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Walter and Oscar review the week in news. From politics, to entertainment, we cover the biggest news stories simply and hilariously so any body can understand. funnier than CNN and more accurate than Fox"

Walter and Oscar review the week in news. From politics, to entertainment, we cover the biggest news stories simply and hilariously so any body can understand. funnier than CNN and more accurate than Fox"
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Walter and Oscar review the week in news. From politics, to entertainment, we cover the biggest news stories simply and hilariously so any body can understand. funnier than CNN and more accurate than Fox"






43.Student Loans, Special Guest David with an NBA Update, and the Kentucky Derby

The MET Gala is tonight featuring a "Camp" theme, we have Special Guest David talking NBA and Elon Musk's big promise for Tesla. Companies are taking over student loans for college kids, New Segment "This Day In History," and Imperfect Produce is flooding us with veggies.


42. Dr. Katy's Medical Korner, Canada's Poopy Diapers and Boy Scout Diddling

This week we have special guest Dr. Katy explaining the Maureen Walsh nursing situation, the Avengers Endgame with Thanos (TheraFlu) is coming in hot, more Boy Scout leaders are being outed for sexual harassment, Sri Lanka had a devastating Easter, and Canada and Justin Trudeau is sending all their poopy adult diapers to the Philippines.


41. High Priestess, Notre Dame, WikiLeaks and Parents with Porn

Special Guest High Priestess, Notre Dame is ablaze, University of Michigan (Go Blue) man is upset about his lost porn collection, WikiLeaks' leader faces jail, and CRISPR is being used to heal cancer patients. Google You.


40. Black Hole, Hot Dog Summer, and Kim K Attorney at Law

Hot dogs are back in a big way propelling Trump to a 2020 victory, Netflix is moving to Sirius XM, Bernie is storing poop in his growing hump, the NHL playoffs have begun, Kim Kardashian has announced that she has planned to take the Bar exam, and the first picture of a black hole is a real bummer.


39. Nipley Hustle and Humpback Bernie

RIP segment, Burger King manages to be on the show for two straight weeks (heat check BK), the Final Four has arrived with our own Michigan State Spartans, we imagine life without things from Mexico, bad April Fool's jokes, and NBA players cn get fined $35,000 for tweeting two letters.


38. Measles, Mueller and McGregor

It was a witch hunt after all, as Trump apparently didn't collude. Measles have struck New York! The World's seeds are in danger, McGregor and Gronkowski are "retiring," and Facebook isn't allowing white nationalist talk anymore.


37. Aunt Becky, S3XY Teslas, and Mama June is Back on the Crack

Elon Musk debuts his newest Tesla with an immature pun, Aunt Becky is struggling to bribe USC into getting her daughter into college, Mama June is busted with a crack pipe, Burger King is revolutionizing how we drink coffee, and Pokemon makes a rare comeback in this week's podcast with Walter and Oscar.

36. Mad Nature, Momo Challenge and NBA Update

Kids are taking the Momo Challenge too seriously, Walter gives an NBA update, Nature is raging through the south, Google is accidentally paying women more than men, Luke Perry star of Riverdale (and that's it) has passed, and there's collusion going on in a West Virginia church. Google you and Google me.


35. Sexual Tensions and Future Presidents

Lots of sexual tensions with Robert Kraft, the Kardashians, and Lady Gaga. Possible presidents are running all over the place, Oscar presents the Oscars, and R Kelly is maybe the worst person ever.


34. Jeff Bezos vs. Donald Trump

New York Fashion Week, Bill Cosby thinks he's Martin Luther King, El Chapo faces his biggest prison escape challenge yet, Jeff Bezos is on Trump's bad side, special guest and conspiracy theorist Lancey Joe. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Galentines day if you're into that.


33. Birth Rings and Polar Vortexes; An Action Movie

On this episode we chat all things freezing cold, although Australia is hot. We call up a favorite special guest to try to get in the birth ring game, new candidates for President, the U.S. is gaining jobs this month, cops are shooting at each other accidentally, and the Super Bowl ( and the scams that come with it) are coming.


32. Razoring Through Blue Monday ft. Sean Mckeon

Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year and Walter is feeling blue, William Barr is basically the 13th attorney general Trump has gone through, Trending Hashtags segment, Theresa May is being bullied but staying strong in the U.K. and we have special guest Sean Mckeon the whole episode! Great news we are now on Stitcher, Google Play and TuneIn.


31. Jeff Bozo Interview and Nobody's Getting Paid

On this week's episode we interview Jeff Bezos as he reads back his naughty texts to his mistress, Walter hasn't been paid in weeks, Antarctica is melting, and Libby is back for Murder Mystery Corner. Google you.


30. Pulling Out and Shutting Down ft. Brice Griffin

Trump is threatening a national emergency, the Golden Globes were last night, you get Oscar's, Walter's, and our special guest Brice Griffin's New Year's resolutions, and Kevin Hart is pretty clearly problematic (look at his old tweets). Apparently we pulled out slowly, but who really knows if that works? Special guest all episode long and a New Year.


29. Trans Russian Orchestra

Special guest LA celeb Kurtis Creger, first trans woman in the Miss Universe Pageant, D.C. in a deadlock and headed for a shutdown for the 20th time this year, Old Tweets, Quick Hits, Hungary is basically employing slaves, and the first Russian spy has been exposed


28. Google+ You, Michael Goes to Jail, and Special Guests

This week we talk to two special guests about both the Michael Cohen conviction, as well as the 90 day "break" between China and the U.S. Google gets grilled by Congress, Kyler Murray wins the Heisman but chooses baseball, and Lyft and Uber are both trying to go public.


27. Caravanning Towards Christmas

The Caravan has reached the border, Lou Anna K. Simon is facing 4 years in prison, Trump is still racist and supporting Saudi Arabia, Bitcoin is down (Walter is losing thousands), Dwight Howard is maybe coming out maybe staying in the closet. Segment: Hot Topic! Egg Nog; delicious milky treat or milky poop diarrhea drink?


26. Class is in Sessions and Scott's Tott's College Update

This week we mourn over the shooting in California and the fires raging in....unfortunately....California again. Oscar has a surprise segment secret special guest, and we welcome Scott Garber our College Expert to break down Juul and other college trends. Trump is saying "Thank u, next" to Jeff Sessions and the mid-term elections have him "blue" in the face. Google you Google me. Donate to the California wildfires through our Facebook posts.


25. Failed Bomber, Synagogue Sick F**k and Coping with Winter

Sad week, but we find the happy in it. Ponytail idiot fails at pipe bombing, synagogue sick f**k, a caravan of Central Americans are headed towards the U.S., NFL trade deadline breakdown, and tips and tricks of how to deal with the cold weather. It's our quad-centennial episode, so we celebrated with a few drinks. Special guest Skelly the Skeleton joins us for Devil's Night. Love and missed you all. Google you. Peace.


24. Name Calling, #KONY2012, NBA Picks and Goodbye Sears

KONY is back, Trump is calling Stormy "Horseface," we already know who is going to win the NBA, and Oscar may have his very own stalker. He made it. Canada is getting higher than the U.S. literally and figuratively while Saudi Arabia is taking an economic hit due to an ill-advised murder. We talk all that and more. Google us and google you. Peace.