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Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."

Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."
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Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."






Ep 1010 Dems Try To Bait Trump To Unleash Impeachment Proceedings

Democrats are playing a game now, and it’s coated in trying to paint President Trump as a man who is losing his mind and becoming incompetent. On Wednesday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said Trump threw a tantrum when he stormed out of the Oval Office. On Thursday, she told the media that she was concerned for his well-being, saying “I pray for the president” and hopes for his family or administration stages an “intervention.” Pelosi and the Democrats seem as if they want to “bait” Trump into...


Ep 1009 Democrats Reduced To Trying To Justify A Reason To Impeach POTUS

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to her Democratic colleagues Wednesday night following President Donald Trump blowing up their infrastructure meeting over the House investigations into his administration. Trump went off on Pelosi then stormed out early, before letting loose at a presser, over Pelosi saying this morning that he has engaged in a “cover-up.” Support the show.


Ep 1007 Can You Believe 52,398 Border Crosses Now In Detention - All Time Record!!

As of Monday, ICE was holding 52,398 migrants — 998 of which are family units — in detention, BuzzFeed News reports. “This is an avoidable humanitarian crisis manufactured by the Trump administration’s harsh policies, which are driven by the president’s extreme rhetoric and distorted assessments of the migrant population,” Kevin Landy, the head of ICE’s Office of Detention Policy and Planning during the Obama administration, told BuzzFeed. Two weeks ago, the total stood at more than 49,000...


Ep 1006 Dems Trying To Backtrack On "No Border Crisis" Rhetoric!

The Democrats can’t even backtrack with grace. It’s just one lie after another. I was going to disparage Rep. Nancy Pelosi over not remembering how her party has told the American people how there was no border crisis and that President Trump was manufacturing the situation, even though Border Patrol agents are crying for help. Then I remembered how leftist don’t have the necessary RAM to remember what they said a week ago. Nancy can’t even remember what side of that argument she was on...


Ep 1005 American Birth Rates Hit Lowest Point In Three Decades

The new birth rate numbers are out, and they're a disaster. There are now only 59.6 births per 1,000 women, the lowest rate ever recorded in the United States. Some of the decrease is due to good news, which is the continuing decline of teen pregnancies, but most of it is due to people getting married later and choosing to have fewer children. And the worst part is, everyone is treating this news with a shrug. It wasn't always this way. It used to be taken for granted that the best...


Ep 1004 Americans Are Sick Of The Targeted Attacks On The President

“James Comey, Brennan, and (James) Clapper have said to themselves which one of us is going to pay the Barr bill. The Barr bill is coming due,” diGenova replied. He then targeted former CIA Director John Brennan (who is now a vocal cable news Trump critic) saying that meetings between the current Attorney general, CIA director and Director of National Intelligence have “now focused on a laser that the core of this conspiracy began with John Brennan and ends with John Brennan in London and...


Ep 1003 Trump Approval Hits 51%, Winning Millennials

President Donald Trump's job approval rating surpassed the halfway mark in a Zogby Analytics poll published Tuesday. In the poll, Trump earned 51 percent approval from likely voters and 48 percent disapproval – 2 percent say they are unsure. Among younger millennials, those between 18-29, Trump received 51 percent approval, but among older millennial voters, those between 25-35-years-old, 53 percent approval of Trump's job as president. Support the show.


Ep 1002 Federal Gov't Sets All-Time Record For Real Federal Spending

The largest portion of money between October and April went to Social Security, at $599 billion, followed by national defense – $397 billion. Medicare ($365 billion), income security ($336 billion) and health-related expenses ($334 billion) also made up a large share of expenditures. Support the show.


Ep 1001 DC Politicians Trying To Scare Americans About Constitutional Crisis

What Green actually said, in an appearance on MSNBC this week, was that “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected. If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated. He will say the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House and didn’t take up impeachment. He will say we have a constitutional duty to do it if it was there and we didn’t. He will say he’s been vindicated.” Support the show.


