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X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Website: x22report.com

X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Website: x22report.com


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X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Website: x22report.com




Ep. 2687 - How Do You Ensure Those Prosecuted Receive Impartial Judgement Based On Rule Of Law?

Inflation is now hitting, the people can see the inflation at the supermarkets, the restaurants and many other places, the [CB] cannot hide this anymore. Trudeau is trying to convince the everyone that the mandates are good. The economic censorship continues, Facebook deletes the trucker protest account. El Salvador responds to the IMF. The [DS] is now making many moves, they are desperate and when you are desperate you make stupid moves. They are continuing to push the idea of war with...


Ep. 2686 - Change Of Narrative, Sleeping Pill Rejected, OP Mockingbird Failure, Kill Chain

Inflation is spreading across the globe, now at in Australia, inflation is rising at a very fast pace. The people are pushing back in Canada against the trucking mandates, and its beginning to work. IMF has now slashed the global economic outlook. The [CB] is following the playbook, they are now asking El Salvador to dump bitcoin. The [DS] has lost the narrative, now they are changing it. The people are no longer believing the fake news, the sleeping pill is being rejected and the operation...


Ep. 2685 - Why Russia? What Damage Can Russia Do To The [DS], Think Mirror

The [CB] is now pushing to destroy their own system, this is needed to push people into their new system. They will start raising rates and pushing alternative currencies down, as the economy begins to fall apart, they will push alternative currencies down hard. The [DS] is now in the process of changing the news cycle, the fake news is pushing war. Putin will not invade and will not start a war, the [DS] will try to bait him like they have in the past. But it seems they are using all of...


Ep. 2684 - SCOTUS Decision Needed, Trap Set, It Will All Be Revealed, Tick Tock

The [CB] is now pushing the Great Reset/Green Deal. They are completely exposed and this gives the people to fight back which they are doing, this will spread around the world. The supply chain problems are accelerating and they are now telling those in DC to start rationing their food. The push is to usher in the CBDC. The [DS] fell right into the trap the patriots set, all the pieces are coming together, the SCOTUS decision was needed. Soon it will all be revealed and people will see the...


Craig Hemke - All The Pieces Are Coming Together At Once To Create The Perfect Storm

Prepare Today $50 OFF 4-WEEK KIT My Patriot Supply http://preparewithx22.com Today’s Guest: Craig Hemke Website: TF Metals Report https://www.tfmetalsreport.com Craig Hemke, has been a securities "professional" for over twenty years. Craig begins the conversation talking about the economy and how it is imploding. Inflation is going to get worse and gold is going to start to make moves. The Fed will push rate increases but this will not help the economy it will have the opposite effect....


Ep. 2683 - Rubber Bullets Sting But Do Not Last, It Won’t Be Boring Forever, Slow Drip Then Flood

The fake news is trying everything to spin what is happening in the economy, it is failing. People are seeing the inflation and it is getting worse. The [CB] now make their move, push down alternative currency, show it's volatile and introduce cbdc. The elite are panicking, the people are not with them. The [DS] has failed in everything they tried to do to Trump. Now they are getting the J6 docs and the fake news is spinning the story just like the Russian collusion story, in the end this...


Ep. 2682 - Just Because You Can’t See It, Doesn’t Mean Big Things Aren’t Happening, Fear The Storm

The people around the world are seeing inflation, in Germany PP jumps to 24.2%. Here in the US people are seeing empty shelves and those people who lost their jobs on the Keystone pipeline not one has a green job. The ports are still having problems and the trucker mandate goes into effect on Jan 22. The [CB] makes their move, ban crypto and push CBDC. [JB] gave a presser and it was a complete disaster. The polls show that he received an 'F' for virtually every category. The filibuster and...


Ep. 2681 - Nobody Is Safe, No Deals, Desperation, Fear, When Does A Bird Sing, Combat Tactics

The Biden administration is still pushing the idea that the economy recovered, the are showing that [JB] brought back jobs, but there are 3 million jobs missing. The majority of the people do not want congress to invest in stocks. The great reset is fizzling out, the narrative has no traction. The [DS] is now preparing, a battle over the control information has begun. The [DS]/fake news are already positioning and getting ready to censor for the communication blackout.Trump and the patriots...


Ep. 2680 - The Cure Will Spread WW, Demand Public Disclosure, Warning, Storm Coming, [FF]

California moves to create single payer healthcare, the people will be double taxed. The truckers for Canada and the US are fighting back and staging a protest. The fake news is projecting the rates hikes and how its going to be great for the economy. The [CB] is right on schedule, goes after El Salvador. The [DS] is preparing their [FF] in Ukraine, this will be the beginning of cyber attacks across the world which the [DS] will use to push war. The pandemic narrative is falling apart and...


Ep. 2679-The Initial Wave Will Be Fast & Meaningful,Signal Sent To [DS] & You’ll See The Tide Turn

During the pandemic, the wealthier got wealthier, if the [CB] succeeded in shutting down the global economy these individuals would have made 10x more. The [CB] is moving forward with their Great Reset. The people are seeing the true nature of the economy. The [CB] is using the same playbook they used in 2009, 2019. The [DS] narrative is falling apart. The pandemic is coming to an end, world leaders are now admitting this and the [DS] is now backtracking trying to cover their tracks, this is...


