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The War Room is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone. Watch LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT: infowars.com/show

The War Room is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone. Watch LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT: infowars.com/show


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The War Room is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone. Watch LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT: infowars.com/show




War Room - 2020-Sept 29, Tuesday - Exclusive LIVE Coverage Of The 1st Trump/Biden Presidential Debate!

Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer break down tonight’s first LIVE presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden at 8PM CST. Special guests DeAnna Lorraine, Robert Barnes, Paul Joseph Watson and more will deliver give their take on the debate and its aftermath. Tune in to get the analysis and commentary you won’t find anywhere else!


War Room - 2020-Sept 28, Monday - Democrats Caught On Tape Buying Votes And Ballot Harvesting

We are anticipating a major week as Amy Coney Barret has been nominated, the first Presidential debate is set for Tuesday night, Project Veritas bombshells dropping with Ilhan Omar and Democrats caught red-handed in blatant ballot harvesting and election theft and of course the continued anticipation or hope that there will be justice for the spy campaign ran against President Donald Trump. Guests today include Facebook insider and Project Veritas Alumni Cassandra Spencer on Facebook's role...


War Room - 2020-Sept 25, Friday - Democrats Caught in 2020 Election Theft, Arrests Imminent!

Dems push forward promoting mail-in voting scam, as Trump tries to stop the steal! Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT.


War Room - 2020-Sept 24, Thursday - Democrat Terrorists Shoot Police, Attack Women During Breonna Taylor Riots

As predicted, Democrat terrorists under the front of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA were out all across America last night, once again, burning, looting and assaulting innocent Americans and shooting police officers. Savanah Hernandez was attacked by these mobs in Austin, Texas and had her phone stolen. She joins the show. National File has a breakdown of the money coming in to these groups that are instigating the violence on the streets and providing travel and weaponry to the street mobs....


War Room - 2020-Sept 23, Wednesday - Louisville Prepares For Democrat Terrorism After Breonna Taylor Decision

Loaded broadcast for today with breaking news and analysis concerning the Supreme Court Nominee to be, legal expert and analysis Bob Barnes joins us to discuss why Amy Coney Barret is the wrong choice and who president Trump should choose. Barnes also weighs in on the latest from Bill Barr and the Department Of Justice and their move against big tech censorship. We monitor and cover the situation in Louisville as the BLM and ANTIFA terror squads have mobilized to cause destruction in the...


War Room - 2020-Sept 22, Tuesday - Democrats Announce They’ll Count Ballots Up To Two Weeks After Election

Democrats caught red-handed in multiple lies again. First, Democrats act like no leftists are calling for violence if President Trump nominates a new Supreme Court Justice, claiming this is a right-wing smear job, we actually go through all the calls for war if President Trump nominates a Supreme Court Justice. Second, the Democrats say the tradition is for a President, not the nominate a Supreme Court Judge in the last year, but, based on the past statements of Barack Obama, Joe Biden,...


War Room - 2020-Sept 21, Monday - Anti-mask Protest Violently Confronted By Screaming Brainwashed Liberal

Massive breaking news stories on the Monday transmission include the CDC admitting Covid-19 was never airborne and they published a report it was by mistake, thus making the masks meaningless, and a spy for China discovered in the NYPD. Brandon Gray went to grocery stores over the weekend warning people about the COVID hoax which resulted in a whacked-out deranged leftist screaming at him in the parking lot. The Joe Biden gaffe parade continues as every event he speaks at producers a new...


War Room - 2020-Sept 18, Friday - President Trump Launches “1776 Commission” To Fight Democratic Communist Takeover

President Trump delivered scathing but accurate remarks during a Constitution Day speech calling all the radical left-wing indoctrination of American children in the school systems and mainstream news. We prove him right in real-time with the stories illustrating it in America today. Joe Biden’s campaign continues to fail at every stop as yet another Biden event has more Trump supporters at it than Biden supporters. A parent of a student being COVID traced and forced quarantine speaks out....


War Room - 2020-Sept 17, Thursday - Twitter Is Now Labeling President Trump’s Tweets As False Information

Big tech is engaging is more censorship than ever before and it could no be obvious it’s is coming right out of the Chinese Communist playbook. Senator Josh Hawley is calling this out. Twitter is now putting warning labels on top of President Trump’s tweets. The mask insanity continues but more Americans are standing up against it. Nurses are calling in talking about how they know Covid is a hoax but they are afraid to lose their jobs if they do. Things are getting more awkward on the Joe...


War Room - 2020-Sept 16, Wednesday - Joe Biden Shows Up Late To His Own Event With No Crowd

Both President Trump and Joe Biden had Covid press conferences today and the differences are examples of the contrast between the two candidates and campaigns. Biden shows up more than an hour late for his event, talks for less than twenty minutes and takes 3 pre-staged questions from reporters he reads off a list. President Trump spoke for over and hour and took multiple questions from the media jackals looking to make him look bad. Deanna Lorraine joins in studio to breakdown the mask...


War Room - 2020-Sept 15, Tuesday - President Trump Inks Massive Peace Deal That Will Change The Course Of World Peace

A history day for America, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as the four nations ink an important peace deal at the White House as other countries are thinking about joining as well. President Trump is the peacetime President and this is more evidence. Peace in the MIddle East could become possible with deals like this. Harrison Smith comes in studio for a full expose with the undeniable proof that what is happening on the West Coast is criminal arson and has nothing to do with...


