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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.

The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.


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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world brought to you by the CGM Radio Network.




Fear God and Honor the King -World News Brief Ep 78

The Queen passes. A new King assumes the throne. The border crisis. **Note, this podcast is posted one week after it was originally set to be released** Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app. Email World News Brief

Terrorist: The Ever Changing Definition -World News Brief Ep 77

Real terrorists are people who commit murder or take hostages in order to make certain demands and instill a sense of terror until their demands are met. And, of course, terror like violent actions are also done by loners who are just as deadly. But these days, any position which challenges the left or our […]


For Such a Time as This -World News Brief Ep 76

This week on World News Brief Winston R Holland announces a new rotating host to the program, Chris Graham, who shares important information about where we are as a nation and world using the analogy of Esther who was called to the kingdom for “such a time as this.” Head over to the World News […]


Inside the Fishbowl -World News Brief Ep 75

This week on World News Brief Jim Berrier discusses athletes, actors, and celebrities, and how the media and public treat them when they fail. It offers an appeal as to how we ought to respond to the failures of others. Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to subscribe on your favorite podcasting […]


From CCP Aggression to the Left’s Gender Dysfunction -World News Brief Ep 74

This week rotating co-host Mike Fredenburg discusses the continuing assault on science and common sense through the relentless gender dysfunctionality of the left, the encroachment of China on Taiwan and why we as Americans should care, other military matters, and a little late but still relevant tribute to the late great Oliva Newton-John. Head over […]


The Real And The Fake: False Definitions Of Government Tyranny -World News Brief Ep 73

Compare the so-called handcuffing of AOC with the recent raid on Mar-a-Lago…While Democrats scream accusations of government tyranny at Donald Trump, his supporters, and his SCOTUS appointees, where is the real tyranny? This week’s WNB host Bob Siegel reviews the true problems Washington has had with Donald Trump before, during, and after his presidency. […]


American Gestapo: The Unprecedented Raid on a Former President – World News Brief Ep 72

CGM Radio hosts Bob, Mike, JP, and Ryan come together to discuss the Gestapo-style raid on President Donald J. Trump and its implications for the midterms, presidential race, and the institutions that run our country. We also discuss the Inflation Reduction act and the increase in tens of thousands of IRS agents. Don’t miss this […]


People of Faith in Hollywood – World News Brief Ep 71

On this week’s episode of World News Brief Jim Berrier discusses the fascinating topic of people of faith in Hollywood. Though it may be difficult at times to believe that there are believers in Hollywood, Jim takes us on a tour of Christian and conservative actors thriving in the industry. Don’t miss this entertainment focused […]


Canada Interferes With Israel While Leftists Interfere With America -World News Brief Ep 70

On today’s episode of World News Brief host Bob Siegel discusses a new collaboration between the Palestinians and the Canadian army and then moves on with a brief reminder of the historical revision in the Middle East. Other Topics: -Joe Biden not only reads from his teleprompter, he reads the cue instructions themselves out loud! […]


The Assassination of Japan’s Greatest Prime Minister & the Antics of the US’ Worst – World News Brief Ep 69

The assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe just a few days shocked the world, and we’re going to look at exactly how it happened and the tremendous legacy Abe left behind that not only impacted his nation, but the freedom-loving world. We also look at Biden’s bizarre selling of our SPR to China and […]


The Deconstruction Of Western Civilization And Other News -World News Brief Ep 68

On today’s episode of World News Brief host Mike Fredenburg critiques the Biden administration’s enabling of China. He also reviews the history of Covid19 from its inception, to the vaccinations, to the forbidden therapeutics. Finally, Mike talks about the historical revision of American history and attack on the very image of human being that is […]


The WNBA & Politics! -World News Brief Ep 67

On today’s episode of World News Brief host Jim Berrier discusses the politics of sports especially in reference to the WNBA. Athletes and sports and teams feel the need to inject their opinions on all of us and pastor Jim Berrier injects his friendly response! Don’t miss this pop culture focus edition of World News […]


Washington Meets Hollywood! -World News Brief Ep 66

On today’s episode of World News Brief host Bob Siegel talks about a new collaboration between ABC News and the Democrat Party, a series of documentaries showing the “truth” about the Capital break-in on January 6, 2021. Starting with this story, Bob widens out to assess the state of our landscape in America overall. Also: […]


The True Evil of the World Economic Forum – World News Brief Ep. 65

On today’s episode of World News Brief hosts Winston R Holland and JP launch a blistering and well deserved attack on the elites in Davos (including from our own government) who are working tirelessly to usurp national sovereignty and remove our fundamental rights as American citizens. Don’t miss this anti-globalist pro-America edition of World News […]


World News Brief Relaunched!! CGM Radio Hosts Join Forces to Bring Back WNB!! -Ep. 64

World News Brief is back!! For this special WNB relaunch edition we welcome all five hosts of the CGM Radio Network, Bob Siegel, Jim Berrier, JP, Winston R. Holland, and a brand new host joining the network, Mike Fredenburg. Find out why all five hosts are on, what’s in store for the future of World […]


Cross Talk Ep 15 – Dr. Everett Piper on Cancel Culture and His Brief (Yet Revealing) Conversation with Trump!

On today’s edition of Cross Talk, CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Winston Holland of World News Brief welcome Author, Speaker, Radio Host, and Washington Times Columnist Dr. Everett Piper to discuss cancel culture, including his Times articles that were banned by social media. […]


Recalling the California Recall -World News Brief/Bob Siegel Joint Show!

The California recall selection (excuse us, “election”) is over and Gavin Newsom continues his disastrous, tyrannical reign as California’s governor. Bob Siegel and Winston Holland come together to discuss the results of the election, the implications for Californians and Americans, and Larry Elder’s campaign strategy especially in relation to his comments on voter fraud and […]


America’s Full Surrender – World News Brief Ep. 62

With the last troops now officially out of Afghanistan, and hundreds if not thousands of Americans left behind, and Afghanistan handed over to a transnational Islamic terror organization, America appears to have fully surrendered to the CCP, globalists, and new world order, as treasonous criminals run the executive branch and the top positions of our […]


Cross Talk Ep 14 – Debacle or Deliberate? Afghanistan Falls but Aslan is on the Move

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief welcome back to the fold JP of JP’s Political Matrix to discuss the horror that is the Afghanistan withdrawal, how we should respond spiritually and physically […]


Recovering A Stolen Republic -World News Brief/Bob Siegel Show Combined Program

Ryan Holland of World News Brief joins Bob to talk about the 2020 election, the current state of our republic, totalitarian ideas in the wind regarding vaccination passports, and much more. Bob also asks Ryan to share what God revealed to him prior to election night, November 2020. (Originally aired on Bob’s recent broadcast show, […]