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Pardons and Commutations, the Politics of Second Chances.

The Trump Administration suddenly cares about Criminal Justice, culminating in a questionable bill, and a commuted sentence for Alice Johnson, are we looking at a good first step?


Racism and Roseanne: This is America

Drake wore blackface. Trump met rump. Roseanne got canceled. And we’re still fighting everyday racism.


Israel's "Aparthied" Problem

On the day the Trump administration opened up the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians and claimed it was self-defense, forcing the world to take a deeper look into what is happening to the people of Palestine. Is this worse than Apartheid in South Africa? Want to see more of the show? Check us out on Facebook Live! You can also follow us on...


Black Moms Matter

Black mothers are dying in labor at alarming rates, while hundreds of thousands are sitting behind bars. This Mother’s Day we’ll discuss the crises in the healthcare and criminal justice system disproportionating hurting African American moms.


Island in Distress: Puerto Rico is Still in Crisis

Blurb: Mass protests. Food and Water Shortages. Lack of Electricity. Why is the government neglecting Puerto Rico?


We Miss The Old Kanye

Black people aren't safe at the Waffle House. Ben Carson's raising rents on the poor. And Kanye's joined team Trump. It's been a rough week. Consider supporting us by becoming a monthly subscriber at Patreon. Follow us on Twitter: @Beheard_Radio Like our Fan Page and Watch Episodes Live here: Check out Stan's latest write-up- Kim Kardashian didn't break Kanye, Kanye Broke Kanye-...


The State of Black Men in America

Kanye’s back, Kendrick won a Pulitzer, and Jay-Z earned a Peabody. But what about Diante “Butchie” Yarber, Stephon Clark, and Saheed Vassell? If black men can't even sit in Starbucks, will they ever truly be free in America?


Who Run The World?...Men.

Unequal Pay. Sexual Harassment. Glass Ceilings. When will women win? On this episode of "Let Your Voice Be Heard!," Selena Hill, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen addressed gender inequality and the pay gap, along with other hurdles that women face in the workplace, like sexual harassment and the glass ceiling. They also discussed solutions to fix these issues. During "The News Round Up," they talked about the two black men arrested while...


King's Unfinished Business: Have we Carried His Legacy or Missed the Mark

Stephon Clark. Saheed Vassell. Skyrocketing poverty and black incarceration rates. Are we upholding King’s fight for justice? #MLK50 On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King’s life, legacy, and the progress – or the lack thereof -- has been made in the in wake of the 50th anniversary of his assassination, featuring Rachel Knox, a former city council candidate in Memphis and the current Thriving Arts and...


Is It Time to #DeleteFacebook?

Facebook’s under an investigation following a massive data breach involving a pro-Trump company. Now, we’re left questioning if our personal info is secure and if Facebook can be trusted. We’ll discuss this as well as how the social media giant is both a tool for progressive change and, at the same time, a mechanism for hate, propaganda, and surveillance. Is it time to delete Facebook? Check out this awesome speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Grand Daughter here....


The Politics of Intersectionality

Was Tamika Mallory justified in defending Louis Farrakhan? On this episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard!, we'll debate the controversy, discuss the ways different struggles intersect and break down how different movements can support each other. Want more? You can check out the Facebook Live discussion here: Tamika Mallory's response to the controversy can be found here: If you love...


The Advocacy Awards

Forget the Oscars! We're kicking off Women's History Month by honoring fierce female leaders making major waves in society through their work and activism. Who is the most underrepresented woman in Hollywood? Who is the best Hollywood humanitarian? Who is the best (white woman) ally? Take a listen and find out who the award goes to...


2017 Be Heard Resistance Awards

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen gave out awards for the best, worst, and pettiest moments and people of 2017. What was the biggest political upset? Which resistor made the greatest impact? Who deserved to get trashed the most? See who won by listening below.


Black Voters Say No Moore

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs take a deep dive into Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate race and the impact of the black vote, which led Doug Jones to victory. Later, they discuss white identity politics at large and how Democrats can do a better job at courting African Americans for the Midterms. Lastly, Ilyssa gave refresher on net neutrality and how the FCC vote will affect our Internet access.


Attacks on the Oppressed: From Pearl Harbor to Palestine

On this week’s episode of Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen discussed the outrage over President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and how this will impact the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Later, the team reflected on the 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and compared it to the rise of nationalism during the 1940’s to today. Lastly, during “The Quickie,” Ilyssa explained an upcoming Supreme Court case that may...


Trickle Down Tragedies

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs will discuss how and why refugees in Libya are being sold at slave auctions. Later, they will circle back to the Republican tax reform proposal and how it will benefit the rich. Lastly, during "The Quickie," Ilyssa will discuss the FCC's attempt to kill net neutrality and what that means for your Internet access.


Predatory Behavior: Has America Gone Insane?

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Selena Hill discussed the latest revelations and allegations of sexual assault charged against politicians and celebrities. Later the team dissected the Republican tax reform proposal and how it will impact average Americans. Lastly, during “The Quickie,” Ilyssa explained how Donald Trump and Republicans are attempting to pack federal courts with unqualified right-wing judges.


Make America Blue Again

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, Ilyssa Fuchs, and Jaqi Cohen looked back at the one year anniversary of Trump's election and the impact its had on our country. Later, the team dissected the Democratic Party's big wins on Election Day and what it means for the midterms in 2018. Finally, during the "Dreamer and Doer" segment, author and educator Lisa King returned to talk about her journey into entrepreneurship and her youth empowerment program,...


There is no Such Thing as a Good Billionaire

This week on lyvbh, the team talked about the latest shoe to drop in the Trump-Russia scandal. Later, the team discussed the future of American Journalism, as well as whether they should have a right to unions and collective bargaining in the wake of the closure of DNA Info and Gothamist.


GOP Civil War and the Opioid Crisis

This week on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio, Selena Hill, Stanley Fritz, and Ilyssa Fuchs joined by special guest, Carrie Sheffield from BoldTV addressed the civil war within the Republican Party following Sen. Jeff Flake’s retirement announcement, Later, they talked about the opioid crisis and President Trump’s proposal to tackle the public health emergency. Lastly, during the “Quickie” Ilyssa will broke down the House budget bill and explained what it means for tax reform.