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081 - Dick's...... Mustang

How great is this show? The fans say so... Foxtel's push into Loyalty and their shunning of 4K for Bathurst this year... Bowen takes a look at the Ford Mustang special edition by Dick Johnson, Trev looks at the CX-8 and CX-9 from Mazda, Bowen tries a Hybrid watch, we wonder if driving your kids around really puts them to sleep, we call a random listener and bringing back old words - insults in particular!


080 - Bowling Balls

Godfreys - that bloke has done more for Vacuums than Dyson - you think? Bowen reviews the Nissan Navara N-Trek, Trev takes a look at the subscription news service Apple News Plus and reckons it's actually well worth a look - we discuss Melbourne going smoke free, and frankly everywhere going smoke free, legalisation of Canabis, Nimbin and how it got started, we call a random listener and talk about choosing a Servo - who knew Mobil was back!


079 - Clean your gutters

Our mega smartphone giveaway, the early data on our mobile survey, Toyota's Hybrid domination and the cracking new Rav4 Hybrid bowen has been driving, an awesome wheelchair innovation from Australia's James Dyson award winner, LG's MASSIVE OLED 8K TV, strange people on planes and trains and our observations. Airport parking and the crazy cost and a word of warning on cleaning your gutters.


078 - Pack of Pricks

Look, this is a pretty loose show this week. Trev explains what's new about the iPhone 11 and Bowen is filthy about the changes to his current phone with iOS 13 and pitches up for a new iPhone 11. The Telsa vs Porsche drama with Elon sending a less than production ready Model S to break the Taycan's record around the ring. Hyundai have invested in Car Next Door - they seem to be going from strength to strength we discuss how it works and why. Toilet time with the Lifestyler and it's a bit...


077 - Credit Card Hero

Chris Bowen is a Hero. A Credit Card Hero - the tale of his heroics kicks off the show today. Plus, the all-electric Porsche Taycan - our full thoughts and exclusive first look. The Nokia flip phone comeback, Samsung's Folding phone, the problem with toilets and towels, a handy gadget to help you understand the wines you will love, why Lycra is optional in Cycling, our tips on restaurant etiquitte, and the problems with rare steak plus Trev's Uber rating paranoia!


076 - Keeping Used Jars

How big a TV is TOO big? Trev's seen Samsung's THE WALL and wants his whole wall to be a TV - Bowen not so much. Bowen has been ripping up the dust in the outback in the new BMW X3 & X4 M Competition - his thoughts on that.. Trev wonder's about what's appropriate on Jersey day. Calculating your home insurance - shouldn't there be a guide?? Why the hell are our wives keeping Jars? Bowen's favourite car wash has LCD screens, Trev's bathrobe dilemma and the problem of "flavoured textas"


075 - Godzilla in the Garage

Trev's got a tiny Palm - PHONE that is - the smallest smartphone we've ever seen.... why? Bowen's driven a Nissan GT-R 50th anniversary edition for 12 hours from Brisbane to Sydney so we recount that trip. D-Link's latest smart plug is small and the perfect first smart product if you've got a voice assistant. Trev's hat envy after Bowen gets the best hat he's seen. Bowen's personal purifier - the new one from Dyson, where are all the $100 notes in Australia and Bowen's bulk buys.


074 - Teflon Toilets

This week we look at the coolest gadget for parents of young kids - the BIRDE KIDS SPEAKER. Bowen took the Lexus to Bathurst - he tells us how that goes and how the Lexus rates overall. Target is rebranding - is it the right move? Trevor Greenwood reports. While in the US Trev had some travel dramas but stayed at an EPIC HOTEL worth a look. Bowen has changed his shower habits - do you agree? The medical procedure dillema, and the Telstra Locator takes on Tile!


073 - Cyclists on Motorways

The Ashes has got Trev thinking about why people aren't watching HD channels - they are free, yet some people aren't choosing them!!! We've driven the Kona EV which is fantastic and one of the best electric cars - but it has one issue... Bowen explains... Bowen also got on the wrong side of some narky cyclists this week - but we're sticking by it! We created a word, and we've used it - WAZED - Bowen WAZED a cop while he was talking to him, We break open a new Epson Projector, discuss the...


