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The Desi Deception

When you are at a South Asian establishment, do you wonder how the other South Asian workers are treated? Unfortunately, many South Asian American business owners mistreat their own South Asian employees by threatening to call ICE on undocumented workers, human trafficking, wage theft, harsh working conditions, and taking advantage that their employees don't speak/understand English. It's easy for us to complain about the current political situation on social media, but how many of us are...


Talking about the Equal Rights Amendment with Jamia Wilson

Did you know that men and women are not considered equal under the US Constitution? Yes, you read that correctly. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a bipartisan movement to guarantee equal rights for all US citizens regardless of gender. There needs to be 38 states to ratify (approve) this legislation so Congress can add it to the US Constitution. Currently, only 37 states have ratified it. It’s Women’s History Month and this is the perfect time to bring up this relevant issue. I chat with...


Interview With Deepa Iyer

We dedicate this segment to the 51 lives lost in the terrorist attacks at the two Mosques in Christchurch, NZ. In the two previous podcast segments, we interviewed inspirational women for Women's History Month. We continue this in our latest interview with Deepa Iyer and the conversation couldn't be more timely. We discuss the current Islamophobia rhetoric permeating American politics and media, which are detrimentally impacting the South Asian, Muslim, and Arab communities. We also talk...


Interview With Nabila Mansoor

We continue our interviews with inspirational women for Women's History Month. Today our interview is with Nabila Mansoor, who is running for City Council District 2 in Sugar Land, Texas. Tune in to hear about Nabila's policy platform and the latest political news happening at the Texas Legislature.


Interview with Rabia Chaudry

Interview with Rabia Chaudry by WiseUp TX


The History of Solidarity Between South Asian American and African Americans

In honor of Black History Month, it is important to learn about the many struggles the African American community faced during the Civil Rights movement and how it impacted the South Asian community. If the Civil Rights movement never happened, most South Asians wouldn't even be in America. I interviewed Anirvan Chatterjee, the founder of BlackDesiSecretHistory.org, to learn about the history of solidarity between the two communities and what the South Asian community can do to better...


Interview With Comptroller Hegar

The Texas Legislature is in full swing and deciding the best ways to utilize your tax dollars. Last week the Governor gave the State of the State and at the top of the list are increasing funding for public schools and lowering property taxes. Many Texans don't realize that the two issues are correlated to one another. Thankfully, Comptroller Hegar gives us an overview of the Texas budget for this biennium and explains how public school finance and property taxes work hand in hand.



Ready to talk about the Democratic Presidential candidates for 2020 and the Bills Tho Pagal Hai in the Texas Legislature? We sure are!


VOTE 2018

VOTE 2018 by WiseUp TX


Interview w/ Justin Nelson for Attorney General

Justin Nelson states his campaign is about Integrity v. Indictment. The current AG, Ken Paxton, has been indicted but not proven guilty. Justin believes his campaign can bring transparency and integrity back to the Attorney General's office. Tune in to hear more about his campaign platform!


Interview With Kim Olson For Agriculture Commissioner

Are you concerned about the lunches served at your child’s school? Concerned about the produce and meat you consume? Ever wondered where or how you can even make an impact in those areas? Well, this is where the Agricultural Commissioner comes in and YOU get to have a say as to who that will be this November. The incumbent, Sid Miller, has had plenty of contentious news despite his work on the job. He has compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes, used taxpayer dollars to get the “Jesus...


Interview w/Ravi Sandill for Texas Supreme Court Justice

Interview w/Ravi Sandill for Texas Supreme Court Justice by WiseUp TX


November, Women, And The Kavanaugh Confirmation

I attended some policy festivals and panels these past two weeks: The Texas Tribune Festival (Austin), the Atlantic Festival (DC), and the Women Who Impact panel (IMPACT). We've had a pretty tumultuous few weeks with the Kavanaugh hearing and drama--so of course this topic was prevalent at all the events. Tune in to hear my recap of these panels and my thoughts as to what is in store for us this November!


Interview w/Mike Collier (Democrat running for Lt. Governor of Texas)

The position of Lt. Governor is considered one of the most powerful positions in Texas government. The Lt. Governor has the ability to kill legislation within the Texas Senate, administer procedural maneuvers to by pass the minority party's votes, and effectively have a hand in the many policies the state legislature passes. Our current Lt. Governer is Dan Patrick (R) and his opponent Mike Collier (D) thinks he can do the job better. Tune in and hear about Mike Collier's background and why...


Get Out the Vote

The deadline to register to vote in Texas is less than a month away. It is imperative to ensure as many South Asian Texans are registered to vote. Our vote can make a major difference in several statewide races in Texas and give our community a seat at the table. Tune in to hear an overview of who will be on your ballot come November and the uphill climb Democrats face in the statewide races including Beto's.


Texas Democratic and Republican Platform on Immigration

A very Happy Raksha Bandhan to our listeners! And Happy Women's Equality Day to our fellow females! Equality for women has come a long way but there is still so much more work to be done. Tune in to hear some of the many issue women still face today. We continue discussing the platforms of the Texas Republican and Democratic Parties. This week's segment is about Immigration issues. Learn about the Immigration issues impacting the South Asian community and how each party's platform intends to...


Texas GOP & Democratic Platform On Healthcare

And so we continue our understanding of the Texas GOP and Democratic party platforms. Today's segment is about Healthcare. There are several healthcare issues plaguing our state which are not only impacting our economy but the lives of millions of Texans. Tune in to hear the many healthcare problems our state is facing, and what each political party is aiming to do about them.


TX GOP And Democratic Platform On Education

Both the Republican and Democratic parties had their state party convention last month. At their respective conventions, each party developed their party's platform for what their party stood for. We are focusing a few of our podcasts on certain issues we feel are important for the South Asian community to understand. This segment we focus on Education. Tune in to hear the highlights of each party's platform on Education and some of the differences between the two parties. With the midterm...


Interview with Salman Bhojani

Tune in to hear about the current affairs of the state of Texas and our nation. And hear from a South Asian Muslim candidate who faced an insurmountable amount of bigotry during his campaign and still won by 37 votes. This segment covers what our Texas politicians are doing/saying about gun reform after the horrific Santa Fe shootings; what we can do about the current DHS revelation: 1500 kids are lost and separated from their parents after crossing the US Border; the outcome of the Texas...


Interview with Laura Moser

If you live in Congressional District 7 (parts of Houston), the Democratic Primary has been a contentious one and heavily covered by the media. Laura Moser, who is running to be the Democratic nominee for CD-7, had opposition research used against her by the DCCC in the March Primary Election. The DCCC claimed she was too progressive for the district she is running for. Texans, don't like non-Texans telling them what to do, still gave her enough votes to send her off into a heated Democratic...