Ep 1000 - Dems Show Voters They Want AG Barr To Break Law With Contempt of Congress Charge

The Dems are trying to discredit Barr because he is investigating the way the intelligence agencies were used against political enemies during the Obama Administration. They didn't think they'd ever get caught for these criminal abuses of power because they figured Hillary was a shoe in. But Trump won, and now they're all freaking out because they'll be exposed. Support the show.


Ep 999 The Verdict Is In, There Was No Collusion And The Russia Investigation Is Over

There was no collusion between the Kremlin, Trump, or his campaign staff during the 2016 election, despite nearly two years of the liberal media lusting for this to be true. There was no collusion and Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein felt there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue charges against Trump in obstruction of justice. Regardless, Trump is vindicated. Trump was right. And his supporters now have zero reasons to believe anything the news media says on this matter after...


Ep 998 Democrat’s Fear Of Atty General Barr Grows Day By Day

Anyone voting for a Democrat is part of the destruction of America brought on by these corrupt and evil representatives and senators who took an oath to protect the American people. These criminals are doing just the opposite and are putting our nation into grave danger by their illegal and illicit actions. They are American citizen haters and a clear and present danger to our republic. Support the show.


Ep 997 Dems Trying To Destroy Barr's Reputation Before He Finishes Investigation

You know AG Barr has made the FULL unredacted Mueller Report available at the Justice Department but must be read in a secure location so, you know, all these left-wing leaders don't break laws exposing parts that are not allowed to be public. And not a single Democrat has taken the time to go read it! But they are certain they know what's in it! Sound familiar? Democrats are the most uninformed people on the planet but they are really good at spouting baseless opinions and calling it facts...


Ep 996 AG Barr Takes On Senate Democrat

Barr is on track to be the best AG, ever. If he can drain the swamp he will have saved this nation. Trump couldn’t do it because the Justice Department (and FBI, and CIA, and NSA, and more...) were obstructing him under the guise of the Russia collusion investigation. Now we can finally get down to firing a whole lot of Obama sycophant activists, who have politicized law enforcement in the worst way. Support the show.


Ep 995 Bernie Wants Felons To Vote, Claims Repubs Suppressing Minorities

This old man is one nasty individual. I don't know where he gets his hatred from but he shouldn't be leading any country. He wants felons to vote in national elections knowing full well if you commit a crime there are repercussions and consequences that follow. Support the show.


Ep 994 Biden Says Undocumented Citizens Are American Citizens

If we use former VP Joe Biden's screwed up logic, the entire world is now a US citizen. Biden is completely ignoring the rule of law. He is advocating amnesty for illegal "immigration." He is advocating to reward illegals for just waltzing right into America, with virtually no consequences. I can't get my mind around this sometimes. Does anyone on the left even understand what a LAW actually is? Support the show.


Ep 993 Politics and Culture Have Mixed, Have You Missed The Boat?

Politics and culture should work hand in hand but it seems our side doesn't understand it. The left has it hands down and our side is so jealous we act as if it doesn't mean anything. Why can't we have Coachella? Spring Break Bash? Support the show.


Ep 992 Dems Trying to Scare Trump With Impeachment Talks

Moving to impeachment is only a move to raise more money from the Democratic base. It is another move to show the Dem's cannot accept the election and cannot stand that a non-politician is President. The good-ole-boy club has been breached and a newcomer is trying to do away with the back-room bribing and collusion that politicians do to gain wealth and power. Support the show.


Ep 991 Media Slams Barr For Doing His Job; Trump Claims Exoneration!

Democrats are delusional. They have so badly wanted collusion and obstruction to be found, that they have convinced themselves it has happened. It’s like they believe the sky is green. And we can tell them the sky is blue. We can point to the sky and show them it’s blue. But they will always believe the sky is green, no matter what anyone says. Support the show.


Ep 990 What Reactions Will the Mueller Investigation Deliver On Thursday

Dems are looking for a word or two that they can hold onto until the 2020 elections. Think about it like this too. Barr will claim the redactions were needed to protect individuals caught up in this investigation, and it shouldn't be released to the public, better yet, the world. Democrats don't care. Support the show.