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Democracy in Distress

Republicans are wildin’ for respect and putting the country in danger. Is the GOP the party of corruption? Or is this just politics as usual? On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs talked about the Republican Party's strategies to maintain power in North Carolina by stealing votes in the state's 9th congressional district and in Michigan by limiting the power of the newly-elected Democratic governor. The team also discussed how these tactics...


We Voted. Now What?

The Midterms are over. The Dems won the House. Now, it’s time to hold Trump accountable. On Nov. 11, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs had a discussion unpacking the 2018 Midterm Elections and what this means for us as a country moving forward.


From 6ix9ine to Meek: When Hip Hop Gets Real

The Feds booked Tekashi and Meek Mill is on top of the world. A tale of two artists, from the street life to the limelight. On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen discussed the current state of hip hop in light of Meek Mill's first post-prison album, "Championships," and the arrest of Tekashi69 on racketeering charges. They also questioned if hip hop is street an expression of the streets or a business that has been co-opted by...


Scamazon's Corporate Takeover

Incomes are stagnant. Gentrification is on the rise. What can we do to stop big business from crushing the working class? On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs discussed Amazon's announcement to build a second headquarters in New York City and how this will hurt New Yorkers. Here are a few ways you can take action in New York City against Amazon and corporate welfare: Amazon Teach-In (Nov. 28)...


It Ain’t Safe In Trump’s America

Donald Trump is going after Trans-people, and Team MAGA is wilding out on the #Resistance, are we at war with the right?


The War on the Black Vote

Black and brown voters are under attack. Republicans are trying to steal an election in Georgia. Voter suppression is everywhere, but is there anything we can do? On this episode of “Let Your Voice Be Heard!,” Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and guest correspondent Gregory Nesmith discussed Georgia’s heated gubernatorial race and accusations that Republican Brain Kemp is using voter suppression tactics to stop his opponent, Democrat Stacey Abrams, from becoming the first black...


Bad Energy: Kanye, Trump, and the Climate Crisis

While Kanye West made a fool of himself at the White House, the world learned that we are headed towards a climate disaster. Is it too late to save ourselves? On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen talked about Kanye's bizarre meeting with Donald Trump at the White House and a stark new report that shows that climate change will likely trigger catastrophic changes in our lifetimes. Take a listen.


#KavaNOPE: #METoo and the #CancelKavanaugh Movement

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have launched a nationwide discussion on sexual assault and how our country values women. Have we really progressed since Anita Hill? On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen talked about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court and what steps progressives need to take to preserve and protect our rights moving forward. The team also discussed bail reform, the conviction of the white...


#KavaNOPE: Will #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh?

We believe Christine Blasey Ford just like we believed Anita Hill. But will it be enough to #StopKavanaugh? On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," hosts Selena Hill and Stanley Fritz were joined by special guest correspondent Gregory Nesmith for a roundtable discussion about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's accusations of sexual assault against SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They also compared the allegations to Anita Hill's accusations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas...


The Never Ending Trump Scandal (9-16-2018)

Manafort agrees to snitch. Muller marches on. Are we are on the path to impeachment? On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," host Ilyssa Fuchs is joined by guest correspondents Chad R. MacDonald and Gregory Nesmith for roundtable discussions about Robert Mueller's investigation, Trump's latest comments on Puerto Rico, the murder of Botham Jean by a white cop, and more.


Nike Just Does It (9-9-2018)

Nike's with Kaep, liberals are rejoicing, and conservatives are losing it. Are American sports and companies more polarizing than ever? On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," host Selena Hill was joined by special guests correspondents Joshua Clennon and Tiffany Brown for a spirited discussion about Nike's controversial ad campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick. The team debated whether Nike should be praised for its marketing efforts or if its just co-opting a social movement to...


Drama At The Nail Salon

A violent brawl in a Brooklyn nail salon went viral. Tensions are high between black and Asian communities. Now activists are calling for more black-owned businesses. On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs discussed the recent violent incident that occurred at a Brooklyn-based nail salon between Asian workers and black customers and solutions to heal the racial tensions between communities color with special guest Cathy Dang, a...


Midterms 2018: #Resistance at the Polls

On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, Selena Hill, Ilyssa Fuchs, and special guest correspondent Chad R. MacDonald talked about the importance of the 2018 midterms and questioned if Democrats have a chance to win back the House and/or the Senate. The team also talked spoke to Brittany Baxter, co-founder of the “Black Ass Caucus,” about the NetRoots Nation conference, Trump’s attack on LeBron James, and Paul Ryan’s Jewish heritage. Take a listen! Want to learn more about the "Black Ass...


The Loan Crisis: The Students vs. Betsy DeVos

Millennials are getting crushed by massive debt and the Trump Administration is making it worst. This is what happens when a rich Republican donor runs the Dept. of Ed. Follow us on twitter: @Beheard_Radio Check out the livestream from this show here:


Maybe The Pee Tape Is Real...

Trump sold out to Putin in Helsinki and now we hear they're planning a second date. Is this diplomacy or corruption? On this episode, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs talked about 45's disastrous joint conference with Vladimir Putin, where he threw the U.S. under the bus and praised Putin. They also questioned Trump's motive and the validity of the notorious Trump "pee tape."


Friends, Foes, and NATO

Trump is causing a frenzy overseas. The post-WWII order is on the verge of collapse. Is America still a superpower and does it even matter?


No One Said The Resistance Would Be Easy

Immigrants are putting their freedom on the line and activist are joining them, but their tactics don’t always align. The Resistance is having growing pains, but the fight against Trump marches on.


Progressives Swipe Left on the Establishment

Unions suffered a major setback. Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. It seems like everything is going to hell, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving us hope. On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," Selena Hill, Ilyssa Fuchs, and special guest Ed Stokes discussed Alexandria Oscaio-Cortez's political upset in the 2018 Primary Election and what this means for the future of the Democratic Party. They also questioned whether or not the Left is having a "Tea Party moment" and talked...


#EndFamilySeparation: Solving the Crisis at the Border

2,000 migrant kids have been separated from their families. Trump's Executive Order is trash. And Melania doesn't really care, do you? In May 2018, the Trump Administration announced a tough new crackdown called the "zero tolerance" policy, which mandates that every adult that illegally crosses the border is prosecuted and that every accompany child is placed in a government agency. As a result, more than 2,000 kids have been separated from their families and placed in detention centers and...


The Corporate Takeover: How Big Business is Destroying America

Corporate greed is at an all-time high while everyday people are suffering. Here's why the system is rigged now more than ever before. On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio," Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Jaqi Cohen talked about Beyonce and Jay-Z's first joint album, "Everything is Love," questioned if the #MeToo movement has gone too far, and discussed how big corporations are impacting local politics and policies.