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Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."

Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."
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Real Talk. Straight Talk. Wayne Dupree is the American Conservative Union's Blogger of the Year. He's also the host of the Award-Winning "Wayne Dupree Show."






Ep 1034 Hyper Woke Hive Mind

If you think "send her back" is because Ilhan Oman is a black woman, you are missing the boat. It's because of her anti-Semitic, anti-American views that are defended by Pelosi. Support the show.


Ep 1033 Dems Purposely Denied Border Crisis For Months Witch Caused Today's Problems!

Democrats don't want to talk about the border crisis, they want to hound Pres. Trump over a tweet or two that savage anti-American lawmakers who just a few days ago ripped Rep. Pelosi calling her racist. Support the show.


Ep 1032 Trump TROLLS Radical Four Over U.S. Patriotism As Media Lose Their Heads

James Cheef and Lucretia Hughes join me to discuss the #RadicalFour and how they are playing a game against the American people and how the Democrats are trying to benefit off the racist innuendos against Pres. Trump Support the show.


Ep 1031 AOC Wants DHS Closed Down; Pelosi Wants Her Close Down

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with her group of #HatefulFour has chosen to try their hardest to work an agenda to tear down our defenses. Her partner Ilhan Omar wanted the ICE shut down and now AOC wants DHS closed down. Who are they working for? Support the show.


Ep 1030 Trump Economy Is Actually Benefiting Those Democrats Say It's Not!

Democrats can't win for losing. They can't beat Trump on the issues of how American lives are better under his administration and the lies they are telling about the ecomony are coming back to bite them in the tail. Guest Co-Host: James Cheef Support the show.


Ep 1029 Should Republicans Worry About Any 2020 Dem Candidate

James Cheef of the Cheef Report and RD Elephants joined the show to bring his perspective about the 2020 race for Democrats and how or why is the red MAGA hat a trigger for progressives. Support the show.


Ep 1028 Sharpton Says Dems Shouldn't Count On Black Vote For 2020

MSNBC show host Al Sharpton joined the Morning Joe on Monday morning to speak on the black community as if he were its leader. Let me say, Sharpton, is not the leader of anyone. Too many people have given him relevance and kept him around as if they need to keep around a wart. Sharpton doesn't bother white progressives, so they tolerate him and then allow him to shoot down the right-wing voters and politicians with reckless abandon during election time. Support the show.


Ep 1025 ANTIFA Will Continue Attacks On Right-Wing Until They Are Shown Not To

ANTIFA continues to physically attack conservatives. My issue is that conservatives need to fight back and stop traveling to these hate groups individually. These people hate us and it seems we think the police is going to protect us when they haven't done it already. Support the show.


Ep 1027 Resistance Networks Turn Back On 4th Of July Celebration

Do you believe that our national networks were trying to force Americans to not watch or participate in Pres. Trump's Salute To America. Support the show.


Ep 1024 Guest Lucretia Hughes and Patricia Onwuka

Both guests brought their perspective of the news during this episode. Lucretia Hughes has been in the conservative radio business for over eight years and has not been given the opportunity to shine. Patricia appears weekly on the show and represents the Independent Women's Forum. Support the show.


Ep 1026 New National Poll Says American Pride Hits New Low

The media won't stop trying to bring down POTUS as he's trying his best to change the way our country is seen on the global stage. Lucretia Hughes joins me to discuss! Support the show.


Ep 1023 Guest: Carpe Donktom, Ali Alexander of Culttture

Both of these young men are making it possible for conservative voices to be heard via Culttture.com. Ali Alexander has been in the trenches for the conservative movement for some time now and he has a voice and needs to heard about the future of the movement. Support the show.


Ep 1022 Guest Denise McCallister, Patrice Lee Onwuka

Denise McCallister is a fierce fighter against the liberal agenda and has been attacked verbally and through social media for her convictions. She tells her story. Patrice Onwuka returns to talk reparations and why Dems are once again screwing things up. Support the show.


Ep. 1021 Guest Scott Baio And Mike Cernovich

Actor and conservative activist Scott Baio join the show in the first half to discuss Pres. Trump's Orlando rally for the kick-off of his re-election campaign. Author, Filmmaker Mike Cernovich also joined the show to speak on the Kyle Kashuv situation where the teen was denied a committed scholarship at Harvard due to the n-word controversy Support the show.


Ep 1020 Pelosi Using Cover-Up Narrative To Hurt POTUS

Guest: Rhoda Ross-Williams joined the #WDShow on Thurs to speak truth to power in regards to spirituality, religion, and Christianity in the USA. Very insightful. Make sure you follow her. With so many government-funded abortions, how do Americans think this nation will not be judged on that choice? We need a spiritual revival to wake up! Support the show.


Ep 1019 It Doesn't Matter Who Lead Dems, They Can't Win In 2020 Anyway!

In the Trump-Biden matchup, women back Biden 60 - 34 percent, as men are divided with 47 percent for Biden and 46 percent for Trump. White voters are divided with 47 percent for Trump and 46 percent for Biden. The Democrat leads 85 - 12 percent among black voters and 58 - 33 percent among Hispanic voters. Republicans go to Trump 91 - 6 percent. Biden leads 95 - 3 percent among Democrats and 58 - 28 percent among independent voters. Support the show.


Ep 1018 Don't Discount Non-Voters for 2020, They Want To Be Heard Too

Jon Stewart was on Capitol Hill today once again joining 9/11 first responders to press Congress to renew the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. The congressional subcommittee heard from first responders like Luis Alvarez, who shamed Congress for making him come down to remind them they promised to “never forget.” Support the show.


Ep 1017 With Masses Of Homeless Americans, California To Give Free Healthcare To Illegals

Under the agreement, a family of four earning more than $150,000 would be eligible to receive about $100 a month from the government for their monthly health insurance premium bills, AP reported. The state will reportedly tax individuals who do not pay for health insurance in order to pay for part of it. The policy would revive an individual mandate penalty that initially came with the federal health care bill former President Obama signed into law. Support the show.


Ep 1016 Americans Are Asleep While Border Crossings & Homeless Are Going Up

The number of homeless people in Los AngelesCounty jumped 12 percent over the past year, officials announced Tuesday, despite $619 million in government spending to help alleviate the problem. The annual point-in-time count recorded nearly 59,000 homeless people countywide, with the largest number -- 36,000 -- coming from the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a county agency which conducted the count, delivered its report to the Board of Supervisors at its...


Ep 1015 Border Arrests Hit Record Highs, Full Blown Emergency

This is the fundamental change Obama wanted for us. No borders, no sovereignty, no rule of law unless of course, you are a citizen, and more votes for the Democrat party. The sad part is that these people will never assimilate. The number of migrants apprehended at America's southern border skyrocketed last month to levels not seen in over a decade, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection reporting nearly 133,000 arrests in May. The number surpassed 144,000 when counting migrants deemed...