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Is it racist to want less immigration?

Since the 2015 election, according to the AI polling firm Advanced Symbolics, negative views on immigration have jumped from 25 per cent to 42 per cent in the Canadian population. How should we understand anti-immigration attitudes in Canada? When is it racist to want lower immigration levels? We hear two contrasting views from independent senator Ratna Omidvar, and Eric Kaufmann, author of "Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities."


The Dark Art of Dividing Canadians

In an era of increasing division, how do campaigns purposely divide Canadians by using polarizing wedge issues? In a live recording at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers cinema in Toronto, co-hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath talk to three political insiders who are well-versed in the dark art of the wedge. Joining #onpoli are Scott Reid, former communications director to prime minister Paul Martin; Sara MacIntyre, former press secretary to prime minister Stephen Harper; and former NDP...


An Inside Look at the Leaders' Debate

It's two hours that can make or break a campaign. But what happens before the federal leaders step out onto the stage to debate in front of millions of Canadians? Elly Alboim breaks down how he has run six different debate preparations for Liberal leaders including Paul Martin and Stephane Dion. And John Michael McGrath interviews co-host Steve Paikin about moderating three federal leaders debates in the past. One piece of advice from Steve: "don't be a mic hog, it's their show, not yours."


Can populism save the world?

Donald Trump's brand of populism seems to have brought out the worst in many people. But does it have to be that way? Reform Party founder Preston Manning thinks the right can channel populism for the greater good. Progressive activist and author Avi Lewis goes one step further and thinks the left can use the power of populism to "save the world." Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath hear from both and consider the potential for a populist wave in Canada. Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced...


Genocide and the Future of Reconciliation

She is a third generation Chief. She has had to learn to heal from the intergenerational trauma she has experienced. For Ontario Regional Chief Roseanne Archibald, the personal is truly political. She shares her own story and from reconciliation to the question of genocide, weighs in on the federal election and the past four years of a Liberal government that made some big promises to Indigenous Peoples.


The Long, Strange Journey of Carbon Pricing in Canada

One of the biggest issues in this election is whether the current federal carbon tax will survive after the votes are counted. How did Canadian conservatives turn against carbon pricing? Why is Ontario trying to fight it in court? What are the alternatives? We take a hard look at what it means to pay for climate change.


What Do the Meme Wars Mean for the Election?

Political memes on social media are edgy, partisan and some would say offensive and misleading. Nonetheless, these memes are wildly successful online. Welcome to a new wave of third-party advocacy groups. Are they toxic to democracy ? Or as the founder of Ontario Proud (and now Canada Proud) Jeff Ballingall says, are memes a cure for apathy? Steve Paikin interviews Ballingall and hears from CBC senior reporter covering disinformation, Kaleigh Rogers, as well as OPPO podcast host Justin Ling,...


Welcome to Season 3 of TVO's #onpoli podcast

From populism to the carbon tax, and the problem of disinformation, Season 3 of TVO's #onpoli podcast focuses on the upcoming federal election. Co-hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath dissect the major issues in the 2019 campaign.


Ask Us Anything: The #onpoli Mailbag

You asked. We answered. From beer sales and student loans to question period and why there aren't political parties in city politics, Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath dig into our mailbag and answer all your questions for our final episode of the season.


Why are you teaching that to my kid?

The politics of education have tripped up every Ontario government in recent memory. But why? Why is the province so involved in what kids learn in school? And who decides what your kids learn? From sex ed to discovery math, John Michael McGrath explains why your kids learn what they do (and why it matters.)


What is a Queen's Park page?

Once upon a time, Legislative Pages delivered parcels for Members of Provincial Parliament. Today, students from all over the province participate in the Page Program, a crash course in Ontario politics that includes serving within the Legislative Chamber. Producer Matthew O'Mara - who was once a page - looks back on his experience in the program and speaks to current and former pages about why this program is so special.


How a Bill Becomes Law

You may think you remember how a bill becomes law from high school civics, but the truth is much more complicated. Citizens, activists, and MPPs from any party can play a role in creating the law of the land. John Michael McGrath drills down on "Ryan's Law," established in 2015, to show how the death of a young boy led to changes in Ontario's school system.


The Theatre of Question Period Explained

The grandstanding. The heckling. You might think that Question Period at Queen's Park is just a place for politicians with bad manners to mouth off. But John Michael McGrath goes beyond the insults and shouting matches to explain how the daily proceedings work, why the parties employ the tactics they do when asking and answering questions, and what role this legislative tradition plays in provincial democracy.


Peter Bethlenfalvy: The Money Man

At the peak of his career on Wall Street and Bay Street, Peter Bethlenfalvy left the financial sector behind to become the PC MPP for Pickering-Uxbridge. The president of the Treasury Board tells Steve Paikin about his Montreal roots, his parents' Second World War escape, and why he believes Queen's Park should be run like a business.


Bhutila Karpoche: Refugee to MPP

From growing up in Nepal to becoming the first person of Tibetan descent to hold office in North America, NDP MPP Bhutila Karpoche's story is not exactly typical for a politician. She charts her journey from refugee to MPP with Steve Paikin.


Michael Coteau: The Candidate

"I'm the exact opposite of Doug Ford. I grew up poor ... and I built something by myself." Liberal MPP Michael Coteau shares his story and his ambition to run for the Ontario Liberal leadership in conversation with Steve Paikin in this wide-ranging interview.


Jill Andrew: The Groundbreaker

NDP MPP Jill Andrew tells Steve Paikin how her life shapes her politics and why she feels she has been "the official Opposition" her whole life.


5 Things To Know About Indigenous Humour

Tim Fontaine, founder and "Editor-in-Grand-Chief" of Walking Eagle News and producer/host of APTN's The Laughing Drum, shares five things you should know about Indigenous humour.


Vic Fedeli: The Man of the Moment

Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli talks to Steve Paikin about his life, from early beginnings in northern Ontario to travelling the world to managing the province's pocketbook. And what's up with his yellow ties?


Welcome to Season 2 of #onpoli, a TVO podcast

#onpoli, a TVO podcast, is all about Ontario politics. Join hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath for this sneak peek at what we have in store. Through interviews and explainers, this podcast gives us a deeper understanding of how politics touches our day-to-day lives. Politics comes at you fast, so we're here to give you the bigger picture.