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"Conversation based comedy news podcast that aims to connect the world through strange and interesting real-life news stories."

"Conversation based comedy news podcast that aims to connect the world through strange and interesting real-life news stories."
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"Conversation based comedy news podcast that aims to connect the world through strange and interesting real-life news stories."




S.M.A.R.T Goals w/ Sam Rosemark

Joined by special guest host Sam Rosemark, Adam and Sam discuss laying out S.M.A.R.T. goals to avoid New Year's resolution failure, desensitization of affordable health care and protecting your child in the golden age of social media. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Sam Rosemark Twitter / LinkedIn -------------------------------------------------- Most People Give Up New Year’s Resolutions By January 12th, Study Claims https://fxn.ws/2V9LJ5Q [00:01:25 -...


(In)Justice w/ Alexandra Nedved

Joined by special guest host Alexandra Nedved, Adam and Alexandra discuss why your legacy should matter, finding personal freedom within the work day and harassment in the modern age. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Alexandra Nedved Instagram / Hamlet, But Hamlet's A Chicken -------------------------------------------------- Man Whose Hobby Was Waving To Drivers In Brokenhead Dead at 73 https://reut.rs/2QuZqg6 [00:02:32 - 00:16:16] South Koreans Lock...


Inner Confidence w/ Haley Reeves

Joined by special guest host Haley Reeves, Adam and Haley discuss the poisonous effects of being a bridezilla, the secret to lifelong happiness and the moral dilemmas facing the world's oldest profession. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Haley Reeves Instagram -------------------------------------------------- Woman “Secretly Fattened Up Bridesmaids Before Wedding” https://bit.ly/2z0Srkm [00:01:46 - 00:12:57] Woman, Who Claims to be World’s Oldest,...


Not An Applebee's Ad w/ President Unicorn Podcast

Joined by special guest host President Unicorn Podcast featuring Travis and Ian; Adam, Travis and Ian discuss genderless gingerbread cookies, the definitive wait time for spoilers and if Applebee's deserves another chance. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- President Unicorn Podcast Website / Twitter / Instagram -------------------------------------------------- Bakery Criticized for Selling Genderless Gingerbread “Persons” https://bit.ly/2PFyUQt [00:02:11...


Wall-E Marathon w/ Sam Legierski

Joined by special guest host Sam Legierski, Adam and Sam discuss sexist Amazon technology and the influence of Wall-E, managing the creative spirit and the eventually death of American cheese. Enjoy! *Bonus Podcast Story: Cleveland-Bound Flight Delayed Due To “Emotional Support” Squirrel https://bit.ly/2ygu4zd [LISTEN] *Correction: - The internet was invented in 1989 - Pepper Jack is flavored with sweet peppers, rosemary, habanero chilies, garlic and...


Helicopter Parenting w/ Dylan Barrett

Joined by special guest host Dylan Barrett, Adam and Dylan discuss psychic scams in Canada, selling your personal data for drugs and an out-of-control helicopter parent! Enjoy! *Correction: - If you are a US listener, register to vote HERE - A better understanding of Data Privacy Laws HERE -------------------------------------------------- Dylan Barrett Instagram / Facebook -------------------------------------------------- Do Not Pay Con-Artists Money To Ward Off Black Magic...


Wedding Stress w/ Ryan Beal

Joined by special guest host Ryan Beal (for a 2nd time), Adam and Ryan discuss the worst nicknames to give your significant other, the Mount Rushmore of snacks and the greatest Facebook post of all-time! Enjoy! *Correction: The average price for a wedding in the United States is $25,764 -------------------------------------------------- Ryan Beal Instagram / Donate -------------------------------------------------- Wife Ends Marriage After Discovering Husband’s Cruel Nickname...


Dating Advice w/ The Real Is Back Music

Joined by special guest host The Real Is Back Music featuring Stylz and Fixx, Adam and The Real Is Back Music discuss conspiracy theories including Lizard People, dating advice and Australian protests against the national anthem! Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- The Real Is Back Music Facebook / Twitter -------------------------------------------------- “Remodelling the Lizard People’s Lair”: Denver Airport Trolls Conspiracy...


