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Quality journalism in these very dangerous times






Systemic Corruption at Home and Abroad – Sarah Chayes

Author of the book "On Corruption in America: And What is at Stake" and former NPR correspondent Sarah Chayes discusses embedded corruption networks in Afghanistan, particularly under U.S. and allied occupation, and other countries plagued by endemic corruption. She argues that the very institutions— primarily Western— seeking to tackle corruption in these countries end up propping up corrupt financial and military institutions by supporting networks of elite capital interests and a conglomeration of private contractors.


Why Did Argentines Elect a Right-Wing Non-Establishment Extremist?

Argentina elected Javier Milei, a right-wing libertarian populist, as its president on November 19th. Milei won because he represented a clear alternative to Argentina's untenable economic crisis, says political scientist Atilio Borón. While he will no doubt inflict more pain on Argentina, his ability to privatize everything, though, is not assured because he lacks a majority in Argentina's legislature.


Colleague of Imprisoned Boris Kagarlitsky on Russian Anti-War Opposition – Anna Ochkina

Anna Ochkina is a Russian sociologist and colleague of Marxist sociologist and dissident Boris Kagarlitsky, who has been held in prison by Russian authorities since July 25. She says the authorities don't actually believe he is a terrorist threat, but it is fear among the elite of his anti-war activism that led to his arrest.


Growing Up Privileged in Apartheid, Colonial Israel – Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (pt 1/4)

This interview was originally published on July 9, 2014. Mr. Hever says he became politically active after the Second Intifada was repressed with extreme violence by the Israeli military and police.


Israel, World Capital of Homeland Security Industries – Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (pt 3/4)

This interview was originally published on July 11, 2014. Mr. Hever says Israel sells weapons and equipment of repression to countries with extreme inequality.


An Occupier’s Peace or a Just Peace – Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (pt 4/4)

This interview was originally published on July 13, 2014. Mr. Hever says the occupiers always want peace – a peace that strengthens the status quo.


The Russian Oligarchy and the “Civilization State”

Historian Jeffrey Sommers analyzes the plunder of public resources in the ‘90s and how the Putin-led state has embraced a toxic mix of religion and nationalism. Hosted by Paul Jay.


Radical Transformation is Needed for an Israeli-Palestinian Peace – Nadim Houry

Nadim Houry, Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative, discusses the role of Arab countries in the Middle East in demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and negotiating the release of hostages taken by Hamas. Normalization between Bahrain and the UAE with Israel, in addition to negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, has been disrupted as the Israeli bombardment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza continues. Houry also addresses previous attempts to advance peace, such as the Saudi-led Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, and argues that a regional rather than bilateral approach with Israel is necessary, one which requires a non-negotiable end to settlement expansion in the West Bank and brings Iran and other regional actors into the fray.


Massive Protests in Panama Against Canadian Mining Company

Protesters have practically shut down Panama for over two weeks now in an effort to keep the Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals from operating Central America's largest open-pit copper mine. Michael Fox tells the story and analyses its implications.


Wealth Supremacy vs. The Democratic Economy with Marjorie Kelly

Renowned social theorist, systems thinker, and organizer, Marjorie Kelly, gives an early look at her new book: Wealth Supremacy. Speaking with Colin Bruce Anthes, she details the entrenched ways our current system is built around myths that make giving more wealth to the already wealthy seem necessary— even when we try to use our institutions for the common good. Kelly contrasts this with an outnumbered but successful democratic economy with many forms of democratized ownership and participation: public utilities, employee-owned companies, community land trusts, cooperatives, and more. We can create an economy that works for everyone, she argues, but only if we systematically discredit the moral status of wealth supremacy and turn towards a democratic economy paradigm.


The Roots of American Fascism and the Domestic Objectives of the Cold War – Peter Kuznick pt 2

Historian Peter Kuznick and host Paul Jay discuss Smedley Butler and the 1934 attempted coup against FDR, the real objectives of McCarthyism, and the purge of the trade unions.


Strategically and Morally Bankrupt: U.S. Policy in the Middle East – Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Retired U.S. Colonel Larry Wilkerson discusses the Biden administration's unconditional support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bombardment of Gaza and large-scale indiscriminate attacks on Palestinian civilians. He points to state-sanctioned torture and other unlawful acts committed by the U.S. after 9/11 and asserts that the Israeli government is responding to Hamas' attacks in a similar fashion by wholly disregarding international legal norms. In doing so, Israel is putting its own population at risk, as well as collectively punishing the Palestinians.


Christian Nationalism Unleashed in the U.S. Military – Mikey Weinstein

Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a non-profit organization, explains why proselytizing in the U.S. military is both dangerous and unconstitutional. Christian nationalist and dominionist ideologies are espoused by high-ranking officers in the military, some of whom are involved in nuclear war and military planning. This highly disturbing reality, Mikey argues, is largely ignored by policymakers. As was reported following the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6th, 2021, an unusually high number of those charged in relation to the attack had a military background, and some of them adhered to radical Christian views.


Justifying Genocide – Shir Hever pt 2

Why is most of Israeli society supporting the imminent genocide against the population of Gaza, knowing that 40% of the population are children? Shir Hever says Israel is disintegrating as it tries to wipe Gaza off the map.


Seeking Full Employment Without Falling Prey to Neoliberal Traps

William Mitchell exposes the many ideological maneuvers progressives need to confront in disputing the supremacy of profits over employment and people’s dignity. That goes for disciplining the state to appease foreign exchange markets, the problems with Basic Income proposals, and much more. Lynn Fries interviews William Mitchell on GPEnewsdocs.


Demand a Cease-Fire in Gaza – Shir Hever pt 1

Israeli-born political economist Shir Hever joins host Paul Jay to discuss the urgent need for a cease-fire, humanitarian aid, and a negotiated end to what's becoming a genocide.


Renowned Russian Marxist Economist Aleksandr Buzgalin Dies

Aleksandr Buzgalin, Russian Marxist, professor at the Moscow State University, and the coordinator of the Social Movement "Alternatives," passed away on October 18, 2023. He was 69 years old. In his honor, we republish a collection of his interviews with host Paul Jay.


BRICS: Talk Left, Walk Right – Patrick Bond (pt 2/2)

In part 2, Patrick Bond broadens out his analysis of the BRICS countries engaging in what he terms "talk left, walk right." He explains the economic theories of "accumulation by dispossession" and refers back to the aims of the Non-Aligned Movement of 1961 and the spirit of the 1955 Bandung Conference.


A Brutal Occupation Begets a Brutal War Between Israel and Hamas – Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, analyzes Iran's role in supporting Hamas’ brutal coordinated attack on civilians in Israel. Parsi unpacks Palestinian grievances, as well as Israel's indiscriminate bombardment and illegal blockade of Gaza. With host Talia Baroncelli.


BRICS: An Anti-Imperialist Fantasy and Sub-Imperialist Reality? – Patrick Bond (pt 1/2)

Patrick Bond, political economist, Professor of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg, and Director of the Centre for Social Change, discusses the recent BRICS summit in Johannesburg. The BRICS countries continue to call for greater representation within Bretton Woods institutions, while their opposition to US-dollar hegemony has been feeble at best. Patrick Bond lays out the complicity of the BRICS and soon-to-be BRICS+ elite in corruption networks as they profit from Big Oil and Gas contracts and accelerate environmental disasters. This is part 1 of 2.