072 - Going Nuclear

BIG SHOW this week - starting with thoughts on Smart Speakers after the Kantar Research showed 13% of Aussie homes have one. The boys drove and loved the BMW 320d with Wireless Apple CarPlay, plus they're driving another electric Hyundai - Bathurst anyone? Why would you use a public bubbler??? Why the hell does Cadbury need to make healthier chocolate, Bowen's music dilemmas as a dad - Should Henry hear the hard core music? Coles and Woolies bonus toys and Bowen's confusion, the rude bloke...


071 - The Piano Dilemma

Foxtel is launching updates to their IQ boxes and services, and it appears that will include Netflix with a leaked image of a new Foxtel Remote hitting the internet showing a Netflix button. The boys talk big cars and 7 seaters after a few have been in the garage and Trev took a road trip. The new iPhones - what they look like, what we think, Learning Aussie Slang with Bruce, our love for Aussie reactions in Dashcam videos, the do's and dont's of Plane travel and welcoming your suggestions...


070 - Share the Spirit

The boys have an excessively large Carbon Footprint driving some very large cars this week, Trev's talking about refurbished phones and how Bowen just wouldn't ever buy one but you certainly should consider it. Airport Hire Car scammers and how on earth they work, Bowen discovers the potato scallop and has his mind blown, and Trev's whacky news of the week.


069 - Tug of War

Tug of War and the best in the world, the stunning Netgear Meural electronic picture frame, Audi's high-tech Q8 SUV, the new way to buy and sell cars - from KOGAN! 40 Years of the Walkman and just how simple things were, yet complex - Buying shoes for kids - should it be so hard? Have you cheated on your wife? Watching TV shows that is!!! The $35,000 V8 Supercar competition that could see you behind the wheel - CNN vs Fox in the office and the Sydney Light rail drama.


068 - Jingle Duped

The boys are talking 5G Conspiracy theories and just what the truth is with 5G. Bowen's driving the Suzuki Vitara and is impressed with its capability. Trev's testing the Powerbeats Pro and they are also ridiculously good. F1 2019 the game is out, Trev and his son love it, but Trev's more worried about the sport of F1 and how it's not looking good. Is it ok to put rubbish in someone elses bin?? And who the hell makes street signs - should EFTM start making 50 Speed signs? How do you handle...


067 - Women's Issues

We've read your reviews - thanks! Please join the Man Cave on Facebook! - now this week, Bowen drives the 2020 Holden Colorado - why do people spend big bucks on these cars? We discuss Kids and Bunnings, Lime Scooters and where they could and should be - the issues with Recycling habits and the thought of a Bamboo toothbrush. Bowen shows us the amazing BMW 3D surround view, for pet lovers, a new concept to turn your animal into a pillow - Mrs Bowen's driving, Bad manners and voice assistants...


066 - Swingers

Look, there's been a bit of drama - the boys drove an Electric car a bit too far... the story, and more.... New train line and trains in Sydney - we're calling on everyone to just calm the hell down - it's a good thing! Do you play board games? What's your favourite?? How Bowen struggles with Online shopping, the quest to end Junk Mail is failing - problematic packet opening and drinking sewerage water... your thoughts?


065 - Cling Wrap

The boys as usual cover off the week in tech, cars and lifestyle. But let's be real, it's nothing more than 1 hour of pure drivel.


064 - Libido

There's a new sheriff in town - DJI launches the Osmo Action - a New GoPro Competitor. Bowen is driving the Alpine A110 and it's a rocket-ship, he's also using the new Telstra TV 3 and loving that too. Trev reads YouTube Comments, Bowen stuffs up a Supermodel's name, Kids are messy as all hell, locking your car is a legal requirement did you know that? . How many fingers am I holding up - and getting an office pet!


063 - Blown away by VR

Bowen and Trev get their first look at the new Oculus Quest and it's mind blowing - really! Bowen's driving two great BMW's and has the lowdown on what they're like if you're flush with cash. The weird but hot selling sleep device, Traffic Problems and how to solve them - LEGO sales up up and up, Ordering Pizza on Facebook chat, Southern Comfort's crazy deal for Volleys, Kids are clumsy, and Canberra's Light Rail.


062 - Chippy

This week Trev finally fully reviews the Huawei P30 Pro - and we ask - why should Bowen try Android? We're driving the Mazda CX5 and Kia Sorento SUVs and discuss the market and buying plans.... Has Siri gone too far controlling your tap? Organ deliveries by Drone, the high end Coffee machine from Jura, going Electric for your Lawns with Ryobi and the Convertible - should you drive one? When is it right to have the top down? Finally, we remember the great man, Peter Frilingos.