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The War Room Show is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT at https://infowars.com/show

The War Room Show is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT at https://infowars.com/show


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The War Room Show is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT at https://infowars.com/show




Impeach Biden Movement Gains Steam on Social Media! - War Room - 2021-June 02, Monday

Harrison Smith hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT.


Veterans Sound Off On Biden Administration Tyranny And Forced Vaccinations - War Room - 2021-July 30, Friday

It’s the Veterans Call in special and our guests for this month's edition are Pete Santilli and Tyler Nixon. Pete gets into his experience as a political prisoner and talks about how we can win this battle for free the January 6th political prisoners. Tyler Nixon gets into it from a legal perspective and how so many rights are being violated in this process. Owen Shroyer ties the knots together and takes calls from great veterans throughout the transmission. Alex Jones dials in with a...


GOP Congressmen Barred From Visiting January 6th Prisoners - War Room - 2021-July 29, Thursday

The very few Congressmen actually concerned about the torturous conditions of the January 6th political prisoners find themselves stymied and abused at every turn. Meanwhile, The New York Times admits that there was no “coup” and that the Capitol Protestors were expressing legitimate grievances. The Atlantic calls Mike Lindell an existential threat to democracy, but thinks BlackRock is just fine. GUEST HOST: HARRISON SMITH


Autopsy Of Dead COVID Vaccinated Person Shows Spike Proteins In Every Organ - War Room - 2021-July 28, Wednesday

Finally some Republican representatives are getting loud about fighting the COVID tyranny and Chip Roy goes off on the house floor on mask mandates and the constant flip flopping by Fauci and the CDC. Owen Shroyer highlights the fact spike proteins are found all over the bodies of deceased vaccine victims and how hospitals are now talking about putting kids on ventilators if they have COVID. Owen also gives his opinion on the Olympics and specifically the Simone Biles debacle. Clay Clark...


Warp Speed WARPED America!! TIME IS NOW!! - War Room - 2021-July 27, Tuesday

HOST: DR. JANE RUBY Dr. Jane Ruby guest hosts another amazing broadcast of The War Room. Dr. Jane reveals the extent of cover-up and manipulation by the media as more and more vaccine mandates are being pushed in public spaces. Dr. Ruby talks first with Dr. Peter McCullough about the multiple dangers of the current form of the COVID vaccine and what we may expect of future variants of COVID-19. In the second hour, Maggie Vandenberghe joins Dr. Jane Ruby for serious conversation about the...


Democrats Call For Arrest And Forced Hospitalization Of Unvaccinated Americans - War Room - 2021-July 26, Monday

Andrew Cuomo let’s the genie out of the bottle and calls for the rounding up of unvaccinated persons, throwing them into vehicles and taking them to the hospital to be force vaccinated. Allie French joins the broadcast to talk about her organization, Nebraskans Against Government Overreach. Erin Elizabeth is one of the Biden Administrations “disinformation dozen”. She joins to discuss the attacks against her, but more importantly, the truth, being launched by the White House. Big Tech...


Democrats Bring Mask Mandates Back, Mandatory Vaccines Next - War Room - 2021-July 23, Friday

Democrats announce mask mandates as they prepare for mandatory vaccines by the end of the summer. More news on the January 6th political prosecution and false narrative as Cara Castronuova joins the discussion and talks about a rally she has coming up. Mike Miller has breaking exclusive news from the southern border where the lawlessness has reached new levels and houses are being broken into and cartel gangs are doing witchcraft. Owen Shroyer also opens up the phone lines and has a couple...


Joe Biden Forgets Where He Is During Empty Town Hall That No One Watched! - War Room - 2021-July 22, Thursday

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Rand Paul To Request Criminal Investigation Into Anthony Fauci & Gain-Of-Function Research - War Room - 2021-July 21, Wednesday

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The Tyrants Are Here! Politicians & Leftists Call For Indefinite Detention For Unvaccinated Citizens - War Room - 2021-July 20, Tuesday

TUNE IN LIVE WEEKDAYS 3PM - 6 PM CST: https://freeworldnews.tv/channel/war-room-with-owen-shroyer


The Truth Is Now Out That Trump Won The Election; How Will America Respond? - War Room - 2021-July 19, Monday

TUNE IN LIVE WEEKDAYS 3PM - 6PM CST: https://freeworldnews.tv/channel/war-room-with-owen-shroyer


‘People Will Go To Prison’ Devin Nunes Still Believes Justice Will Be Served In Durham Report - War Room - 2021-July 16, Friday

TUNE IN LIVE WEEKEDAYS 3PM CST: https://freeworldnews.tv/channel/war-room-with-owen-shroyer


Biden Administration Invites UN To Take Over Racist Law Enforcement In USA - War Room - 2021-July 15, Thursday

Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT. Also catch the streams at infowars.com/show and Banned.video.


