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The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast features Daniel D's open-minded and politically-incorrect analysis of the biggest problems in American culture and politics.

The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast features Daniel D's open-minded and politically-incorrect analysis of the biggest problems in American culture and politics.


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The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast features Daniel D's open-minded and politically-incorrect analysis of the biggest problems in American culture and politics.




Victimology Poker: Clownworld America's New National Pastime!

If you like the What's Wrong with America? podcast, you'll love Daniel D's new podcast: A Ghost in the Machine! Here is a sample episode, entitled Victimology Poker: on Clown-World America's New National Pastime and Its End Game, which was originally released under the A Ghost in the Machine podcast feed on July 26, 2022. Don't forget to subscribe to A Ghost in the Machine podcast and visit AGhostInTheMachine.substack.com, so you don't miss out on any future fun!


A Monkeypox on Your House: a New Plandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO)

A monkeypox on your house! We have a new plandemic, this time involving a monkeypox virus. Now, there had never been an outbreak of monkeypox outside of Africa since the disease was discovered in 1958. By the most incredible coincidence, the global outbreaks of monkeypox happened the same week as predicted by a simulated exercise conducted in 2021 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all the other usual suspects from the last pandemic. Sounds...


The Mainstream Media Is the Virus Promoting Racist Violence in America

The mainstream media is the virus promoting racist violence in America. The horrific racially-motivated shooting in Buffalo, NY was as much a product of the mainstream media's agitprop as it was a product of white supremacist ideology. How should a regular person, of any race, understand what's going on and respond? If you have not already done so, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you don't miss out on future content!


Hot Take: Non-Binary THINKING; Not Non-Binary Gendering!

Here's a hot take: let's have more non-binary THINKING, and less non-binary gendering. WARNING: This podcast episode includes NUANCE, to which many prominent pundits and influencers appear to be highly allergic. Listen at your own risk! For funny #humor writing, check out Daniel D's Substack, Tilting at Windmills: https://tiltingatwindmills.substack.com/ And speaking of Substacks, I highly recommend the VERY insightful "Fisted by Foucault" by Niccolo Soldo at...


What Can One Person Do?

What can one person do, when all the national and global institutions have been captured by liars and thieves? Here are some thoughts... Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you don't miss out on any future episodes!


Don't Fall for the Warmongers' Propaganda about Getting the USA Involved with the #Russia vs #Ukraine War!

Don't fall for the warmongers' propaganda about getting the USA involved with the #Russia vs #Ukraine war! These are the same unrepentant liars who lied us into Iraq; who lied to us about the financial crisis and the true scope of the bank bailouts; who lied to us about regime change operations that the USA and NATO sponsored in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and, yes, Ukraine (2014); who lied to us about the Russiagate collusion hoax; who lied to us about the BLM narrative and "mostly peaceful"...


The Power of Identity

In this episode we discuss the power of identity. Having some tangible, meaningful sense of who you are in relation to the world around you is a fundamental need, and there are many con-artists peddling counterfeit values and belief systems to take the place of a true and dynamic identity. The tribes behind the "culture wars" seem to be a response to a very real existential crisis, and the answer to this crisis is ultimately spiritual. This episode of the What's Wrong With America? podcast...


Recovering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

This week on the "What's Wrong With America?" podcast, Daniel D talks about his recovery from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a terrible condition that affected millions of people exposed to harmful idea pathogens from the DNC, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, and their operatives in the mainstream corporate media (aka, "Fake News"). This episode is brought to you by Daniel D's hilarious satire of the super woke, Super #SJW Man: A Cancel-Culture Superhero (Satire), which is on sale on...


The USA Is Not a Free Country (Or Not As Free As It Should Be)!

The podcasts are late this week due to some technical difficulties -- or due to Daniel D just being computer illiterate. Anyway, this week there will be a single episode for both podcast feeds: The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast and the What's Wrong With America? podcast. This week we talk about freedom and how it is being undermined by the ruling elites. This episode of the What's Wrong With America? podcast is brought to you by Libsyn, where you can begin your own great podcasting...


Why Do the Elites Want a Race War in America?

Why do the #elites want a race war in America? In this episode, we discuss the reasons why the elites are fomenting so much racial grievance and division and what they might hope to gain from it. This episode is brought to you by Libsyn. Give podcasting a try and get up to 2 free months of podcast hosting when you use promo code "DanielD" at https://signup.libsyn.com/?promo_code=DANIELD Also check out the "What's Wrong with America?" podcast reading list: The Parasitic Mind: How...