War Room - 2020-Sept 14, Monday - Democrat Terrorists Caught Starting Fires On West Coast

One of the biggest cover-ups of all time is happening in front of our eyes as we speak. Democrat terrorists are starting fires on the west coast and the media and Democrats are calling them wildfires started by climate change. Dozens of Democrat terrorists have already been caught and arrested starting or attempting to start fires, and now citizens are catching them as well. That’s not stopping the media and Democrats from engaging in a massive cover-up of the arson. All the proof is in the...


War Room - 2020-Sept 11, Friday - President Trump Delivers Medal Of Honor On 9/11 As He’s Nominated For 2nd Nobel Prize

On this September 11th, 2001, Owen Shroyer briefly talks 9/11 truth and the hypocrisies surround the narrative and coverage to this day. We take a look at a long lost CNN clip saying no plane hit The Pentagon. Steve Inman who has gained many new followers for his commentary of ANTIFA getting their asses kicked joins the show to discuss the recent surge in popularity and why he decided to start doing these new videos. Headbangers Hour with Frank Kavanagh and Michale Graves talk about the Save...


War Room - 2020-Sept 10, Thursday - Fires, Riots, Censorship, Election Thefts, And Propaganda; In Case You Haven’t Noticed, America Is Under

It’s time for Americans to look around, the riots, the destruction, the fires, the censorship, the propaganda and fake news, and realize that our country is under attack and assault. Kaitlin Bennett joins the transmission after a raging mob of leftist morons literally chase her down like a scene out of a zombie movie while she’s reporting from a college campus in Florida. Gina Floria joins the broadcast to discuss how Hollywood is destroying relationships between men and women. Tom Pappert...


War Room - 2020-Sept 09, Wednesday - President Trump Nominated For Nobel Prize As He Withdraws Troops From Middle East

On this Wednesday episode of the War Room, Owen talks about how the mainstream media continues to ignore the many accomplishments of President Trump. Patrick Howley joins to discuss his banning from Menards for refusing to wear a mask. Deanna Lorraine joins the War Room to talk with Owen about the current medical tyranny and how the left is getting more insane. A strange mystery joins to try to persuade Owen and Deanna that vaccines are great and Gates is actually our friend. GUEST /...


War Room - 2020-Sept 08, Tuesday - Dems Plan For Violent Overthrow Of America: Election Night Revealed

Back from the extended weekend with a loaded newscast is Owen Shroyer as he breaks down the announced plan by the Democrats and the mainstream media to steal the election and cover it up with their lies and riots in the streets. Tom Pappert joins to comment on this developing phenomenon. Joe Biden is getting mentally worse as time goes on and his campaign is getting whooped by President Trump who is getting tens of thousands at every event when Biden is lucky to have one supporter show up....


War Room - 2020-Sept 04, Friday - Democrat Funded Terror Base Discovered In Portland

It’s Friday on the War Room and we go from Democrat War Encampments discovered to Joe Biden Fartgate 2.0 to Friday Night Live ANTIFA Smackdown. We’re joined by great guests the Hodge Twins discussing the upcoming election and Carlos Zapata discussing Americans fed up with the tyrannical Democrats and politicians who are violating their own to protect Americans Freedoms. Callers weigh in on solutions as the Joe Biden campaign for President is deteriorating. The pros and cons or Qanon are...


War Room - 2020-Sept 03, Thursday - ZERO Turnout For Joe Biden In Kenosha, Compared To Huge Crowds For Trump!

Major breaking news stories today include the Department Of Justice is getting ready to investigate Google for anti-trust, Joe Biden goes to Kenosha, Wisconsin only to suffer multiple gaffes and gets almost no crowd to turn out, the alleged ANTIFA linked murderer appears to admit murder in an interview that appears on Vice, and the Democrat protesters are now showing up at the Democrat politicians houses, included Nancy Pelosi’s. Guests today include Ali Alexander and Jesse Lee Peterson. The...


War Room - 2020-Sept 02, Wednesday - Roger Stone Responds To Latest Polls Showing A Trump Landslide!

Finally, Roger Stone joins the War Room to co-host the War Room for an hour. Topics include the state of the 2020 election, the Democrat and mainstream media inspire violence across America, and the Stone On Style best-dressed list of 2020. Joey Gibson joins the broadcast with an update on the situation in Portland, Oregon after his friend Aaron Danielson was murdered in cold blood by a Black Lives Matter supporter. Shocking video out of California as Nancy Pelosi, after being caught in a...


War Room - 2020-Sept 01, Tuesday - President Trump, Bill Barr & Republican Congress Suggest Deep Investigation Into AntifaDemocrat Riots

Major breaking news today as the President has made statements along with Republicans and the Attorney General indicating that they are investigating ANTIFA terror in the cities dating back months. President Trump has also decided to remove the United States from the World Health Organization vaccine production and distribution citing it’s China first policy as the reasoning. Democrat terrorism continues to plague the major cities are more of the violence is caught on camera. Dan Lyman joins...