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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.

The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.


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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.




Recalling the California Recall -World News Brief/Bob Siegel Joint Show!

The California recall selection (excuse us, “election”) is over and Gavin Newsom continues his disastrous, tyrannical reign as California’s governor. Bob Siegel and Winston Holland come together to discuss the results of the election, the implications for Californians and Americans, and Larry Elder’s campaign strategy especially in relation to his comments on voter fraud and […]


America’s Full Surrender – World News Brief Ep. 62

With the last troops now officially out of Afghanistan, and hundreds if not thousands of Americans left behind, and Afghanistan handed over to a transnational Islamic terror organization, America appears to have fully surrendered to the CCP, globalists, and new world order, as treasonous criminals run the executive branch and the top positions of our […]


Cross Talk Ep 14 – Debacle or Deliberate? Afghanistan Falls but Aslan is on the Move

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief welcome back to the fold JP of JP’s Political Matrix to discuss the horror that is the Afghanistan withdrawal, how we should respond spiritually and physically […]


Recovering A Stolen Republic -World News Brief/Bob Siegel Show Combined Program

Ryan Holland of World News Brief joins Bob to talk about the 2020 election, the current state of our republic, totalitarian ideas in the wind regarding vaccination passports, and much more. Bob also asks Ryan to share what God revealed to him prior to election night, November 2020. (Originally aired on Bob’s recent broadcast show, […]


Liberty or Tyranny – A Time for Choosing: Round 2 – World News Brief Ep. 61

As totalitarian rule creeps swiftly into the United States of America, with the experimental MRNA injection as its chief Trojan horse, God loving, freedom loving patriots have a choice to make. Liberty or tyranny – it’s once again a time for choosing. Our champion of freedom in the White House is gone, drained by the […]


Israel: Ice Cream Held Hostage -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 242

On today’s news commentary, shared also with the subscribers of CGM Radio’s World News Brief, Bob begins by talking about Ben and Jerry’s boycott of Israel. He then examines some news back here in the states: -Governor Gavin Newsom claims crime is down in California, but up in red states -Joe Biden says voter […]


Cross Talk Ep 13 – Sen. Paul BRINGS IT to Fauci, DO NOT Give $$ to GOP, and Jim’s Studio Explodes!

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief discuss a wide range of topics including the epic grilling of Fauci by Dr./Sen. Rand Paul, the 2022 elections and if those will be stolen too, […]


Cross Talk Ep 12 – A Counter-Communist Revolution in Cuba and a Communist Revolution in America

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Jim Berrier of Since You Asked and Ryan Holland of World News Brief discuss a wide range of topics including the incredible counter-revolution happening now in Cuba including the history of the Cuban Republic and Castro Regime as well as lawmakers’ response (or lack of response) […]


Happy Birthday USA and CCP: The Brutal History of the CCP and its Reflections in America Today – World News Brief Ep. 60

What was the basis of independence that we just celebrated according to POTUS two and six? The Chinese Communist Party just celebrated their centennial and America’s elites echo uncomfortably familiar CCP language and action. Is there a big clue as to why the Haitian president was tragically assassinated? The Australian government is no longer allowing […]


The DNCCP and the Death of Superman – World News Brief Ep. 59

Is the entire Democratic party compromised by China? (and even a few Republicans?) Do the lives of black Christians in Nigeria matter and why does superman ignore the plight of Christians being slaughtered around the world to focus on a manufactured systemic threat here in the US? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s this […]


The Biden Regime Thinks You are a Domestic Terrorist – World News Brief Ep. 58

SB 1 is up in flames as Republicans hold the line to kill the anti-election security bill. Does the Biden Administration and intelligence agencies think you’re a domestic terrorist?… probably. And why did Moderna have a vaccine candidate ready to rock in December of… 2019? All of this and more on this week’s edition of […]


2020: The Big Steal – 2021: The Big Reveal – World News Brief Ep. 57

John Stewart goes scorched earth about the orgins of Covid on Steven Colbert! Georgia on my mind! Even Raffensberger can’t hide the reality of fraud now. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls the new Neftali Bennet led government “Sodom.” Vacsheen deaths recorded in the VAERS system have syrocketed but are we being lied to […]


Anthony Fauci: god of Science – World News Brief Ep. 56

Breaking… Dr. Anthony Fauci just so happens to be a god. An intersectional, inclusive, tolerant Massachusetts lawmaker calls for the destruction of Israel. Could this really actually possibly be the end of the road of Netanyahu’s primership in Israel? And could an audit of the Pennsylvania vote be coming this…. summer? All of this and […]


The Dam is Breaking… No One Can Stop What is Coming – World News Brief Ep. 55

The dam is breaking… the walls close in on Fauci as a FOIA request by the Washington Post and Buzzfeed produces his personal emails. The election audit in Arizona rolls full steam ahead with other states looking to lunge head first into the same… what happens when Arizona falls? Plus, Netanyahu’s fate hangs in the […]


The “Forever Wars” We Fight Until He Returns – World News Brief Ep. 54

Is it time for Vaxx Apartheid? USA Today thinks so, yet a prominent cardiologist says not to get the shot and a John Hopkins prof says we’ve reached herd immunity. Is Fauci finally unmasked and what is the connection with Fauci, the NIH, and the Wuhan Lab? Is the IDF already preparing for another war […]


America, the Middle East, & The Bad Actors Destroying Both -World News Brief Ep. 53

Today we take a look at the dire state of America and the Middle East and the bad actors and hypocritical politicians fomenting both. Expect a big dose of pro-America LIBERTY talk on today’s show and no small amount of passion. The Bob Siegel Show Podcast on the True History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict As […]


Cross Talk Ep 11 – Fire Over Jerusalem, Election Fraud and USA’s Future, is God Good when He Lets Covid Ravage the Earth?

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Daryl Youngblood of Faith – Reason – Culture, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief join forces to discuss a wide range of issues including the war between Israel and Gaza, election fraud and the role of the Supreme […]


How Gen Z will Impact World News – Interview with Lily Cole of the Lily Kate Show! -World News Brief Ep. 52

Today World News Brief is all about Generation Z and how Gen Z will impact world news! Joining the show is Gen Z political and social commentator and social media influencer Lily Cole of the Lily Kate Show and Live Freely Ministries. Don’t know anything about Gen Z? Don’t worry, you will now. Join us […]


The Waking Up of The West? – World News Brief Ep. 51

Will TWO Democrat Senators be the Roadblock to Communist Rule in America? Plus the latest Covid news big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Business and Big government DO NOT want you to hear. France reels from the latest Islamic Jihadist murder on a police officer and is the West, even Europe, finally waking up to the […]


MAJOR Holes in Mask Science, Iran, China, Russia, Afghanistan – World News Brief Ep. 50

150,000 troops amass on the Russia-Ukraine border, Iran appears to be winning on dragging us into another nuclear “deal” while already enriching uranium much higher than needed for civil purposes, a Stanford Study pokes serious holes in the lie that masks actually keep us safe from Covid-19 (yes, bad pun intended), is the deep state […]