bill, COMIC-Con going virtual (AGAIN), Top Gun House could become ice cream shop, Cities to ban gas stations. Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon was in traffic court while operating and the Oakland A’s move closer to a new stadium.


Newsom TikTok Plus Antioch Special Meeting Recap on Police Reform

On this episode of WTF California, we discuss the latest as Governor Gavin Newsom is observed on TikTok possibly committing what appears to be a hypocrisy violation. We recap 7-hours of stupid by the Antioch City Council discussing police reform. Los Angeles DA facing recall effort and we wonder if recalls are becoming white noise. Also, hypocrisy form Berkeley as teachers union president seen dropping off child at preschool. Save the condors, mannequin fiasco plus Padilla introduces...


School Reopening Plans Fail Children Plus BARTS Financial Debacle

On this episode of WTF California, we discuss school reopenings and the terrible plans being put forward by school boards. While East Contra Costa Schools remain closed, others are opening up. We discuss BART debacle, San Francisco taking $120 million from police, Air Board screws over farming community plus Wile E. Coyote update in Contra Costa County.


Law Enforcement Under Attack in California

On this episode of WTF California, we go heavy law enforcement as police agencies across the state are under attack with anti-police rhetoric, including Antioch where Mayor Lamar Thorpe holds another ill-timed grandstanding press conference. We also get into City of Berkeley approving new police reform policies, San Francisco Mayor London Breed calls on Police and District Attorney to work together, Los Angeles County District Attorney calls for “Brady list” and more.


Tiger Woods and Counties Hit Red Tiers

On this episode of WTF California, we talk Tiger Woods, Tree limb falls killing woman, California Counties entering back into the red tier. 40% of California inmates receive COVID-19 vaccine, LA County approves $5 hero pay for grocery workers, $1 billion owed by customers for energy bills and more.


Police Reform Proposed for Antioch Plus Lawmakers Approve Stimulus for Californians

On this episode of WTF California, we discuss Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpes press conference announcing police reform proposals for the Antioch Police Department. We go through each of his proposals. State Lawmakers approve $600 stimulus payments to those making $30k or less, Los Angeles County to resume limited in-person classes next week, Meanwhile, Senator Cortese proposes $1k a month payments to foster youths who age out of the system while Senator Wiener introduces bill to decriminalize...


Antioch Mayor Continues to Grandstand and Marine Becomes a True Hero

On this episode of WTF California, we thank our police, firefighters, military and all first responders. We then talk about Cpl. Jordan Perez who swam 250 meters to save a drowning couple. We then talk about Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe and blatant disrespect to first responders calling for Police Reform Now not even 24-hours after a firefighter and EMS employee were shot in the City of Antioch. We touch on the Oakley School Board resignations, Governor Gavin Newsom recall hits 1.1 million...


Oakley Schools Boards Idiotic Comments and Antioch Police Being Sabotaged by Mayor

On this episode of WTF California, we talk about the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees and their idiotic comments that have gone national. We also wonder why mainstream media is all over these elected officials, but are ignore Antioch City Councilwoman Tamisha Walkers 9-minute F-bomb laced rant. We also get into the new lawsuit against Antioch Police over the death of a man in December, however, no one in the media is asking Mayor Lamar Thorpe why he is delaying the...


Rush Limbaugh's Death and Tidbits Around California

On this episode of WTF California, family law attorney Amy Hilton joins us to talk about how courts have continued to be impacted by COVID-19. But we kick off discussing the impact of the death of Rush Limbaugh, then jump into the California spending deal for coronavirus relief, another screwup by the California DMV, we question whether Governor candidate Kevin Faulconer is serious or grandstanding and more.


Oakland Businessman Arrested for Protecting the Community

On this episode of WTF California, we talk about how California vs. Florida. We also discuss this arrest made of a Chinatown Business Owner who protected a female being robbed after he fired gunshots. Santa Clara County fails again. Drug smugglers now using drones. Senator calls for stiff penalties for online sex trafficking and exploitation. Finally, a city council is holding a councilperson accountable for brown act and ethical violations.


California EDD Fraud Could Cost You $2500 or More

On this episode, we talk about how they continue to break things down by race, including vaccine distributions showing blacks only at 3%. Meanwhile, Sacramento County Sheriff goes to Body Cameras and EDD Fraud could cost each California family at least $2,500. Alex Padilla to chair Senate Immigration Subcommittee and Congressman Eric Swalwell continues to be an embarrassment.


A Call to Support Police Officers and Could Kamala Harris Be Impeached?

On this episode, Burkholder & Turnage call on California to start supporting law enforcement instead of sympathetic criminal policy being push after a weekend of just crazy headlines over shootings, thefts, police chases and more. We get into COVID-19 vaccine requirements, we touch on New York Govornor Andrew Cuomo hiding data and wonder if its happened elsewhere? Could Vice President Kamala Harris be impeached over a Tweet? San Diego may launch climate change campaign. Note: On this...


Freaky Friday Episode Hits on School District Openings and State Audit Says Track Homeless Spending

On this Finally Friday episode of WTF California, we highlight the fiasco going on with school reopening locally and from around the state. Quick update on Governor Gavin Newsom Recall and comments made by Senator Steve Glazer. Fresno Superintendents’ funny response to councilmember saying he wants to sue the school district. State audit says state needs to track homeless spending. Somehow, whether or not a gay father should serve on a volunteer parent committee turns into a two-hour debate...


Rick Fuller Talks Real Estate Happenings in California

On this episode of WTF California, real estate professional Rick Fuller joins us to talk about what is going on with California Real Estate and how 1 in 3 people selling their homes are moving out of the state. We talk a variety of issues including the impacts of lawmakers.


Assemblyman Kiley Battles Teaches Union and Lawmakers Have Soft Spot for Criminals

On today's episode, the yo-yo of school reopening continue between Districts and the equity index plus San Francisco Mayor London Breeds latest comments. Meanwhile, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley launches battle against California Teachers Union informing membership that union dues do not need to be paid. We also get into new proposed laws that apparently showcase a soft spot for death row inmates by aiming to reduce sentences and could put more criminals back on the street.


Pittsburg Police Get “A” for Transparency, Sacramento Protesters Get an “F” at Mayors Home

On this episode of WTF California, we talk about the great job Pittsburg Police Department is doing with its transparency after an officer involved shooting which prompts discussion of why can’t Antioch Police release more video, especially after the incident involving the actions of Tamisha Walker and her children. We get into the arrest of a suspect in the attack of elderly victims in Oaklands Chinatown. We also bring up Assemblyman Even Low’s Tweet asking if there needs to be more laws to...


Contra Costa DA Joins Hypocrite List Plus Antioch Mayor's Racial Accusations

On this episode of WTF California, we talk Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton being outed for a wedding party in her backyard back in August. Burkholder addresses comments made by Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe. We talk about inmate firefighter crews being at a low. We also get into San Francisco Unified reaching an agreement to go back to school. We close by talking about increase gas prices.