Ep. 2678 - The Wave Is Going To Begin In AZ & It’s Going To Sweep Across This Country, The Comeback

The people are feeling the inflation, this is a hidden tax created by the [CB], this is on purpose to enslave the people to have them worker harder and harder as time goes on. The people are united, the economy has brought the people together and do not agree with [JB]/[CB]. The patriots are pushing forward with the plan, the storm is coming and the wave is going to start in AZ and sweep across this country. We are witnessing the take down of the [DS]. The [DS] pushed a [FF] to change the...


Ep. 2677 - The World Is Being Brought To A Stalemate, Insurance Policy Put Into Place, Strings Cut

The American people did not spend the way the fake news and the economist thought. Retail sales are down 1.9% last month. This is well below what was expected. The Biden administration is blowing off inflation, blaming everyone else. The supply chain issue has now begun. The [DS] tried to bring down the economy during Trump's Presidency now he has turned the tables on them. The [DS] being brought to a stalemate, no wars. Trump and the patriots have it all, they have the insurance policy, all...


Ep. 2676 - All Assets [F][D] Deployed, Checkmate, When Do Birds Sing?

Bideninflation is now hitting hard, the people are seeing this and the currency is devaluing very quickly. This is going to get worse this year. China is shutting down ports, which means the supply chain is going to be an issue, plus the Biden admin want to assist in the food supply issue, this will make it worse. Sometimes you must see it to believe it. The [DS] is continuing to lose. Their entire pandemic push, with the vaccine mandates is now falling apart. The Supreme court has ruled...


Ep. 2675 - Change Of News Cycle Coming, No One Person Is Above Another, Justice

Inflation is now picking up and the people are seeing the dollars decline in value. Store shelves are empty and people understand that the economy should not be headed in this direction. [CB] panicking over Crypto, they are pushing to keep people away from alternative currencies. Congressman introduces bill to ban CBDC. The [DS] is now trapped by the patriots, the pandemic is a big fail and now they are backtracking to make way for the 'change of batter'. Fake news will need to change the...


Ep. 2674 - Fake News Lost Control, [DS]/D’s Lost Slave Grip, Big Push Coming, Be Ready

The people are seeing the empty shelves, the fake news cannot ignore the obvious and now they have to address it. KFC is limiting their menu because of a shortage of chicken. The spin will not work. Members of congress have out performed the SPY, how did they manage that? Trump and Mnuchin set the bait and then trapped the [DS] and the [CB]. The fake news, [DS] have lost their grip on the American people. The pandemic is falling apart and they are trying to shift the narrative. The people...


Ep. 2673 - Trump Has Everything, Pandemic Countered, Truth Is Mind Blowing, Cannot Fully Be Exposed

The people are now noticing that there are problems with the economy. People are now reporting that there are empty shelves in the supermarkets and this problem is widespread. 68% of the people say the economy is now their main concern. Turkey is now forcing exporters to trade in other currencies for lira. The [DS] has lost the narrative on the pandemic. The pandemic is now coming to an end, this doesn't mean they won't continue to push the vaccines and their control. But in the end the...


Ep. 2672 - No War, No Civil Unrest, Clean & Swift, What Is The Most Valuable Weapon? Information

The [CB] is now presenting itself so people can see the true economy. Consumer debt is on the rise. [JB] mandate is beginning Jan 15 and this will add to inflation and supply chain issues. In Germany heating and electric has been turned off. The [CB] agenda is beginning to bring people together. The [DS] is panicking, the narrative is falling apart and people are questioning the cases and deaths, the counts do not make sense. They [DS] is now building the narrative that civil war is coming,...


Dr. Zelenko - [DS]/Big Pharma Hid The Cures From We The People,Choice Has Been Made, Collapse

Prepare Today $50 OFF 4-WEEK KIT http://preparewithx22.com Z Stack Life -> http://zstacklife.com/x22 Today’s Guest: Dr. Zelenko GETTR @drzevzelenko Telegram https://t.me/zelenkoprotocol Dr. Zelenko Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience. Dr. Zelenko was nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Prize , Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. Dr....


Ep. 2671 - What We Have Witnessed Is The Last Gasps Of The [DS],Let’s Finish What We Started

The US economy under the [CB]/[JB] is completely falling apart. The people can see this very clearly, jobs have not come back, actually the opposite is happening. Black unemployment is rising under the Biden administration. The [CB] is now pushing forward with their CBDC. The people are seeing the truth and this will be the end of the [CB]. The [DS] is struggling, they don't have the narrative, the public sees through their lies, sees their crimes. Trump is now signaling that is now time to...


Ep. 2670 - Dog Comms, Fire & Fury, Ready To Go Live, Truth Belongs To The People

The fake news is now pushing the narrative that the economy is going to be ok, we will see no inflation and everything will go back to the way it was under Trump. Remember the Biden admin talked to the MSM and told them to spin the economic news. The [CB] is trying to shutdown alternative currencies, big fail. The [DS] is using everything they have, they are trying to build the insurrection angle but it is failing big time, the truth belongs to the people. The [DS] has lost the people and...