Georgia Vote Audit Shows 100% Of Absentee Ballots Came In For Biden In Thousands Of Ballot Drops - War Room - 2021-July 14, Wednesday

Perhaps the biggest wave of momentum for America since Democrats stole the election happens today. We now have undeniable proof of how the Democrats stole Georgia for Biden, with video and vote audit reports being released. Owen Shroyer explains how this momentum ties into other stories and opportunities Republicans and American have right now to save America and correct the course of American history. Dan Lyman joins in studio to discuss a litany of subjects from the uprisings in France...


Texas Republicans Vote to Arrest Democrats Who Abandoned Duties for Political Stunt in DC - War Room - 2021-July 13, Tuesday

As the Democrats announce door to door vaccines and vaccine mandates introduced in Europe, vaccine manufacturers are announcing a change to their vaccine formula to avoid it from being so deadly. This should shock the world and show how diabolical the vaccine agenda is. This is a stage of the new world order tyranny, a stage at which can still be reversed peacefully. Meanwhile, the LGBTQIA+ agenda is being pushed harder than ever in Hollywood and children's schools. Anna Khait joins the War...


Democrats And Big Tech Plan To Censor Private Text Conversations On Vaccines And Elections - War Room - 2021-July 12, Monday

Too much news for 3 hours today, but Owen Shroyer tries to cram it all in on The War Room. Alex Jones files a breaking report LIVE on air about the Democrats plan to censor private text messages in an attempt to stop news spreading on vaccines and election fraud. Ivory Hecker and Dr. Stella Immanuel join in one powerful segment to talk about the censorship of free speech and of effective treatments for COVID. This is the only place you can find this information. The latest numbers of illegal...


World Economic Forum Announces Cyber Attack Worldwide In Near Future - War Room - 2021-July 09, Friday

It’s a loaded Friday broadcast with heavy news coverage and great guests. The World Economic Forum has shown the world the next dastardly trick coming from the corrupt globalists, a massive worldwide cyber attack. As they are currently running “drills” and “simulations” of a global cyber attack, we remember how they did the exact thing with a pandemic in 2019 before Covid. Dion Cini who makes the Yuge Trump flags and unravels them at baseball games joins them to discuss how others can do it...


Everything Infowars Told You Has Come True; What Now? - War Room - 2021-July 08, Thursday

American Patriots and Infowarriors have reached a crossroads. All the worst nightmares of American Patriots and the predictions of Infowars are all coming to fruition. As tyranny lurks and corruption grows, Americans are asking themselves, ‘what’s next, what can I do?’. Jon Miller joins to discuss the continued lies of January 6th and the lawlessness of the Democrat Party. Mike Miller from Warriors For Ranchers joins to discuss the dire and desperate situation at the South Border. The War...


Fear Mongering Over “Delta” Variant Being Used to Push Vaccines and Start New Lockdowns - War Room - 2021-July 07, Wednesday

As the Democrats want us to believe we can never forget about January 6th, we must never forget that they stole our election and lied about all the events that followed. We highlight that today as Democrats and their media continue to over dramatize their experience on January 6th for clout and to continue the big lie. Owen Shroyer highlights the latest cringe from the left, from begging for a door to door vaccine mandate to liberal authors accidentally admitting feminism was a mistake. Nick...


Democrats Announce Their Hatred For America Over 4th Of July Weekend - War Room - 2021-July 06, Tuesday

It was a heavy 4th of July weekend for American patriots, as we want to celebrate Independence Day, we also realize our country is reeling and our freedoms are being erased. Cara Castranuova joins to discuss this and the continued political persecution of Trump supporters as the feds continue to arrest and detain and torture for being in D.C. on January 6th. Democrats are now openly admitting their disdain for America on July 4th. The occupied U.S. military continues to put out it’s woke...