Fake News Media w/ Bizzy Stephenson

Joined by special guest host Bizzy Stephenson, Adam and Bizzy discuss ancient pleas in a modern world, the rise of the modern day Nazi in US politics and fake news media being the true enemy of the people. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Bizzy Stephenson Twitter / Instagram -------------------------------------------------- Guernsey Resident Halts Roadworks With Ancient Plea https://bit.ly/2nzM0zk [00:01:52 - 00:14:52] Missouri Republican Who Said...


Costco Fight Club w/ Brian Grossman

Joined by special guest host Brian Grossman, Adam and Brian discuss the controversy behind free samples at Costco, tipping habits and condescending diners and how to fix the student loan bubble. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Brian Grossman Facebook / Watch -------------------------------------------------- Free Samples At Costco Leads To Fight Between Senior Citizens https://cbsloc.al/2B4ACVP Man’s Cheap And Rude Tipping Method Goes...


Plastic Bag Rage w/ Angie Krause

Joined by special guest host Angie Krause, Adam and Angie discuss the growing divide between generations, the cost of family betrayal, Australia's efforts to combat plastic bag rage and humans' racial bias towards robots. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Angie Krause Website / LinkedIn -------------------------------------------------- Millennials Outraged After Baseball Team Advertises “Millennial Night” https://fxn.ws/2LxInnO “See You In Court” Aunt...


Tim Allen's Mugshot w/ Chris Bales & Jake Mierva

Joined by special guest hosts Chris Bales and Jake Mierva of Northern Nights Productions; Adam, Jake and Chris discuss the takeover of reserved seating in movie theaters, Kylie Jenner's "Self-Made" fortune, cocaine and Instagram fame and educational stagnation in America. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Chris Bales & Jake Mierva of Northern Nights Productions Website / Chris's Instagram / Jake's...


The Pursuit Of Happyness w/ Annie Youngblood

Joined by special guest host Annie Youngblood, Adam and Annie discuss crazy ex-girlfriends sabotaging careers, being naked and alone on an island paradise, how to properly rob a bank and the development of Space Force. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Annie Youngblood Instagram -------------------------------------------------- Musician Wins $260,000 In Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Who Sabotaged Career https://n.pr/2yO3Irc Japanese Hermit Forced To Give...


Eviction Notice w/ Dungeon, TheBaptist

Joined by special guest host Devin Hester aka Dungeon TheBaptist, Adam and Dungeon discuss the hot new trend of eating food out of a bowl, name changing tattoo cover ups, getting evicted by your parents and spaghetti straps ending the world. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Dungeon, TheBaptist Soundcloud / Instagram -------------------------------------------------- “Bowl Food” Is Hot New Trend Where You Eat Food Out Of A...


Annoying Kids w/ Adam Hausken

Joined by special guest host Adam Hausken, the Adam's discuss a cultural prom dress disapproval, crushing donuts and making friends at a 0.5K, how to bully annoying kids and telling men to work less. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Adam Hausken Donate -------------------------------------------------- Prom Dress That Caused A Culture Furore In The US Draws Head-Scratching In China https://bit.ly/2L4dCa7 Texas Town Holds 0.5k - Not 5k - For...


#WaterBirth w/ Andrew Merten

Joined by special guest host Andrew Merten, Adam and Andrew discuss the decline of the analog clock, an Ocean's Eleven type heist involving an aquarium thermometer, how to oversee a successful #WaterBirth and letting Facebook slide on selling your information to the highest bidder. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Andrew Merten Watch -------------------------------------------------- Schools Are Removing Analog Clocks From Exam Halls As Teenagers “Cannot...


Dolphin Sex w/ Ryan Beal

*NSFW Episode* Joined by special guest host Ryan Beal, Adam and Ryan discuss a man's sexual relations with a dolphin skewing his review of The Shape of Water, America's billion dollar drunk shopping problem, burger flipping robots taking over the world and setting the constipation world record. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------- Ryan Beal Instagram -------------------------------------------------- Shape Of Water Would Have Been Less Popular If She’d F**ked...