What Are the Elites up to?

Welcome to the third season of the "What's Wrong With America?" podcast. This season will be about exploring the question, "What are the elites up to?" What is their vision for the world and for those of us who are not elite? What does it mean, and how should we respond? Don't forget to subscribe to the "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, so you don't miss future episodes! Visit whatswrongwithamerica.libsyn.com for more information!


WTF Is Happening with Biden and Afghanistan?

WTF is going on with the Biden administration and the debacle they've created in Afghanistan? In this episode of The What's Wrong With America? Podcast, Daniel D attempts to determine whether this mess is the result of incompetence or corruption. For anyone who didn't drink the "Team Blue" Kool-Aid, it was obvious during the campaign that Biden's mental acumen was an important issue that was being overlooked by a fawning mainstream media, but now it is clear that Biden is simply not capable...


Jeff Bezos Is a Great Man: A Critique of the Haters Hating on Bezos, Amazon, Blue Origin, Billionaire Astronauts, and Private Space Travel

Jeff Bezos is a great man! In this episode of the "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, Daniel D plays devil's advocate and argues that #Bezos is a great man and a #pioneer in the spirit of Lewis and Clark who is doing much that is good. What's wrong with America? Not Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, or Amazon! #Amazon #JeffBezos #BlueOrigin #billionaire #spacetravel #astronauts #incomeinequality #capitalism #entrepreneur #RichardBranson


Bankers Are Satan's Little Helpers!

The bankers are Satan! They own the politicians and mortgaged the future of our economy for their own private gain. In this episode of The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, Daniel D rants about the banks and their demonic minions at the Fed. #banks #bankers #Fed #QE #QuantitativeEasing #BankersAreSatan #financialsystem #recession #inflation #stagflation #JanetYellen #corruption #financial #bubble


The Mainstream Media Are Lying, Gaslighting Propagandists

The Mainstream Media (MSM) resorted to lying and gaslighting the American people in order to defeat Trump. In the process, they legitimized Trump's characterization of the MSM as "fake news" and needlessly sacrificed their institutional reputations and journalistic integrity. Now the truth is coming to light, and the chickens are coming home to roost. In the aftermath of 2020, how should ordinary Americans approach the news, politics, and current events in order to ascertain the truth?


What's Wrong With America 2.0

Last year, Daniel D took a hiatus from The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast, to give him time to reflect and try to get a sense for what was really going on . . . But since then, it seems like everything about American culture and politics has gotten crazier and crazier! So now it's back: What's Wrong With America 2.0! So listen up, as Daniel D bashes the lying assholes on the Left AND the Right, and don't forget to subscribe to The "What's Wrong With America?" Podcast!


WTF Happened in 2020?!!!

So WTF happened in 2020?!!! Daniel D has taken some time off of podcasting to figure that out, and here are the results. This episode is from Daniel D's other podcast, The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast. In the upcoming year, Daniel D will be doing a new and improved version of that podcast and WILL NOT be doing any new episodes of the What's Wrong With America? podcast. (All of that is explained in this episode.) Thank you so much for listening! Be sure to subscribe to The Crazy...


Predictions for the Presidential Debate and the 2020 Election

What's wrong with America this week? We have the Presidential debates tonight, and Daniel D is confidently making predictions about what will occur: (1) nothing of substance will be said and no valid arguments will be made, (2) both candidates will lie, although #Trump will be more obvious about it, and (3) at some point, #Biden will forget who he is, where he is, or what century it is. And here's the prediction for the election: As crazy as the election will be, the aftermath will be even...


What's Wrong with America on August 31, 2020?

The #Democrats are determined to throw this election and get #Trump re-elected . . . and their plan appears to be working. Running a candidate in clear cognitive decline for President? Refusing to acknowledge or deal with criminal violence from #Antifa and #BLM rioters? WTF?!!!


Criminal Justice Reform and Black Lives Matter, Protesting vs Looting and Rioting, and Our Inability to Have a Productive Conversation about Race and Criminal Justice in America

In this episode of the What's Wrong With America? podcast, we discuss controversial topics like criminal justice reform and the Black Lives Matter movement, legitimate protesting vs illegitimate rioting and looting, and our troubling inability to have an honest and productive public conversation about race and criminal justice in America. #CriminalJusticeReform #PoliceReform #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #riots #looting