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‘It’s cruel’: Janet Napolitano on Trump’s 'zero tolerance' policy

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling President Donald Trump’s policy of separating migrant families at the border “cruel” and a “misallocation” of resources by the administration. Napolitano implied that the White House’s “zero-tolerance” policy along the southern border could even be against the law. In this latest episode, Napolitano, who is now the president of the University of California school system, opens up about her old Homeland Security gig, her time in...


‘Tell everybody’: Alisyn Camerota’s advice for women dealing with harassment

Former Fox News anchor Alisyn Camerota recounts her time under Roger Ailes’ rule and offers thoughts about the current #MeToo moment. Camerota – now a co-anchor on CNN's New Day program and the author of a new novel "Amanda Wakes Up" – also opens up about her journalism career, her dealings with Trump, and the book that was partly inspired by her time at Fox News.


BONUS: Turning down Kanye, and other times former BET exec Debra Lee said "no"

We're bringing you a bonus special episode from our Women Rule summit in Los Angeles, where POLITICO editor Carrie Budoff Brown sat down with former BET chair and CEO Debra Lee earlier this week. Lee opens up about her political involvement, the art of saying "no," and BET Networks' transformation from a music video channel to what it is today.


'Ask any question – as long as you ask it respectfully'

Margaret Brennan, the moderator of CBS' "Face the Nation," is only the second female anchor in the show's lengthy history, and she's taken over after a massive shakeup at CBS. Here's her take on the #MeToo movement, how reporters have fallen short in their coverage of political news, and how she now handles her job asking questions of the most important political figures of our times.


The 'scary' enthusiasm of Christina Tosi

Pastry chef and Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi brings an intensity to her work that's hard to match - and even as her dessert empire grows, she has no intention of slowing down. On Women Rule, Tosi talks about her first forays into the food industry, her hustle to raise cash for Milk Bar, and the unflinching enthusiasm that got her to where she is today.


‘You’re so beautiful. Men must not know what to do with you.'

Sally Kohn, an author and former Fox News political commentator, opens up to Women Rule about her last interaction with Roger Ailes, how she stumbled into the TV punditry business, and the findings of her new book, 'The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing our Humanity.'


Universal Standard founders Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman

Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman, the founders of the plus-size clothing brand Universal Standard, discuss how women face more than just a gender wage gap - they also face a size pay gap. Women Rule peaks into how the two built their business from scratch, how they attracted big-name investors like Gwyneth Paltrow, and how they're now trying to revolutionize the fashion industry.


S'well founder Sarah Kauss

Sarah Kauss, founder of the water bottle company, discusses how S'well got its name, how she grew her company to be a worldwide brand, and how she learned to ask for help along the way.


‘News has a stigma’: theSkimm's rise above old media

TheSkimm founders’ key to success meant ditching the ways of traditional media and embracing an audience-driven strategy. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin discuss how they started their company from a couch, weigh the future of the brand, and dole out advice on how to raise capital for a new venture.


'Like vigilantes on the rampage': One top donor's beef with Democrats' response to #MeToo

Susie Tompkins Buell, a prominent Democratic donor, isn’t happy with how Democrats have handled sexual misconduct allegations within their own party. Buell, the founder of the Esprit clothing company, is widely known in left-leaning circles for cutting big political checks and through her close friendship with Hillary Clinton. Women Rule talks with her about the #MeToo movement and the Democratic party, Buell's longtime friendship with Hillary Clinton and how she built a clothing empire...


Bank of America’s Anne Finucane performs best in a crisis

Women Rule talks to one of the most powerful woman in financial services: Bank of America’s vice chairwoman, Anne Finucane. She’s most responsible for the bank’s investment into all its social causes, including billions of dollars pumped into environmental initiatives. But before her broad portfolio at the bank, she was most known for one thing: turning the company around after the 2008 financial crisis. Women Rule spoke with Finucane about what she learned from it all, how Bank of America...


Kara Swisher’s problem with men in tech

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg heads to Congress, one dogged tech reporter has some advice for Capitol Hill and the reporters who cover it: Take off the kid gloves when dealing with the Silicon Valley executive. “He’s one of the richest people on earth. He’s an adult. He’s 30-some years old,” Kara Swisher, co-founder of Recode, said on the latest episode of the Women Rule podcast. “He can answer questions if he’s the CEO. He founded this company. Stop juvenilizing men here in Silicon...


An 'extremely stressful' Washington: Margaret Spellings weighs in on Trump

Margaret Spellings, President George W. Bush’s former education secretary, muses on the state of the cabinet under the current Republican White House and offers some praise for Betsy DeVos. Spellings also reflects back on her time as president of the University of North Carolina and her legacy on No Child Left Behind.


Why this Democratic senator is defending the Second Amendment

Just days after an emotional, nationwide movement demanding stricter gun control laws, North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp launched a staunch defense of the Second Amendment and pushed back at those calling for reforms. Heitkamp sat down with Women Rule for a live podcast taping in Los Angeles, explaining her views on guns, her tough midterm race in a deep red state, and her relationship with President Donald Trump.


The woman behind the GOP's fundraising juggernaut

Ronna Romney McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, is smashing fundraising records. In the latest Women Rule episode, McDaniel explains her fervor for bringing in the cash: “If you have money you have power. And if you have money, you have a seat at the table." The RNC chair - only the second woman in that position - also spoke candidly about her relatively low profile in Washington (despite her prominent political family), her punishing work schedule away from her...


How Kay Coles James sees conservatives in the Trump era

Kay Coles James is the new president of the Heritage Foundation, America's largest and arguably most influential conservative think thank. Her role is a groundbreaking one, in part because she’ll be the first African American woman to head up Heritage. Women Rule sits down with James to discuss the "true north" for conservatives, her attempt to work in the Trump administration (blocked, she says, by former "Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault Newman), and her personal history - including...


SXSW Bonus: Wendy Davis on Texas Dems, Planned Parenthood, and what's next

Women Rule heads to Austin for SXSW, where host Anna Palmer speaks with Wendy Davis about what Democrats are doing in Texas, lessons she learned from her failed gubernatorial run in 2014, and whether or not she plans on getting more involved with Planned Parenthood.


Tina Smith replaced Al Franken. Now she tries to turn the page.

Sen. Tina Smith doesn’t want to talk about Al Franken. When asked about her Democratic predecessor, who resigned the Minnesota seat amid allegations of sexual misconduct, she avoided even saying his name in this Women Rule interview. Instead, Smith is concentrating on the economic implications of the #MeToo movement, as she trains her eye on getting reelected this November.


Is Uber bad for women? Rachel Holt doesn't think so

Rachel Holt, vice president at Uber and general manager of the company’s U.S. and Washington operations, spoke with Women Rule about the new directions the company has taken since Dara Khosrowshahi took over - and what it means for women.


Anna Deavere Smith: 'I don’t care about the glass ceiling anymore'

Actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith, best known for her role as Dr. Nancy McNally on "The West Wing," has a new film focusing on incarceration among American youth. Women Rule sits down with her to discuss the critically acclaimed "Notes From the Field," Deavere Smith's social justice interests, art in the Trump era and her latest work with Shonda Rhimes.