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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world.

The most important and impactful news stories from around the world.


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The most important and impactful news stories from around the world.




No Fear – World News Brief Ep. 40

Today on World News Brief we discuss breaking news about massive foreign interference in our election, the attack on Trump supporters and call for a “ministry of truth,” the D.C. militarized zone, and reasons why we should have no fear of the future. For all articles referenced on today’s broadcast visit CGM.News. Click to subscribe […]


Grieving for America – Trusting in God – Bob Siegel Show/World News Brief Joint Episode

Today the Bob Siegel Show and World News Brief join forces to discuss the impeachment sham, big tech tyranny, freedom of the press, the future of America, the role of our faith in Christ in these trying times, and what we can do practically to preserve freedom in our communities. Visit The Bob Show homepage […]


On The Verge of Saving Our Republic -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 116

Ryan Holland of World News Brief joins Bob to discuss his latest article on CGM.News called “The Rubicon Option.” In addition to options for President Trump, other Constitutional provisions for dealing with and correcting election fraud are talked about including options for Congress and options for the Vice-President. ALSO: A local San Diego restaurant owner […]


The God of All Comfort – World News Brief 2020 Year End Reflection – Ep. 38

On this New Year’s Eve World News Brief, host Winston R. Holland reflects not only on the year, but the God of the year, and the need to find comfort in Him while continuing to fight the good fight. For all articles referenced on today’s broadcast visit CGM.News. Click to subscribe to World News Brief […]


Cross Talk Ep 9 – 2020: The People Masked, Washington Unmasked

On today’s year end episode of Cross Talk your CGM Radio hosts Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan unpack the most important events of 2020 with a focus on the election and what Trump must do to preserve his presidency and stop the “steal of the century.” The Kingdom of God is also discussed and the […]


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – World News Brief Ep. 37

On today’s Christmas special, host Winston R. Holland shares his thoughts on where we are as a nation and tries to bring a clear picture of the reality of the fight we are facing right along with a healthy dose of Christmas cheer. For all articles referenced on today’s broadcast visit CGM.News. Click to subscribe […]


California Dreamin’ – Interview with Bob Siegel on the Election, Lockdowns, Masks, and More – WNB Ep. 36

Today World News Brief is broadcasting from sunny locked down California and welcomes, in person, author, speaker, Christian apologist, and fellow CGM Radio host Bob Siegel to discuss the ongoing saga that is the 2020 election, the increasing lockdowns in California and the effort to recall Governor Newsom, masks forever and ever and ever and […]


Cross Talk Ep. 8 – America’s Red Sea Moment

Today CGM hosts Bob Siegel, Jim Berrier, and Ryan Holland come together to discuss America post-election and where we are at right now with the Texas case before the Supreme Court, and the need for God to supernaturally intervene to turn things around. They also delve into the topics of revival in America and in […]


Election Fraud Update – Interview with Mike Fredenburg – World News Brief Ep. 35

World News Brief welcomes National Review contributor Mike Fredenburg for an update on election fraud, what’s happening in the swing states, Trump’s path to victory, and more. Follow Mike at his Facebook Page, “A Closer Look,” for all of his latest election analysis, Covid-19 analysis, and more. Donate to the Donald J. Trump Election Defense […]


The 1620 Project – World News Brief Ep. 34

Today on World News Brief we discuss the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Compact, slavery that existed long before 1619 and that project’s ignorance of slavery around the world today, the staggering re-shifting of the Supreme Court you didn’t hear about on Fox News, plus some fun Thanksgiving science to help you gather with your […]


CGM Cross Talk Post Election Update Edition with Special Guest Mike Fredenburg!

It’s the day after the election and from the looks of it this election is just getting started! Join CGM Radio hosts Bob, Jim, JP, Ryan, and special guest National Review Contributor Mike Fredenburg as we discuss the state of the election right now and the possibilities for a path to victory for President Trump. […]


The Edge of History – Why I Believe Trump Will Win – World News Brief Special Edition

[show transcript below] It’s election day, and the whole world holds its breath as we stand at the edge of history. Whoever wins this election will, for good or evil, change the course of world history. I give my predictions on why, both in the natural and in the spiritual, I believe Donald J. Trump […]


Cross Talk Ep 6 – 1 Week Before the Election Edition!

It’s one week before America decides if we will remain a free, prosperous, and secure nation, or plunge into “a thousand years of darkness,” but don’t worry, CGM hosts Bob Siegel, Jim Berrier, JP, and Ryan Holland are here to help lighten things up a bit with facts, laughter, fun, and cheer with their take […]


Freedom or Tyranny: A Time for Choosing – WNB Special Edition

Today: a special edition of World News Brief by CGM Radio – Freedom or Tyranny: A Time for Choosing. With the election exactly one week away, Americans are faced with a dire choice about the direction their country will go – a direction of personal liberty within the safeguards of the rule of law, or […]


Cross Talk Ep 5 – Presidential Debate Breakdown!

Welcome to CGM Radio Cross Talk Presidential Debate edition! On today’s episode Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan give their take on the presidential debate last night and their predictions for the election sweeping upon us! By the way, Ryan was wrong when he called this episode 4 in the intro, it’s very clearly episode 5! […]


CGM Radio Cross Talk Ep 4: ACB Hearings, Biden Emails, and more

Today on Cross Talk Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan discuss the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, Pelosi’s bizarre response to Wolf Blitzer on the stimulus deadlock, the bombshell Hunter Biden emails, and more. Make sure to subscribe to The Bob Siegel Show, JP’s Political Matrix, or World News Brief to make sure you never […]


Full VP Debate Breakdown – CGM Cross Talk Ep 3!

Today on Cross Talk Bob from The Bob Siegel Show, JP from JP’s Political Matrix, Ryan from World News Brief, and introducing Jim Berrier from the newly launched Since You Asked Podcast, take a deep dive into the VP debate, Trump refusing to do a virtual debate, Pelosi’s 25th Amendment threat, and much more! Make […]


The Poisoned Chalice of Surrender – World News Brief Ep 33

ISIS militants wreak havoc in Mozambique, killing more than 1,000 in an insurgency. Netanyahu at the UN sounds wake up call on Lebanon: “Tear these depots down.” Is Iran’s leader preparing to drink the poisoned chalice of surrender? And Armenia and Azerbaijan face battle at the border once again. Welcome to this Friday, October 2, […]


CGM Radio Cross Talk Ep. 2 – Bob, JP, & Ryan on the Debate and Supreme Court!

Welcome to episode 2 of CGM Radio Cross Talk! Today Bob from The Bob Siegel Show, JP from JP’s Political Matrix, and Ryan from World News Brief discuss the explosive Tuesday night presidential debate with all of its insanity, lies, and even truths that were unearthed plus the upcoming Supreme Court fight over the Trump’s […]


45 Days Before – World News Brief Episode 31

Thousands are expected for Franklin Graham’s first-ever prayer march on Washington, the U.S. imposes new Iran sanctions over human rights violations, and President Trump speaks reality to the UN General Assembly. Welcome to this Friday, September 25th, 2020 edition of World News Brief by CGM Radio. Click to subscribe to World News Brief on your […]