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Quality journalism in these very dangerous times

Quality journalism in these very dangerous times


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Quality journalism in these very dangerous times






How to Fight Inflation Without Attacking Workers – Pollin

Economist Bob Pollin says government stimulus and higher wages are not the primary drivers of today's inflation. Higher interest rates are not the solution. Bob joins Paul Jay on


Is Russian War in Ukraine “Similar” to 1962 U.S. Blockade of Cuba? – Daniel Ellsberg (pt 2/2)

Was the ‘62 U.S. blockade of Cuba justified? Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine justified by the potential of nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory? Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the situations are “similar“. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Daniel Ellsberg joins Paul Jay on


Risking Nuclear War to Avoid Humiliation – Ellsberg (pt 1/2)

The Ukrainian missile that hit Poland and was first attributed to Russia was one of the most dangerous moments since the Russian invasion. Daniel Ellsberg says as it was for Kennedy in 1962 in Cuba, so it is now for Putin in Ukraine. There is no actual national security threat, only a threat to the leader's domestic political survival. That does not mean the danger isn’t real.


Worker’s Wages & Leverage are the Real Targets – Ferguson

Why did Corporate Democrats “cede” the economic argument? Are they really fighting inflation or trying to weaken worker’s bargaining power? Tom Ferguson joins Paul Jay on


Ukraine War & Pandemic Caused More Inflation Than Gov. Spending – Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the results of the U.S. midterm elections, the reluctance of Democrats to defend stimulus spending, and the need for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine.


Wilkerson on Militarism and Regrets About Iraq War

Larry Wilkerson reflects on Veterans Day and meeting wounded soldiers thinking he helped put them in harm's way for a war about oil and profits.


Repairing a Fractured World Economy?

Richard Kozul-Wright describes the current state of global economic disorder, as presented in UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report, and discusses the possibility and limits of effective regional responses. Lynn Fries interviews Richard Kozul-Wright on GPEnewsdocs.


Lula Wins in Brazil but “Will Have to Tread Very Carefully”

A sector of Brazil's elites became so disenchanted with Bolsonaro they switched to supporting Lula. But now Lula cannot afford to pursue a more radical program, since those elites would oust him, just as they did with Dilma Rousseff in 2016, says São Paulo based writer Alex Hochuli. This interview was recorded before Jair Bolsonaro conceded.


After Bolsonaro’s Failures, Why was Brazil’s Election so Close?

Lula Wins by a whisker, but Bolsonarist Christian Right remains a powerful threat. Lorena Barberia joins Paul Jay on This interview was recorded before Jair Bolsonaro conceded.


Drone Whistleblower Hale is a Hero – Ellsberg and Chomsky

Air Force drone analyst Daniel Hale exposed how the U.S. drone program is killing civilians and was sentenced to 45 months in prison. In a moving tribute, Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky say young people like Hale give them hope for the world.


Will Jan 6 Committee Investigate Christian Nationalism? – Gerald Horne

While the Jan 6th committee will produce hundreds of hours of testimony important for the historical record, have they investigated the reasons why ten former secretaries of defense and the editorial board of the Financial Times thought a coup was in progress - on Jan 4th? What was the role of Christian Nationalism in the military? What is the threat of another coup attempt in the future? Gerald Horne joins Paul Jay on


Debunking Net Zero, Carbon Offsets, Nature-Based Solutions, Climate Smart Agriculture, Bioeconomy…

GRAIN researcher Devlin Kuyek says the report “An agribusiness greenwashing glossary” identifies ten key greenwashing terms used by Big Food & Big Agribusiness that serve to protect their profits and that confuse people and block real solutions to climate change. Lynn Fries interviews Kuyek on GPEnewsdocs.


Why the Soviet Union Imploded – Jeffrey Sommers (pt 2)

The Soviet Union became dependent on easy energy sales, and consumer production stagnated, says Sommers. Gorbachev’s democratic and economic reforms supposedly meant to head towards a European style social-democracy, but instead created conditions for the rise of the oligarchs and the free for all of the ‘90s. Jeffrey Sommers joins Paul Jay on


Rising Fascism and the Elections – Chomsky and Ellsberg

Noam and Daniel discuss the rising fascist movement and its roots in American history. They analyze the significance of the coming elections and the necessity to vote against overt fascism and continue to organize for more profound political change. Ellsberg and Chomsky on with Paul Jay.


Anti-Regime Protests and the Devastating Effects of US Sanctions in Iran

Iranians protest brutal repression and why U.S. statements of solidarity are empty without a reversal of crushing sanctions. Assal Rad joins Talia Baroncelli on

Why the Soviet Union Imploded – Jeffrey Sommers (pt 1)

"Terror and tyranny in the USSR arose more from war and the demands of state security services required to survive, and the paranoid politics it enabled, rather than any “inevitable” path from the socialist path taken," writes Jeffery Sommers. He joins Paul Jay on to discuss the end of the Soviet Union.

For Humanity’s Sake, Ukraine War Must End – Wilkerson

An important Chinese commentator warns that a cornered Russia may lead to “unimaginable consequences”. Larry Wilkerson says there must be immediate negotiations to end the war to avoid the danger of nuclear conflict and to refocus the world on the climate crisis. Wilkerson and Jay also discuss rising fascism in the U.S.


Why is Biden Risking Nuclear War with China? – Chomsky and Ellsberg

Biden again declares he will "defend" Taiwan with U.S. forces, essentially threatening nuclear war against China. Why is he dropping "ambiguity" and raising the level of tension? Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg join Paul Jay on


The Fed Attacks the Working Class – Robert Pollin

The Federal Reserve is trying to increase unemployment and strip U.S. workers of the small gains in bargaining power they have achieved in the aftermath of the COVID economic lockdown. Robert Pollin joins Paul Jay on


Chomsky and Ellsberg on the Death of Gorbachev

Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg discuss the significance of the life of Mikhail Gorbachev and what the deconstruction of the Soviet Union means for today's world. Noam and Daniel join Paul Jay on